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2016 Chinese Unicom Shandong branch IPTV province public bidding Center Service Platform expansion project equipment and software project bidding on before, has provided the subject matter and implementation capacity of suppliers may come to bid.

Hebei Communications Engineering Tendering Co. Ltd Shandong branch commissioned by the China United Network Communications Corp, "2016 China Unicom Shandong branch IPTV center business platform expansion project equipment and software procurement project (Shandong Unicom 2016 No. 136)" for public bidding, has provided the subject matter and implementation capacity of suppliers can come to bid related matters notice as follows:


the content of the bidding project in 2016 to purchase 3 million user management capabilities, including HUAWEI platform 1 million 950 thousand, ZTE platform increased by 1 million 50 thousand. See Annex 6 specific content and project procurement tenders division. />


of the two section division project is divided into 2 sections: Section One: HUAWEI

IPTV central business platform expansion

section two: ZTE IPTV province center business platform capability expansion


of the project qualification qualification the qualification manner, potential bidding meet the following conditions:

1. per capita can participate in the bidding for potential bidders with independent legal personality, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, business license or business license three certificates ", the registered capital of not less than 50 million yuan, shall be the VAT general taxpayer, to conform to the tax laws of the special issue VAT invoice;

2. this project does not accept the tender bid, after not having provided the undertaking;

3. potential bidders shall be a legal person legally and financially independent or legally registered organizations, legal operation and independent of the tendering agency; the legal representative of the different bidders or the person responsible for the same man or the controlling and management relations, shall also participate in the project (the same section) of the tender, the relevant materials required each bidder to provide the shareholders of the company form, through the "national enterprise credit information publicity system, query information and provide website screenshot and letter of commitment;

4. potential bidders shall have the qualification and scope of business license. Financial and operating in good condition, in the Chinese registered units, not in being ordered to suspend business, Property is taken over, frozen, bankrupt state. Provide a letter of commitment; />


6. query results of screenshots; potential bidders please provide the domestic large enterprises to 2014 in 2016 of the same system contract case 1, the need to provide a copy of the contract, a copy of the contract must contain the key page, including at least the contract home, the total amount of the contract, the contract signed cover page page, contract contacts, request a copy of the official seal, the original reference;

7. potential bidders have mature application products the winning bidder in the signing of the contract within 30 days after the completion of the corresponding line of business operation support, such as unilateral The reason is overdue, according to the budget amount of 30% of the payment of a fine, the tenderer has the right to cancel the contract, in order to reflect the way to reflect.

note: this project will be through the self service portal Chinese Unicom partners (http://www.cuecp.cn) electronic bidding platform for online bidding, bidding vendors need to have the "iPASS self service system" procurement platform digital certificate (need to have the corresponding operator, within 3 days after the end of the application will affect your company to receive the tender documents and the bid).


1. to obtain the tender documents to obtain the tender documents of

(1) who wish to participate and meet potential bidders eligibility requirements, please in Beijing on November 30, 2016 to at 9:00-11:30 on the morning of December 6, 2016, 14:00-17:00 PM (except holidays, legal holidays), understand the relevant information to the agency and purchase the tender not in accordance with the documents specified in the announcement of tender time for potential bidders can not participate in the bid. />

2. access to the tender documents to be provided in

(1) original introduction letter of the unit official seal (see Annex 1 format: letter of introduction);

(2) registration form of purchase documents (see attachment 2: (sale) file registration form);

(3) original verification table (see Annex 3 format: the original check table);

(4) electronic version of supplier information registration form (see Annex 4 format: supplier registration information table)

supply business information registration form electronic version (Excel format) sent to the mailbox: hbtxzb02@vip.163.com

(5) to obtain the bidding documents to the original qualification documents inspection:

a) to provide value-added tax general taxpayer certificate;

b) provides 2014 to 2016 in China Similar case the original contract of large enterprises 1;

(6) to obtain the bidding documents and copies of relevant qualification documents (provided that the number of bound:

a) to provide a copy of business license copy of 1;

< br />

b) provides the organization code certificate copy, tax, tax registration copy of credit, bank account permits a copy of the 1;

c) to provide value-added tax general taxpayer proof copy of 1;

d) provide the domestic large enterprises from 2014 to 2016 of the same case 1 copy of the contract (copy of the contract must contain key pages include at least the home page, the total amount of the contract contract, contract signed and sealed, contract contacts, request a copy of the official seal);

E) provide China Unicom self-service portal network partners (http://www.cuecp.cn) in the iPASS contact page screenshot (this clause must be non registration conditions, without registration of potential bidders shall register and provide as soon as possible in the screenshot, after successful registration or affect the bidding screenshot interface reference appendix 5).

five, the bidding documents submitted

bid submission deadline: December 20, 2016 morning 09 when 00

place of submission of bids: self service partner portal China Unicom (https:// www.cuecp.cn) electronic bidding platform, overdue bids will be rejected.

, the six announcement of the media

the tender notice at the same time Chinese procurement and bidding (http://www.chinabidding.com.cn), Chinese Unicom partners self service portal (http://www.cuecp.cn), the Ministry of communications construction project bidding management information platform (http://txzb.miit.gov.cn) released.


seven contact tender: Shandong branch of the China United Network Communications Corp

address: Ji'nan City, three road No. 77


zip code: contact person: Mr. Duan and Mr. Lu

Tel: 0531-86053716 86053717

bidding agency: Hebei Communication Engineering Tendering Co. Ltd address:

Shandong province Ji'nan city district by a road No. 88 Pearl Weihai International Commercial Affairs Building room 3908


registration code: 250001

Tel: 13256115801

Project Manager: Mr.

Tel: 13256116095

Email: hbtxzb02@vip.163.com

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