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" industry; 4 " concept was first proposed by Germany, it was put forward quickly spread to several industrial countries, in the global scope, industry 4 in industrial manufacturing industry and network information intelligent fusion technology for manufacturing the characteristics, and gradually upgraded to the national strategic industry, it is the information technology industry , to enhance the level of industry and production efficiency.

" industrial 4 "concept was first proposed by Germany, it was put forward quickly spread to several industrial countries, in the global scope, industry 4 in industrial manufacturing industry and network information intelligent fusion technology for manufacturing characteristics, and gradually upgraded to the national strategic industry, it is the information technology industry in the field, in order to improve the industrial level and production efficiency. With the gradual deepening of the industrial reform, industrial 4 is changing the layout of the world's industrial industry. CPS (Cyber-PhysicalSystem) - physical information fusion system is not only the industrial 4 strategy with core technology, real-time interactive machine can be realized through the CPS system, and establish a highly flexible and personalized with intelligent digital manufacturing mode. Germany called it the "industrial 4", the United States is defined as the industrial internet. China has just started in the "4 industry" on the road, China is facing the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, our country must realize from manufacturing power to the manufacturing industry across the country, we must seize the opportunities of the industrial revolution. At the same time through the study of the world's major national manufacturing development of the latest trends, analysis of China's manufacturing industry development status and difficulties, in order to correctly draw our country should take the strategy and measures.


": German industrial 4 times pioneer

Germany launched the first" industrial

;         4.0" strategy in Germany in early 2011 the German Hannover Industrial Exhibition for the first time put forward the concept of "4 industry", which is known as the "fourth industrial revolution", it is through the information network technology and the combination of the new manufacturing plant, in order to improve the level of manufacturing industry, combined with the both "smart factory" and "intelligent" body. The German SIEMENS company is an active practitioner and promoter of the concept of "industry 4". In November 2011, the German government promulgated the "high technology Strategy 2020", including the "industrial 4" strategy, it has become a national strategy of germany. January 2012, the relevant industry associations led the industry 4 working group was formally established, it includes the government, business and Industry Association of experts. In April 2013, the working group to the German government issued the "implementation of the" industrial 4 "strategic proposal". Subsequently, the German machinery and Manufacturers Association set up a "industrial 4 Platform", and the research and innovation, safety, norms and standards as the three major themes of work. In December 2013, Germany issued the "industrial 4" standard route map, which quickly set off a global "industrial 4" boom.

political research collaboration, rose to national strategy

        German enterprise and the academic circles think that in the next few years the "fourth industrial revolution", intelligent manufacturing CPS system will occupy the dominant position based on. In academia, Germany has a lot of basic research institutions such as the Leibniz Association, all kinds of universities and the Hotz Association, which supports the technology innovation in the industry 4. These research results can provide a theoretical basis for technology innovation, and to provide policy guidance for the government; in the business world, the German company SIEMENS is the "4 industry" active practitioners and promoters such as SAP, other companies quickly follow up. 2013 "industrial 4 Platform" by the German machinery manufacturers association and other related associations; in 2013, the government, the German Federal Ministry of economics and technology and the Department will jointly "4 industry" into the "2020" high technology strategy ten future projects, funded industry 4 research projects, and in promoting German industry and academia, has risen as a national strategy. In 2013, the two departments plan to invest 200 million euros to support industrial 4 technology research and development. In March 2015, the German Ministry of education and research, the German Ministry of economy and energy taken over by industry associations to establish "industrial 4 platform, and the platform upgrade, members of the working group is composed of government, production, research and study of the parties.

the German industrial 4 characteristics of

<; P style= "max-width: 100% min-height: 1em; line-height:; 25.6px; important; word-wrap: box-sizing: border-box! Break-word! Important; background-color: RGB (255, 255, 255);" >         " smart factory "and" intelligent manufacturing "is the German industrial 4 of the two theme, both of which is to realize CPS system as the core, the German industrial 4 is between the factory products and production equipment, three horizontal integration, the entire production process as the" ecological system" , improve the production process of intelligent and production efficiency. Germany "industry 4" has 5 important characteristics: first, focus on strategy. In the global fierce competition today, Germany is an inclusive and open country, "is not difficult to see from the industrial 4" strategic planning, Germany developed a comprehensive market and vendor strategies, and focus on business model innovation; two is the basis of strategic importance. From the historical development of the German industrial 4 and push forward the process that Germany has always attached great importance to the development of strategic planning, development roadmap and specific strategy, can make the German manufacturing industry has been at the leading edge, to ensure sustainable development; the three is to pay attention to prospective. The state of the industrial 4 stages to achieve the long-term strategy, anatomy of multi angle, intelligent manufacturing and factory intelligent multi-level and forward-looking analysis, provide theoretical and practical basis for strategic choice. In addition, the German government and enterprises attach great importance to standardization, for the future of international competition to create the prerequisites and advantages. Four is focused on innovation. Through the CPS system, Germany will be the industrial field of all factors are connected together, which shows the depth of innovation. Germany's "industrial 4" the application of innovative technologies and concepts to intelligent manufacturing and intelligent factories which; five is the emphasis on market oriented. Germany is in the process of constructing intelligent society and the market for CPS system and technology oriented products, in different regions and areas, for consumers of all levels of production of smart products, this new commercial mode will have broad market prospects.


America:" soft "lead intelligent manufacturing

America is industry 4 strong promoters of

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