Modern Express News (correspondent Nan Xiaoxuan reporter Wang Rui) Careful netizens may remember that around mid-November, a video of a firefighter mother on the high-speed rail encountering his son's comrade-in-arms touched countless people. The mother saw a comrade-in-arms with his son’s age, and he left tears at the time.

Chen Kexin’s annual theme melody "Chinese Women's Volleyball" was unveiled at the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival. Some of the actors who appeared in the Chinese women's volleyball team were also exposed. In addition to Lang Ping's biological daughter Bai Lang, who played Lang Ping, the other actors were almost all young volleyballs after the 90s. athlete. Playing the former...

Column host: Yan Yi was born in the mainland and studied in North America. The weak crown is more than enough, and the knowledge is still shallow. Sitting inside the house, thinking about the window. Although there is no one in poetry and songs, it is still necessary to think about the chess and calligraphy. When you are bored, you like to talk about the world. Now, with notes, gossip, all the...

The Trade Relief and Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce reported on November 20 that on November 11, the Ministry of Production and Labor of Argentina issued Resolution 2019/1185, which decided to adopt temporary anti-dumping measures against aluminum pipes originating in China. The tax rate is the FOB price of the products involved in the case. 69.

Modern Express News (correspondent Nan Xiaoying reporter Zhongkai) can use pork stem cells to artificially cultivate more muscle tissue? Can such muscle tissue be eaten? Recently, Modern Express reporter learned from the National Agricultural Meat Quality and Safety Control Engineering Technology Research Center of Nanjing Agricultural University, Professor Zhou Guanghong

Recently, the People's Court of Honghuagang District, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province, held a trial of a case involving a private hospital. This private hospital is called Zunyi Eurasian Hospital. According to police investigations, in more than four years, the hospital, in the name of treating male diseases, carried out intentional injuries through inducing treatments and fictional diseases.

Every time the orange harvest season, the doctor Xialihua will sell the oranges to the 62-year-old villager Shu Changzi through WeChat, and sell a few thousand pounds in 2019. Shu Changzi’s family relies mainly on these things to maintain family life. In 2003, the wife of Shu Changzi came to the hospital when his wife had a big swollen belly.

The reality of human trafficking is far more violent than movies. Poetry and the distant side are beautiful, but there are dark faces that you can't imagine in the distance. Even if human society progresses for a thousand years, there is still evil slavery. It is estimated that between 10 and 27 million people in the world become slaves.

[Global Network Reporter Zhu Mengying] Two mainland men have been robbed in Hong Kong on the 20th, and the latest progress has been made. According to the latest news on the 21st of Hong Kong's Eastern Network, the Hong Kong police received a surnamed (47-year-old) mainland businessman to report the case, saying that it operated a foreign currency exchange shop.

Anxious! There is still the last month of this year, and many places have been in the most tense moments in 40 years. This is also rare in the history of China's reform and opening up 40. There are so many local economic growths that are nearing stagnation. Changchun’s economic growth rate fell by the cliff, and the GDP growth rate in the first three quarters was zero, far lower than last year.

8 hours of sleep is not synonymous with laziness and self-discipline. It is not cool to blindly pursue sleep. Today, He Wei’s three hours of sleep is enough to become the first hot search topic on Weibo. For a time, many netizens finally realized that they were not successful. Good people slept less.

BEIJING, Nov. 21 (Xinhua) According to Korean media reports, the cost of pickling winter kimchi in Seoul in 2019 was as high as 273,794 won (about 1600 yuan), an increase of 9% to 12% compared with 2018. Seoul City Agriculture and Fishery Food Corporation

[Text / Observer Network Qi Qian] While waiting for the trial of allegations of child sexual transactions, the US billionaire Epstein was found dead in prison. People are dead, but the "trouble" of the living is not over yet, and the second Queen of England, Prince Andrew, is also caught in a sex scandal. Prince Andrew accepted the UK on the 17th

Western public opinion has slandered the world against China. Zheng Wenjie, a former employee of the British Consulate in Hong Kong, recently announced to BBC reporters that he was tortured when he was detained in mainland China three months ago. Zheng Wenjie was detained by the Luohu police in Shenzhen for 15 days in August this year.

Hyundai Express (Reporter Gundam) is only because he suspects that the boss has calculated his own 100-yuan performance when he settles his salary. Li, who lives in a certain district of Suzhou Park, has been difficult to let go. After a lapse of two months, he was re-inspired by the drunkenness, so he dialed 110, one night by drunkenness.

A resident of Shanghai renovated the house. After the workers knocked on the closet, they found a few pieces of black meat inside. They pulled out and looked at the police immediately.

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on November 20th, a woman wants to steal 8 jeans and was caught in the current video. Recently, it was widely spread among netizens in Peru, and the number of hits exceeded 2.5 million. It is understood that this woman is a Bolivian. The video shows that she was found to want to steal cattle

In these two days, the portrait of the human servant Mei Long spread throughout the circle of friends. Later, things reversed many times. First, the Ministry of Public Security came forward to blame. This portrait was unofficial. Then the Guangdong police responded that Mei Long existed, and the portraits that were later circulated were drawn by experts, and the similarity was close to 90%....

Teacher, I found a job. I will go to work in Zhangzhou, Fujian, after graduation. On November 20th, Li Dongmei, a senior girl at Changsha University of Science and Technology, took the tripartite agreement and reported to the teacher Chen Junjie. Less than a year after graduation, Li Dongmei got an offer in advance, one from Zhangzhou, Fujian.

Intern Li Jiaxing ZAKER Harbin reporter Li Yongming This is an embarrassing story: the first half, warm and touching, and the second half, the style of the mutation … … the story of the protagonist named Wu Yong, 44 years old, PhD , a family in Harbin

Recently, the entertainment industry is not an accident, Jinsha sent a hate to marry Weibo can hot search? Still hot one ... with the map is still Zhou Zhennan, quite tight with the trend. Netizen: Is Jinsha married? This is awkward. I wanted a chocolate-flavored boyfriend in 2015. Unsuccessful ... 2017

Li Dongxu's "GQ" December issue cover exposure, long curly hair and Mickey's ear shape, lazy and gentle feeling, Ami's heart has changed. I still remember that some time ago, he brought his own Hell messenger temperament in front of Ami. I am sorry that I can play this kind of face. Ami can’t control the idiot... The black coat is wrapped

I am not beautiful but I am a genius. When referring to an actor, it is inevitable to dock it with the character in the play. Many people who choose not to be likable are choosing to avoid talking. This may be both a proof of their outstanding performance and a hindrance to their role in other roles. For a while, when everyone mentioned Yang Zi, it was compared

If the girl is photographed in the middle of the night sitting in the boy's car, back to the boys' home community … everyone will reflect that they are falling in love? But Chen Kun and Ni Ni are the ones who believe no one! Ni Ni & Shu Qi, I really got to the end of the day. The dinner was over, and I was still chatting for a while. First hug,

Recently, Kang Hui's Vlog has rushed to the hot search several times, and was highly praised by netizens. On November 15th, on the day of Kanghui's Vlog first season, Zhu Guangquan grabbed Kang Hui's hot search! Some netizens posted a Weibo that reconciled Kang Hui, and Zhu Guangquan said: How?

Chen Sicheng Netease Entertainment Special Report November 21st (Text / Xiao Yi) Chen Sicheng's film "Manslaughter" was held in Xiamen today, and Chen Sicheng appeared in the event to communicate with the audience. At the scene, Chen Sicheng also talked about the views on cyber violence, saying that many people we are sitting on

Just when the net reds broke up and broke the roar on Weibo, a hot search quietly climbed to the top of the list - Hao Lei divorced. Yesterday evening, Hao Lei Studio issued a statement announcing that she and her second husband, the outsider Liu Wei, had divorced a few years ago. There is no reason for dog blood, no sex

Yesterday, my pig brother and little dragon girl came back, and my childhood came back with me. This kind of remembrance killing my tears is worthless. It was not a replay of the drama, but the repertoire of the TV drama "The Volume of Eyelashes" was re-recorded and released. Xu Wei and Xiao Taohong both forwarded the full version of "Volume Eyelashes". Still remember

NetEase Entertainment reported on November 21st, on November 21st, Jin Yubin made his debut at the Qinglong Awards after his anti-cancer success. There are fans who have taken photos of the background and the fans shaking hands. In the photo, Jin Yubin has a black casual top with grey sweatpants, a happy smile on the mirror, and a good condition. It is reported that this

On November 12th, the Japanese idol gangster (ARASHI) member Ninomiya was also rumored to be married to his girlfriend Ito Sadako. The fans were not calm, and they had to run away from their brothers. Unexpectedly, the official announcement at night, or the second house and personally wrote to the official: the company to the major media

In 2019, it is too difficult for real estate companies to survive! Since the beginning of this year, the rumors of the tight capital chain of housing companies have been endless. Recently, a decision on the administrative supervision measures of the Guangdong Securities Regulatory Bureau reopened the lack of money for a top 100 real estate company with assets of over 18.8 billion. As

Beijing News reporter: Li Dawei Cheng Weimiao is suspected of illegally providing ID card return inquiry more than 98 million times, profiting 38 million yuan... On November 20, Lakara's participation in the Koala credit was suspected of infringing citizens' personal information crimes in the industry. Causes vibration. The police have already processed the koala letter and

US Mission Review ( 03690.HK ) The third quarter financial report was held. The board of directors will release the 2019 third quarter results financial report after November 21, 2019. US group comments 2019 can achieve profitability in the first three quarters

On November 18th, the official website of the China Electronic Commerce Association (hereinafter referred to as the E-Commerce Association) could not be opened. The organization known as the Official Association of the E-Commerce Industry was founded 19 years later. "Beijing Daily" reported on the 12th that the Beijing Bankruptcy Court accepted the case recently.

The last piece of fig leaf on WeWork founder Newman was taken off by NYAG yesterday. According to Reuters, the New York State Attorney General’s Office (NYAG) is investigating WeWork, and NYAG’s focus is on whether Newman’s business is for the benefit of the public.

I recently met a 30-year-old girl at an offline event. She just rushed out to fight Taobao, and now she has been working for 10 years. It’s amazing, it’s already a proper female landlord. However, the female local tyrant's favorite thing to do, no him: buy a villa. Under the chat, she was before

According to China News Weekly, Lifan is now hard to return, and it is unknown how to survive the cold winter. Yin Mingshan Figure /IC Yin Mingshan will not think that he will be the most difficult moment in his life when he is over eight years old and has retired for two years. His destiny is full of ups and downs and impermanence. 47 years old

Recently, according to foreign media reports, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first contact lens for slowing the progression of myopia in children aged 8-12, called MiSight, which is a one-time daily disposable type and should not be worn overnight. According to the World Health Organization, the first "World Vision Report" was released.

In the past, Apple updated the large MacBook Pro product line to bring a new MacBook Pro with a 16-inch screen. Our boss bought one and came back to see what changed in the end, but after I got it, I grabbed it and first passed it on.

Ma Yun did not know why he ran to a foreign university and went to talk to foreign university students: Young people pay less attention to the world and national affairs, and worry more about themselves. But very quickly, this sentence was passed to the country, which led to a lot of interpretation of this sentence, both positive and negative. In order to prove this sentence, Ma Yun said that...

Like a tornado whirlpool, the entire data credit industry will be engulfed. Recently, the Huai'an police in Jiangsu province has smashed seven companies suspected of infringing citizens' personal information crimes, allegedly illegally buffering more than 100 million personal information of citizens. Among them, Lakara paid its koala credit for allegedly illegally providing identity cards.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology research team announced on the 19th that its deep artificial character (DeepRole) has outperformed humans in an online game like killing games or werewolf killing, becoming the first multiplayer player with unknown player characters and motives. in the game

Netease Technology News November 21st news, according to foreign media reports, local time on Wednesday, US Congress Democratic Senator Ed Markey (Emarmar) asked Tesla to disable its Autopilot autopilot assist system until the

This article comes from: understand the notes, the cover comes from: Oriental IC Some things can not be carefully pondered, look good at a glance, a look at it is full of doubts. Lenovo's recent voice is very high. The new quarterly earnings report has just been released. The online commentary is all about the strong performance and the substantial increase in net profit. Also at the product

Recently, the tubing Boomstick Gaming released a video showing his ski resort in Death Stranded. The original "Abandoned Death" is not a courier simulator, but a ski simulator. From this show video we can see that Boom

In 2019, operators in South Korea, the United States, China and other countries have launched 5G commercial services, which has led many people to believe that the popularity of 5G will lead to the demise of Wi-Fi. The basis for this judgment is that, on the one hand, the price of traffic in the 4G era is already cheap enough, on the other hand,

For the purpose of setting a dedicated ringtone for your mobile phone, people who come from the era of functional machines should have the most say. If you remember the back cover of a best-selling magazine like "Reader" or "Story" more than a decade ago, you should remember the full version of the young lady's head and a list of various numbers with a number. ▲I

IT Home November 21st According to the user's response, Apple's iOS 13 system (especially the first few versions) has more bugs and vulnerabilities than previous systems. According to Bloomberg News, Apple is changing the way it develops internal versions of its operating system to prevent it.

Have you seen the fifth season of "Black Mirror" recently? I know that everyone is not satisfied with the plot, and I am the same; but I have to admit that the first episode of "Live Man Fast" game looks really fun, it is simply a sandbox sex game, it is really exciting. . In fact, this matter has always been blown out of special fire, investment public

Moore's Law is like a string of arrows. Since 1965, it has been through more than half a century. It has passed through the numerous chip-making battlefields, and this time it will steadily aim at the bullseye of the 5nm process. Recalling the last 7nm process that was stirred up by TSMC and Samsung, the war has not really fallen.

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