How to quickly train a logical expression?


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01/ you speak logically?

for a leader there are two things that are very important, think clearly, make it clear. If often counterproductive, you probably didn't make myself clear.

as a subordinate, executing the work report, leader often interrupt your report "to the point, tell me one sentence."

don't think work is a comfortable state, because it conforms to the human nature, we all love in this state, accustomed to the superposition of various small things together in information processing in the brain is not fully started with the leader report, but the final results are unsatisfactory.

"boss, A no time today, B travel, C total return on Wednesday, after tomorrow can, in addition, Wednesday to book a conference room, meeting can arrange at 10 a.m. Thursday morning?" The employee should be very beautiful.

you may see such case laugh, but reflect on your usual work, is not often words say it?

you and make it clear, by only a Pyramid principle theory, and constantly conscious training.

we can put the above dialogue through Pyramid principle processing, "boss, today we want to change to 10 on Thursday morning, can you see it? Because A, B, C, the total time is more convenient, the meeting room is only that one day free. A total...... B total...... C total....... Conference room......"

to don't let your leader in the anxious state "that TM what time in the process of listening?" , first told him that if he wants to continue to understand the situation can be reported by the participants and the meeting room, you may make people feel more logical and more reliable.

02/ remember these 4 principles, grasp the principle of "box-sizing: style=

, every time before opening first think, if we can only remember what you said In a word, you want to be the one to say it first. Every time give too many mixed messages will be difficult for the listener to understand what you mean, but he will continue in the brain, because people will always be in accordance with their existing cognitive understanding, understanding is not necessarily lead to him what you want to express.

for example: the United States has a program host interview some of the kids, the host asked what is a friend of your dreams? The little friend said the pilot, the host then asked, "then if you are driving the plane without gas, what will you do?"" Small, friends say "I'll let the passengers seatbelts do not move, then I use the parachute jump, you interrupted the kids talk set the whole room roaring with laughter, we generally will use his idea that" this is the evil, selfish, but the story's conclusion is the child jumped to find hope these passengers back to save gasoline. Therefore, people always have a subjective sense to understand, directly to the conclusion, and then to elaborate, otherwise, others have their own understanding, the greater the cost of interpretation.

select top-down expression. We have put the conclusion on the top, and then need to elaborate on this conclusion, one layer of downward analysis, the last layer of thought should be a summary of the next layer of thinking.

, each set of ideas must be arranged according to the logic sequence, only the classification grouping is not enough, it needs to be improved a level of thought, or futile packet classification. such as: apple, pear, banana, carrots, tomatoes, spinach. Simple grouping should be divided into two groups, but still need to remember the 6. When we put the apples, pears, bananas and fruit classification grouping logic, and carrots, tomatoes, spinach and vegetables, so we only need to remember 2. If my mother let us buy these 6 things, we only need to remember to buy fruit and vegetables, and think about what the fruits and vegetables, so the memory should be easy.


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, the essence of reading article is to get the information they need, we can continue to produce new information and arouse the reader's question, then the answer in the next level, until the readers accept what you say Thought and no question so far. In this way, it can greatly arouse the reader's interest.

style=" font-size: 14px , that is the time to answer questions at every level, or the use of deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning or use. Deductive reasoning is the premise and the minor premise, by way of conclusion, for example: the major premise: all read this article will talk, the minor premise: you see this article, the conclusion: so will you speak well; and the inductive reasoning is: egg and tomato topped rice is delicious tomatoes, egg soup rice very fast, tomato and egg rice is very cheap, so recommend tomato and egg rice at noon.

we need to pay attention to when inductive reasoning should follow the principle of MECE (mutually exclusive, collectively , exhaustive) between the various parts are independent of each other, all the parts totally exhausted. That is not independent of the two concepts are the same, totally exhausted is to list out all possible. Using this principle can make you think more thoroughly.

top Pyramid, if we give the conclusion directly to the readers. The impact force is too strong is not easy for readers to accept, but will be dazed. To avoid this, we can take the form of a story to write a preface to the reader to introduce about the background and conflict, these should be readers known information, more likely to cause readers from the start of the conflict, readers may question it, then we can go back to the longitudinal direction began to answer the author's question.

04/ to build your own Pyramid

if you have a clear idea about the content of , in Pyramid to build a top-down approach to structure generally easier. We first determined the theme of this article, and the idea of theme will have some questions according to the reader's understanding, then you can follow before we say "background conflict question answer" way of writing the preface, followed by the question / answer dialogue with the audience, the new questions for the audience repeat the question / answer dialogue.

to a bottom-up method, level set out all the main ideas, find out the relationship between the main ideas, finally draws the conclusion, and it launched the preamble.

05/ practice, summed up the theory of "

Institute of science, will make your study / work / life multiplier Pyramid, the scope is very wide, but it is not universal, it should be in reasonable situation. Use, for example, the boss to fire an employee, should not be on the one to tell him: you are fired, for the following reasons......! Or when the doctor wants to tell the patient about the condition......

expression is an art, it can be verbal can also be written in some small way, remember it, and consciously train yourself, there will be a great to improve, do not believe you try? In the process of practice can also be summed up a set of their own expression of the methodology.

recommended books: "Pyramid" "the principle of logical thinking. As long as the five"

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