Data figure: Zimbabwe President Mugabe 20 afternoon local time, Zimbabwe Zimbabwe's ruling ZANU-PF (NLD) will be held on cadres, decided on the 21 day of Parliament impeach the president Mugabe's move, and said the move can be the fastest in 48 hours, ZAK

Gold helmet competition again, smoke vast desert, clear sky miles. The late autumn and early winter, Air Force combat contest golden helmet -2017 assessment is ongoing, the northern theater air force aviation brigade captain Yao Kai and Deputy brigade as

Data chart: German / global report of the times: Korean foreign minister Kang Jing will visit China in from November 21st to 23rd. South Korean Foreign Ministry said Kang Beijing and will work with the Chinese side on Wen zaiyin's visit to China and the N

Data figure: the spread of the network and the U.S. Striker Humvee Reference News Network November operations in the territory of Syria reported 21 Reuters in November 13 reported that U.S. Secretary of defense Matisse said, as long as Syria's Islamic sta

Data figure: President Trump, local time in November 20th, the United States government announced that North Korea again included in the list of countries supporting terrorism. President Trump said the move was intended to put the greatest pressure on the

Data figure: Russian Embassy in Syria Xinhua News Agency Moscow November 20, Russian Foreign Ministry issued a proclamation 20 days, strongly condemned the Russian Embassy in Syria was a terrorist attack on the same day. The announcement said that around

Data figure: Iran, the Iraqi border area before the earthquake the reporter from remote sensing China academy and Digital Earth Research Institute learned that Beijing time on November 13th, around 7.8 earthquake occurred near the Iran Iraq border area. I

Overseas network November 21 on Argentina carrying 44 crew of the San Juan submarine from the local time 15 missing, Argentina Navy 20, said that the submarine before losing contact, had reported an electric power failure. It is reported that the submarin

Before the cold grind, there was an article, "leather armour and bronze armour, who is stronger?" Leather armor is second rate armor? "This paper, although more detailed introduces the development trend and level of the same period. Two kinds of armor, bu


A APS underwater assault rifle was adopted in SPP-1, and then in 1975, the Soviet Union finalized the APS underwater assault rifle. As a SPP-1 collocation equipment, APS underwater assault rifle is more firepower and more complex structure. Due to underwa

Data figure: Japan GSDF Xinhua News Agency reporter Ma Ping Photo Reference News Network reported on November 21st according to Japanese media, Japan's defense minister Onokazu Temple five code 18, in Kesennuma city in Miyagi Prefecture told reporters tha

[] who reported observation network in November 20th, the India boomlive website published an article entitled "Delhi pollution, India can learn to China" article, said Delhi's air quality has always been a big problem, and India Punjab, Haryana, Delhi of

November 16th to 17, the army organized Peacekeeping Training in Queshan contract tactical training base. Chinese Army announced 18 days, the army launched the establishment of 6 categories of 19 dimension and standby forces. According to the Global Times

Data figure: San Juan submarine [global network reporter Wang Zhantao] Argentina carrying 44 crew of the San Juan submarine since 15 local time lost contact, search is still underway. According to French media reported on November 20th, Argentina Navy sai

[compilation / observer network Tang Sasa] 1950 tons of Soviet B-39 submarine U-475 black widow appeared in the Kent River, england! The black widow pictures are from the RT black widow, founded in 1967 and served in the Soviet Union at the peak of the co

In April 1951, Germany Bateluobensitanshi, France's thirty-second artillery regiment for firing training. A lot of weapons were very penetrating at the time, such as the AMX 50100 heavy tank. AMX 50100 is equipped with a very advanced swing gun - ZAKER, p

The UAV terminator was born China anti stealth radar stealth aircraft let nowhere to hide China traditional radar such as airborne fire control radar and radar emplacements are currently in the forefront of research, in order to obtain the discourse on th

In the TV series "sword", Li Yunlong in order to save the show Qin against the peace for the county seat, called all his team. When the exchange of each battalion back, Zhang Dabiao said he was a little wine every day to drink, canned Jin made in japan. T

Reference News Network reported on November 21st U.S. media said, do not look at the Chinese space program with neither fast nor slow attitude. China has put two space stations into orbit, and according to the recently announced roadmap, China is looking

The Russian army will remain in Syria for 70 years. What about the US Army? After the armed IS in Mosul, La, Miami D area were destroyed, now in the IS armed Iraq and Syria have been wiped out, is the point the day and await for it. But the whereabouts of

Every once in a while, there are reports of Chinese engineer spades spread on the internet. It is said that on a foreign video site, a video clip about Chinese engineers has about 2600000 onlookers, and the publisher wrote in the video synopsis: "this mag

[global network military report on November 21st] John Hiten, commander of the US strategic command, recently publicly stated that if he thinks the order is illegal, he will refuse President Trump's nuclear strike order. Although this openly challenge Tru

[] who reported observation network in November 21st, the United States "defense news" website reported that the military commander in Afghanistan, John Nicholson announced that the U.S. and Afghan troops to Afghanistan Taliban United target launched air

Recently, Germany launched a new generation of multi-functional fighter bidding activities. According to the Reuters reports, the German Air Force Chief of staff, general Karl Miller, said in a meeting in Berlin: Germany will purchase a number of stealth

The J-10 marks the successful development of Chinese Air Force fighter has realized from the second generation to the third generation of the historic leap; in 80s, with the increase of Chinese level proposed to develop a new type of fighter strength, its

According to Russian news release issued Vega group, November 18th, the first flight of a new generation of Russian AWACS A-100LL demonstrator. Previously, the first prototype model in figure -160M2 the Russian line, improved God class submarine north win

Original title: as the new employee stock ownership clear, hold the file without Jia Yueting highest single signature, zero amount exceeding 100 million yuan! My 1 million shares have been cleared, and old Jia (Jia Yueting) is too pit! One of the music as

Nearly at the end of the year, we believe that the programme in addition to party with friends and customers, with more frequent entertainment, there is an essential activity, that is to grab a red envelope. Four software measured two days I grab a red en

You have encountered such a problem, turn on the TV, there is a long boot advertising, and cannot be skipped, can fast forward, or even can not be shut down … … TV advertising and strong beleaguered early we watch the video through the Inter

Earlier this month, Rice noodles card officially announced the official opening of eleven double millet Rice noodles card upgrade. This upgrade is mainly concentrated in the 1 yuan rent card, the original 1 yuan 500MB province of traffic will be upgraded

Abstract: Lei Jun millet will be $1 billion investment in India venture company; Tencent market value exceeded $500 billion in Denmark; Google intends to build a data center, in the next Apple will purchase 24 thousand Uber; Volvo SUV automatic driving te

Moto Z2 Play in July 5th this year, the official sale, so far is about 4 months time, but in the black five big promotion price, can be said that the sale price of less than half. At the beginning of the release, the price of this mobile phone is 3299 yua

On November 20th, the U.S. group released the official warm-up picture a new generation of self artifact beauties V6 today, and will be announced in November 23rd the new conference held in Beijing Cadillac M Space Center, officially released the mobile p

At present, there are many mobile phone manufacturers on the full screen force, and has begun to 1000 yuan level development. According to the current trend, most of the smart devices will appear in the future will use a comprehensive screen design. Howev

Marco Arment, a developer known for creating apps like Tumblr and Instapaper, and Overcast, believes that the 15 inch MacBook Pro from 2012 to 2015 is historic - ZAKER, personalized recommendation hot news, local authoritative media information

Double eleven just ended less than a week, I believe the poor friends have not forgotten this period of time by Taobao businessmen bombarded with text messages deep fear. Like this... Do you think the double eleven Taobao business will let you go? Don't f

I'll go, I'll unlock it with my mouth shut. You cover your nose. It also unlocked … … this is what we're testing when a cell phone's face is unlocked. In the beginning, we lamented the speed and convenience of facial unlocking of these Andro

The old driver is driving. Please pay attention, this is not the car for kindergarten! I don't know if you know DMM's name Yes, please give me an expression you know, don't know, it doesn't matter, in fact, DMM is Japan's famous electronic publishing cont

If we already have iPhone X, or iPhone 8 series, you will also want to add a wireless charger for them, and then use the wireless charging function. There are a lot of excellent wireless chargers on the market, and maybe we can focus on Apple's old friend

It has been several years since the release date of Surface 3. In recent years, Microsoft has been committed to providing users with Surface Pro, Surface Book, Surface Laptop and Surface Studi - ZAKER, personalized recommend popular news, local authoritat

Zhongguancun online news: in accordance with the previous iteration law of Samsung mobile phone, the new flagship cover Le S9 no accident, it should be released in February next year. Although there are still a few months, but now the news about this new

IOS 12, which is scheduled for release next year, will solve some of the problems of iOS 11, such as input method, mobile phone unlock, improved Siri voice assistant, etc.. Tencent digital news (Wen Xin), according to ValueWalk website reports, although t

Tencent digital news (blue) after model TA-1054 NOKIA new machine won the radio type approval, and presumed to be the debut of the NOKIA 9. Although the authenticity of the message has not yet been confirmed, but there have been friends posted in the bar

Foreign great gods like all kinds of abuse testing, but this kind of domestic play is very little, mainly because of the high cost, not only may destroy a new mobile phone, but also need a variety of related equipment support. Video: this point of view, b

In order to rally the first flagship store of millet, Lei Jun broke the news ahead of time: as of October this year, the total revenue of millet has reached 100 billion yuan. This material is to let the industry hit a rock! But you sit not because of good

Nokia 3310 3G version has met with us in November 18th, 3310 Nokia replica during MWC 2017 published at that time, resulting in a global hot debate, many people want to take this time to buy a home of the rebirth of the tears, but ZAKER, personalized reco

Near the end of the year, like the courier, go by, sales according to the special working hours of work of workers has a new worry: I leave the rest? Journalists interviewed a number of such workers in recent days and found that their vacations were not o

The Intel 6 series motherboard motherboard to cooperate with the partners to launch at the end of 2010 began to promote UEFI BIOS, now 7 years later, currently on the market basically is to use the UEFI BIOS motherboard, but you have to look inside BIOS Z

When you're lucky, you can choke with your mouth watering. That shrimp music programmer, at the moment, must be like this. That's how it goes. On the weekend, one knows that the user broke the news: he opened the background file of shrimp music (Alibaba's

Early in September this year, just released a new bike Mobell Mobell NewLite new light, after two months of waiting, this bike today on this bike finally on the line. The new shared bike uses ergonomic design and uses a new composite material. This genera

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