The new evening news reporter Gao Yun openly challenge Jane Zhang, PK! Who is so bold? Last week, Zhejiang TV variety show "dream of sound" in Heilongjiang, Qigihar boy Wu Tianyu with a "think of you" for the zero one launched mentor Jane Zhang, his singi

According to Taiwan media reports, "your boy was China have" hip hop this program before the explosion of red, on the "modern hip-hop show", about the life in the car and show host Zang Hongfei, is different from the program like hip-hop singer. Keep a dr

Hot eye play every year, but by the end of this year seems particularly much, thought the worst year of modern drama "love" has won the aurora, after all from the script are acting to production, are so amazing. I did not expect the two days to kill a dra

Last week, "the actor's birth" ended in the trailer. The appearance of actor Yuan Li surprised the netizens. The news of the arrival of the heavyweight actor immediately triggered the expectation and conjecture of the netizens. Yuan Li starred in "never d

Kan Qingzi in the "Dear inn" in the exposed Mengliao, worked with actor read the script, can not see his own big actress than she played well, but also to fight the crying scene. I don't know why the program group doesn't hype before playing. If we previe

"Soldier assault" extension actor died in December 10th Yonggang, beauty star published an obituary: Central Academy of Drama teachers, young actor Diao Haiming at 23:10 on December 9, 2017 due to chronic illness leads to heart failure, rescue invalid dea

Chung Geun-hee was also the top player of South Korea's face in the early years. Because the five features were too long, the long hair was very like a girl. Fans at that time called him Goblin Mio, and many of the plays they played were "a beautiful man"

Pu Haimei, according to Taiwan media reports, the 53 year old Korean actress Pu Haimei has played an impressive role in Korean dramas, which is a familiar face for many audiences. She and her husband Huang Min have been married for 23 years, and two of th

Alyssa Chia recently had a photo of his family to eat, and sent a message: for a long time, no lunch to eat and eat, is the day of the day, rare weather, not waste! How do I maintain my youth? Look at the babies around me, and keep up with their steps, wh

He Jiong, He Jiong, micro-blog in the description of a daily conversation with Mrs. Huang Lei Sun Li's own mother said a lot, many now grow too fast, often called leg pain, said the growing pain. He Jiong said he was sad to hear it, and from the gangway:

Awkward: Fan Bingbing supports the king to save the field source from cute but ridicule. The heat may still rub the original TFBOYS children, relatively too cute, three children have accumulated a lot of fans. Only the three children's fans are not as uni

In Xi Mengyao's last fall, fell out of the topic of the world, not only attracted widespread media attention, and even the He Youjun affair was quickly revealed in the two's before recording, by Hongkong media photographed together with the Japanese, alth

Since Shawn Yue announced the marriage, a variety of topics on the news everywhere, parental guidance is not broken. From the beginning of Wang Tangyun's small abdomen, to Eddie Peng's vagueness. Yesterday, when Eddie Peng was attending an event in Hongko

Bai Baihe dressed up to buy tobacco tobacco paper at random, and there was a media hunt for Bai Baihe to go out and buy things at the stall. She wandered into a stall and assistant, Bai Baihe selfishly bent up and buy, is selling stalls on tobacco and cig

Recently, the feelings have been in the blank period of Ma Su by netizens, with Fala Chen's former husband Xue Shiheng, with the Shanghai Oriental Pearl. Netizens said: although it seems to be recorded in the program, but the state of two people is close,

Hollywood may have been descended from a recent sexual scandal. One of the heroines is no one else. In November, it was exposed to Hollywood's famous movie star Duustin Hoffman, who was sexually harassed 32 years ago, the 17 year old woman writer. Coincid

My mother, Zhao Liying really want to scare the people miserable! Recently, Ying Bao and Yang Yang have been working together to shoot the promotional ads of the group's takeout. The film has been warm and beautiful at the beginning. And then the wind tur

NetEase entertainment December 11th report 11, Joe Chen hair beau complained to everyone for a whole night did not sleep well, high eye pressure headache. I had a temperature of 38.8 high fever this morning, and I was eventually defeated by the time diffe

NetEase entertainment in December 11 reported according to Taiwan media reports, before Tiffany Xu was photographed and photography Demos Chiang Liu Younian dating, the couple ten cross buckle sweet honey, after she also generous love public affair. When

The day before, Eddie Peng was invited to attend an event. He said to the perfect brother Shawn Yue's wedding, "it's really fun to see a good brother marry." - ZAKER, personalized recommendation of popular news, local authority media information

"Soldier assault" for eleven years! Number 27, go all the way! He is the king post "soldier assault" in Tuo Yonggang 27, he was a lecturer in the Acting Department of Central Academy of Drama No. 27 is actor Diao Haiming Tuo Yonggang in "soldier assault"

Recently, network drama "insomnia" hit, the protagonist Yueming Pan once again turned red, powder countless ring. This also reminds people of him and Dong Jie, and can not help but make people sigh. The two people who had been in love with them were bulli

Yuan Li ripped the micro-blog hand "the birth of the actor". From 7 in the morning, as of 6 p.m., the material was poked out. In addition to the explosion program group and the actor's agreed dark box promotion, more glowing chat screenshots. The fuse is

When Xing Jiaqian was in the event, her stomach was slightly convex, and she had a generous recognition of second births. Xing Jiaqian and Brigitte Lin close (data plan) according to Taiwan media reports, former Nvzhang people Brigitte Lin except for Hong

The evening of December 10th, Dongyu Zhou shared a studio group Dongyu Zhou attended the premiere of the film beauty photos, photos of Dongyu Zhou wearing a black hat, dressed in Black Lace Princess dress, black foot high-heeled sandals show large waist l

Beijing, Wallace Huo at the airport, brother Hua day wearing a camouflage down jacket is very eye-catching, hat wearing masks a rushed to the parking lot, for fans to pick on, still scurrying down the elevator to be pushed to the edge of their pockets. Wa

"Where does Dad go 5"? ~Jasper is also to celebrate the collection, cut a new hairstyle! It's very handsome and deep fried. The two generation star Jordan Chan on a variety of small spring with his father, father and son funny interaction, the majority of

The visual Chinese news in December 9th, Hongkong, Rosamund Kwan attended the event, 55 year old Rosamund Kwan a deep V dress show business lines, but the former beauty now conceal twilight. Rosamund Kwan, 55, is going to take a sexy route and look a litt

Now the big names of the universe are no longer cold, and the officials prefer to find a pile of stars. Recently, Dior also found 7 female stars, carrying DIOR LADY ART #2 artists in a limited series of cooperative games. Angelabab - ZAKER, personalized r

NetEase entertainment December 11th reported the evening of December 9th "the birth of the actor" broadcast Yuan Li PK Zhang Tong acting a collection, Yuan Li regretted being eliminated. Then, from the beginning of the 9 evening, Yuan Li bursts of more th

NetEase entertainment reported on December 11th that Ji Xiaobo, a Taiwan actress, had two sons and a daughter for her boyfriend after falling in love with her wealthy businessman, Pace Wu. But Ji Xiaobo has not yet married Pace Wu. The day before, Pace Wu

Recently, it was powdered by a domestic variety art circle of 9.5. Yes, it's 2017 of the great variety black horse - the national treasure. It is not very accurate to say that it should be a large cultural program. However, it is different from the previo

Tencent entertainment news (by Donny) after a year of separation, He Jie and Ming He divorce the war officially kicked off at the same time, He Jie's affair with exposure. Recently, the media photographed He Jie and Diao Lei together with a baby close to

The birth of actors is undoubtedly the most popular variety show this year, from the PK of actor acting to the shady scenes of the show group, so that people can see the thrill of eating melon. This morning Yuan Li tore up the program group, open the chat

Sina science and technology news in Beijing on December 11th morning, in all the research and development of driverless technology and automotive companies, apple is probably the most mysterious one. So far, the Silicon Valley giant has done it in the fie

[post] embarrassed network reported on December 10th news, recently, 55 (Lu Benwei) suspected of hanging open events can be said to be the most concern for the game circle. The disclosure of the betta's handling of Lu Benwei should be at the back. One is

Post embarrassed network reported on December 11th / 2017 dumpling if you want to make a few short video tags, the countryside should be one of the key words. Now, in any mainstream short video platform, we can find video from the countryside, but with th

Post embarrassed network reported on December 11th / 2017 dumpling if you want to make a few short video tags, the countryside should be one of the key words. Now, in any mainstream short video platform, we can find video from the countryside, but with th

[post] embarrassed network reported on December 10th news, yesterday evening, there are some users reflect, B station can not normally play video play area, then, B stood on the official micro-blog informed the district fan drama could not be loaded, and

Sina Financial News 2017 Chinese enterprise leaders' annual meeting was held in Beijing on 9-10 December 2017. In response to the host on the ofo and the v-mobile bicycle will merge right questions, a Jinsha River director Zhu Xiaohu said that the great v

[post] embarrassed network reported on December 10th news, the official website of the thunder play off currency play off currency related adjustment notice, notice that the play off coin was officially renamed the chain grams, play off currency wallet of

Post embarrassed network reported on December 10th the dumpling recently, a Zhang Zhaoyang chairman of the board of directors of Sohu schedule in the online scraper, sleep 4 hours a day of rest stunned friends, also make many people sigh, people so rich s

In the afternoon of December 9th, thunderbolt issued a major adjustment announcement of the guest incentive plan today. The announcement said that the award plan would be adjusted from day to day, including the renaming of the chain. On the 14 day of this

Ezbuy, founder and CEO of Singapore e-commerce platform, released an open letter to Ma Yun in his personal name: you guys are too bullying, no such thing! It said that thousands of Taobao accounts held by its Southeast Asian purchasing website, ezbuy, cou

In December 9th, SpaceX CEO alon Musk's Mars plan has been the focus of the world, but his doubts have never stopped. Boeing company CEO Denis Mulan Berg told CNBC in a recent interview that Boeing has a chance to precede Maas.

The shared bike was put into the city in 2015, and then it was reproduced in 1 years, and it took less than half a year to speed up the death. In the second half of 2016, capital was flooded like a tide, and the industry was rapidly warming up. Entreprene

Beijing time November 8th evening news, market research company Statista released today's data show that Google and Facebook not only dominate the global network advertising market, the overall online and offline advertising market share is also as high a

The topic of iPhone X OLED panel supplier is a hot topic in the whole technology circle recently. As one of the leading roles of the topic, LG that mastered the technology is considered to be the most promising supplier to Apple supplier. But it's all rig

Avalanche no snowflake in the feel obliged to turn on the music, get a better reading experience unable to watch the movie with twenty-eighth "Carnival" and Chihiro: Wen Yan directed, in November 24, 2017 in the mainland release, won the seventy-fourth -

Zhang Lunshuo was three years old? Adorable baby to save "kindergarten 3" challenge Saimoe brain so cold in winter, the cold Snowman do? The snowman is made of ice, it is not afraid of the cold. What is the rainbow like? The rainbow is curved, and it appe

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