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; founded in 2006, is a subsidiary of SKYWORTH cool open Internet TV brand, has been focused on independent research and development of smart products. April 2015, cool open to achieve independent operation.

cool open in May 24th officially released VR strategy, announced that it will launch VR version of cool open system, through the VR area VR recommend content to users on the OTT side, at the same time open up the whole platform system, users can realize the seamless connection between a plurality of terminals. In addition to open the VR version of the cool open system and VR+ big content access, cool open will also launch VR one machine.

10 20, cool open to carry on the brand upgrade, based on user needs to focus on their own are summarized, put forward the "intelligent internet life to enjoy a home" brand positioning, the purpose is to create amazing, free, happy experience for users to create a smart, enjoy the content of the times.

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coocaa T55 OLED TV

coocaa T55 OLED TV as a" high quality ", not only the appearance of technology tide products with elegant atmosphere and wood fabric, OLED screen pure black beauty and not smear quality HD also created a good interactive audio-visual experience.


coocaa K2 TV series using the 64 bit CPU performance is stronger, double the growth of storage space. Cool open K2 series uses 5 64 bit depth based on the development of Android cool, with fast response, fast operation, update, the start time of about 0.47 seconds, the start time of about 0.2 seconds of video player, game center load time is about 0.15 seconds, and every week a new beta release system. The update speed is very timely.

coocaa A2 television series

coocaa A2 series 8 built-in JBL audio, 2.2 channel structure, three frequency design, high-end TI HiFi power amplifier, the overall effect of 3000 Yuan Yuan Sheng independent sound. Moreover, the large volume of independent sound built-in to the 9.9mm slim body, the technical requirements are very high.


coocaa performance U2 series TV hit game, can play a variety of console games with it. Cool open through the lattice and cloud game cooperation, let the big game running in the cloud server, and will render after the end of the game screen to the user through the network, almost no storage space, only need to smooth network can play the game in the top coocaa U2 big. And, but also has a multiplayer screen against the war, cross screen online, cloud archiving and other functions. It can be said, cool open U2 is a super cloud game console, open the "noble" host game and the gap between ordinary people.


Game TV "super flash" N system equipped with 2 generation 4K LG HD screen, 24 core 64 bit processor, front HiFi audio level and handle a second super start, using the Cortex A53 CPU+Mali-T820 GPU processor, 2GB DDR3 three channel 8GB eMMC5.0 high speed memory, flash memory, and equipped with LG IPS 4K hard screen ultra clear screen, support HDR, in Set cool open 5.5 system.


as SKYWORTH cool open content operation company, began to provide content for television from 2007, the first to enter the Internet TV business is the industry. After nearly ten years of experience in the operation of the accumulation of 2016 cool open hand in all fields of content providers, put forward a large content strategy for the Internet TV industry provides a new content construction model.

the so-called big content strategy, namely in the era of big data background, standing on the big screen smart TV life experience level, provide more than TV users, the full range of content including education, health, tourism, shopping mall, games etc. the hardware for the building and professional content.

cool open content strategy is essentially a kind of resource, cross-border cooperation and win-win mode, breaking the traditional TV movie only users on cognition, education, tourism, music, shopping mall, health, music and other content into the contents of all resources the category of Internet TV, to promote the development of the Internet TV industry. October 2016, accompanied by the opening of the brand to upgrade the cool conference held, cool open big content system to further upgrade. It is understood that, at present, the cool open has 166 key partners. Wang Zhiguo, chairman of the board, said, cool open big content system is open, no margin, the future will have more industry partners to join them.


1 Release 0 of 18 March at the door G1 and cool open G1s two VR machine uses Qualcomm Xiaolong 820 and 821 processors, which Xiaolong 821 CPU frequency up to 2.4GH. More than two processors are equipped with the strongest mobile GPUQualcommAdreno530, compared with the previous generation of products in the graphics and computing performance by up to 40%, while using a combination of 4GB+64GB storage, 4700 Ma battery with Quickcharge3.0 fast charging technology, is currently on the market the highest profile VR one machine.


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[series] 2016 Internet TV manufacturers inventory

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