Recently, the Russian military organized a large-scale military exercise in the coastal area, a total of 2000 soldiers and more than 400 heavy weapons to participate. Russian paratroopers send BMD-2 airborne vehicles to the airport. Hoist the BMD-2 into t

This is to introduce the A-545 automatic rifles, the gun by Jagtialev Kovrov based instrument design bureau, this is a very important, but also the least known to the western Russian light weapons manufacturing and design company. Many famous Russian weap

Correct posture sniper ~ hey, buddies, as a white level sniper gave you a high precision sniper rifle, how do you want a gun? If you just like standing up and lying down, just fill in a class! No charge; Oh, … … in - ZAKER, personalized reco

As a milestone of naval warfare, aircraft carriers have been the target of naval development in various countries. As a large surface warship, it not only developed the sea warfare into the three-dimensional battle, but also became the core ship. So, what

When it comes to the monasteries in Europe, most of them will think of those sacred and historic cultural heritages of the world. But these seemingly aloof from the monastery, not what is actually much like land. Instead, these monasteries, in fact, are o

When it comes to Chinese the most dazzling, the most popular fighters, we first thought must be our f -20 fighter, yes, flying into the f -20 as the five generation fighter China, shows the current China in fighter field the most advanced technology. In a

Warm tips to get a piece of praise for the subway civilization guide Zhang Liwen into net red special weather, cherish the body, breakfast to eat, health first, first look at the foot, and then look at the phone...... In the morning and evening rush hour,

British media said that China's 90 grew up in an unprecedented economic boom, and in 2012 after adulthood. In their growing process, relatively stable and comfortable environment, together with continuous propaganda, produced 2012 deep patriotic feelings.

Parliamentary elections in Czech ended on 21 th day. Data released by the Czech Bureau of statistics show that the ANO2011 party, led by Czech's richest and former finance minister Andre Babis, won 78 seats in the 200 parliamentary seats, becoming the big

According to people's Daily reported in October 22nd in the client, in the twenty-eighth round of a focus of the war, Guangzhou Hengda home court 5-1 victory over Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng, left in the League two cases, leading the second Hong Kong Shangh

Remarkable Lanzhou Chongqing railway will open to traffic in the year 2017, the north of the Yellow River, south of the Yangtze River, connecting the China basin two, is Silk Road Economic Belt and cohesion twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road and Chin

The day before yesterday morning at 10 in Peixian, Zhengyang happened a warm scene, an old man fainted after the pedestrian street, the spontaneous stopped, the vehicle in front of an old man, rescue rapidly. The site of the incident in Peixian Zhengyang

British media said, three months ago, the Chinese government decided to ban imports of 24 kinds of waste, in order to combat the problem of foreign waste. According to the Broadcasting British Corporation website reported on October 20th, after the Chines

According to the U.S. Defense News Network reported that the proposed India air force before the date of termination, and to the Russian joint development and production of the fifth generation fighter (FGFA) program. A $10 billion plan for joint developm

In October 22nd nineteen, the press center held a press conference, inviting party secretary, Minister of education Chen Baosheng, Party Secretary of Ministry of Civil Affairs Minister Huang Shuxian, Secretary of the party, people club secretary Yin Yumin

Zhou Yang is a criminal investigation Zhejiang Wenzhou city Lucheng District Public Security Bureau deputy brigade commander, to participate in public security work for 21 years, won the title of national public security system two heroes. Arrest, escort

What is the fifth set of RMB 20 notes back to the king? "Used to describe the beauty China well-known mountains and rivers", "what is the" mean here? "Soldier Zhang Ga" let us know Baiyangdian, which is the largest freshwater lake in Hebei Province All so

Home boy's father and mother must have a son to dress up skills, good clothing products not have very much still need to work the day after tomorrow, this of course is behind parents credit ~ online there is a fashion for a variety of mother love son dres

Television as an essential product of the family, especially today, the continuous improvement of the living conditions of the masses, the requirements of all aspects of television is getting higher and higher. With the TV after black and white, color TV,

LETV TV reporter Jia Li Li denied business days before giving up, news, music or give up TV business. In this regard, the responsible person LETV "Securities Daily" said in an interview with reporters, we noticed that recently some users posted a message

Tencent Francisco past, hackers by intercepting consumer Internet information to steal account passwords and other personal privacy, but the encryption technology, so that hackers can. According to foreign media news, Google (micro-blog) recently released

The function of Siri is not unfamiliar to many people. A simple "Hey Siri" can activate it, let it check the weather for you, check the agenda, and even "flirt with it". But you don't know, the simple "Hey Siri" is not simple at all, Siri hidden behind -

In 2015, in the "Alibaba" by Fang Xingdong and Liu Wei co authored, Ma pointed out that Jingdong self built logistics needs to feed tens of thousands of people, business model has a huge problem, will become a tragedy in the future. Many people believe th

In October 16th, broke in have used found a serious security vulnerabilities in 13 years of Wi-Fi security encryption protocol WAP2, this vulnerability allows you to bank cards, chat messages, passwords and other important information in front of the atta

Many users are concerned about HTC's every move, the company was once an outstanding representative of Chinese smart phones, but unfortunately these years have begun to decline, there has been no sign of recovery. Until recently, Google walked with them.

Note: before the production of titanium media Tesla vice president Gray - Rachel (Greg Reichow) the "connection" magazine published an article about the two floor, Tesla mysterious. It is understood that the two floor of the plant is the core of tesla. Th

During the National Day holiday, Google Pixel 2/2 XL released, the second generation of Prince Royal debut on the big show muscle, such as single camera, rolling double cameras and so on. Like many flagship models released this year, Google is equipped wi

How much can the graduating student go to the network company? This article is from the Beijing Youth Daily, a list of high salaries for the 2018 Internet school enrollment recently circulated in the network. According to the list, a number of well-known

NOKIA has been reborn in the hands of HMD, in order to maintain a strong product line in the market, in addition to the previously pushed out of Nokia 7, now NOKIA 2 also want to meet with us. Nokia 2 has been approved by relevant regulatory authorities i

In the street Chen Ou and the electricity before the attack in the teeth of the storm storm, in September 22nd announced that street after incursions into the Zhengzhou Railway Station in Henan in September 29th, the Henan Provincial Intellectual Property

Google's Android 8 has been released for more than 2 months, the major manufacturers of Android camp also have their own mobile phone announced the upgrade plan, of course, Google's son Pixel and Nexus, and the recent release of the HUAWEI Mate 1 - ZAKER,

[mobile china news] previously, foreign media have reported that foreign users in the Reddit community and XDA forum said that they received Pixel 2 XL mobile phone screen performance is very poor, there is a yin and Yang screen situation. Whether it's sh

The official cool than previously announced, in October 26th 14 PM in Chengdu released its first F series of new machines, posters from the point of view, the new machine adopts full screen design, in addition to the machine by the well-known actor Deng C

This year's full screen mobile phone war is hot, domestic mobile phone manufacturers have entered the war, just as you are looking forward to the green factory OPPO joined the war, OPPO seems to have polished guns, ready to fight. Recently, a great deal o

Vivo X20 is a fully screen mobile phone released by vivo in September 21st, and vivo X20 Plus appears on the same stage. At present, vivo X20 has been on sale, but X20 Plus is not yet listed. But it's away from sale - ZAKER, personalized recommendation ho

Tesla reached an agreement with the Shanghai municipal government to build a factory in China, and the Wall Street journal pointed out that Tesla had worked with the government of Shanghai to build a manufacturing plant in the city's free trade area. Tesl

Shortly after, Apple's first full screen product iPhone X will usher in the first sale, which is also the apple conference this year, the most people worth looking forward to a product. In fact, the reason why many people have great expectations for it, t

Essential Phone is the father of Andrews Andy Rubin hand to create a flagship, the special full screen design, the screen is embedded in the middle of the front camera body frame made of titanium material to build, the back is a monolithic ceramic plate,

7 business end counter attack, over 60 billion valuation, 1200 days to create the miracle of the Internet industry, making the rich mythology … … each tag xuemaibizhang people. When the new big Jingdong, drops, such as a public well-known In

Yesterday, Yang Yangyang took part in the Yang Wei Cup Gymnastics Championship in Hubei province named after his father. This is the first time that world champion Yang Wei's son Yang Wenchang has appeared in gymnastics arena, which has attracted much att

For foreign students, only in a strange land, in addition to face the pressure of academic, more important is to endure the loneliness away from parents. Especially on holidays, I miss my parents very much. The following home page brings you 24 photos of

Background reply [manpower] to receive workplace information ~ edit: human Jun source: Sohu network level of high people, they know empathy and empathy, know everyone is not easy, know how to respect others. 1 Italy illustrator Marco Melgrati has recommen

The cold winter has not officially debut, many children have been wrapped in three layers of three layers, adults feel small children, poor resistance, especially the elderly help with the children, plus clothes speed always exceeds the rate of cooling, t

A few days ago, a cashier mother with children to work, the children sleeping under the counter photos, on the Internet caused heated debate. Some users blame the mother to let the children suffer, but they do not know, a general dual worker family, mothe

Now the sun has wealth, luxury car is not what the sun, private aircraft are popular now, but you know what? Now you can rent planes to take photos! A Russian studio to rent luxury private jet for photographs, not only that, but also provide make-up and h

How to train your son to be excellent? If you remember these four principles, then your child will be great! The 1 was to let the boy know that he is a great man boy at the age of four or five, will have the gender consciousness, he already knew that he w

Don't underestimate the food. Will not eat, but the life is not the same. Hugh - one last month my mother after surgery, gastrointestinal dysfunction, by needle water, a lot of emaciated. With her stomach recovering, eating well and sleeping well, my dad

Article / take you traveled around the British micro signal: weloveuk said, for the upcoming married couples, the wedding is of extraordinary significance, the most important thing at this moment in life, everything should be special and memorable, so man

Children in the growth process, such problems will make, as parents always fear the child into a bear children, so always anxious to intervene to blame the child's mistake, but missed the best time to let children self cognition. In the face of problems,

Recently, a Chinese doctor was accused by the police: sexually raped 15 year old girl in the hospital, but also use the position to facilitate the injection of contraceptive needle for girls! According to reports, the Chinese doctor Xing Zhao (Ernest Chiu

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