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1 15, millet company chairman and CEO Lei Jun said at the annual meeting of the whole category, millet ecological pattern formation, open mode 2. Millet official website is currently in the sale of intelligent hardware products including bracelet, socket, mobile power supply, air purifier, scales, intelligent blood pressure meter, water purifiers and other 30 kinds of products, after a lot of millet mode transformation of traditional products has entered the life of the user, millet is constantly expanding product lines. Said that the main theme of millet in 2016 is bold exploration, this year will build millet millet exploration laboratory, research today's most cutting-edge technology and direction, the first to enter the field of VR and robotics. Currently, millet in the field of VR/ robotics has been the results. TV, in March 23rd, millet said its own TV strategy is to do only high-end flagship tv.


millet released in 2016 8 TVs, covering all files 43 to 70 inches, in addition to the main body of TV, millet also launched a curved tv.

millet TV 370 inch

1 25, millet TV 370 inch split TV commemorative edition limited to 100 units released in Millet community APP, each with exclusive memorial stamp and their version number, and is equipped with millet subwoofer. The original SHARP 4K TV screen, split, full metal slim thinnest 12.9mm. 1.4GHz Cortex-A17 4 core Mali-760, MP4 4+4 CPU core GPU, DDR3 2GB memory, eMMC 8GB 5 high speed flash memory, the refresh rate is 120Hz, the dynamic response is 6 ms. Price 9999 yuan.

millet TV 3S 43 inches and 65 inches

3 23, millet TV and new strategy conference held in Beijing. Released a millet TV 3S 43 inches and millet TV 3S 65 inches curved tv. Style= white-space: "normal >

millet TV 3S 43 inches equipped with full HD LCD screen, independent research and development of the side into the backlight, support Dolby and DTS audio decoding. The metal thin body, thin to 10.9 mm, Aluminum Alloy frame, metal backboard, equipped with Mstar6A908 Full HD TV flagship processor, 1GBDDR3 dual channel memory, 8GBeMMC4.5 memory, 2.4/5GHz dual band WiFi, BLE4.0 low-power Bluetooth 4. Price 1799 yuan.

millet TV with a 65 inch curved 4K Samsung curved screen, split, standard millet TV host. Millet TV host is equipped with Mstar6A928 4K flagship TV processor, 2GBDDR3 three channel memory, 8GBeMMC5.0 high-speed flash memory, 802.11ac double transceiver antenna, BLE4.1 Ultra Low Power Bluetooth 4.1, also equipped with a 6 speaker sound. Price 8999 yuan.

3S millet TV 48 Inch

millet TV 65 inch /55 inch 3S

9 27, millet new fall conference held in beijing. Co-founder of millet, millet TV official Wang Sichuan millet released the first artificial intelligent TV, a total of two dimensions: innovation design and development of 65 inch 3S TV millet millet TV 55 inch 3S design, built-in Millet's first artificial intelligence TV system -- the "PatchWall puzzle wall", the price of 4999 yuan respectively. And 3499 yuan. While the release of millet TV 3S 65 inch theater version, priced at 5999 yuan.

millet TV 3S 65 inch and 55 inch were upgraded 64 flagship processor, can support HDR; Samsung and LG's original 4K screen, wide color gamut backlight technology NTSC ultra 85%, ultra thin metal thinnest at only 9.9mm, double 45 degrees cut process.

3s60 inch

10 18, millet launched a new 60 Inch 3S TV millet. Full metal body, the screen part uses the original LG IPS screen, resolution of 3840*2160, using Amlogic T968 64 processor, Cortex-A53 CPU, Mali-T830 2+2 1.8GHz quad core GPU, support 4K 60fps H.265 hard decoding, support HDR, support Open GL3.1, 8GB eMMC, with 2GB of memory. System, millet TV 3S 60 inches still used to be known as the "PatchWall puzzle wall" of the millet TV artificial intelligence TV system. Price 4499 yuan.


millet established his own film company, and this year, in fact, early in the year before the millet will have to enter the film industry plan.

2014 October 9th, Beijing Wali culture dissemination limited company (the legal representative of the company is mainly engaged in Lei Jun, cultural industry project management, operation and investment investment Huace) 50 million. This is the industry as the industry is seen as a signal to force Internet TV video content of the Internet, but also mark the official launch of the film and television industry, can be seen as one of the measures to expand the market capacity of millet.

2014 November 12th, millet announced tens of millions of dollars in investment Youku potatoes, homemade content, Youku potatoes can play in Millet TV, boxes, mobile phone and other terminal.

2014 November 19th, millet Hwasun capital announced that Iqiyi shares to 1 billion 800 million yuan.

2015 October 21st, millet announced and Huayi jointly invest in the new church pictures.

2016 January 4th, millet technology co-founder Li Wanqiang in micro-blog announced the return, mainly responsible for the market millet and millet millet for the first time exposure pictures, pictures. Style= white-space: "normal >

2016 June 5th, millet TV teamed up with the future of television in Beijing, held in 2016 the French European Cup strategic cooperation conference in". Announced on the meeting, the future of the European Cup television 2016 special topics will be landed millet TV (including millet box), to provide for the 2016 French European Cup in all 51 games in the European Cup top tournament broadcast and on-demand playback.

2016 in August 2nd, B1 released the millet millet held "passion for" box "burning" 2016-2017 millet box in cooperation with blockbuster Premiership conference. This is millet launched in cooperation with blockbuster box millet premier pay events, 39 yuan a month, the season is 299 yuan.

2016 September 27th, millet said the new fall conference, millet TV video content access Tencent. Style= white-space: "normal >

2016 October 18th, millet conference announced that its TV content part of the official full access to the Sohu video.


in addition to television, many aspects still millet TV box, VR, mobile phone, bracelet, smart washing machine for layout.

3 millet box enhanced version of the

3 7, millet in the official website officially released millet box enhanced version 3. The product is a 6 core CPU, including 2 core Cortex-A72+4 Cortex-A53 64 processor, LPDDR3 2GB dual channel line, eMMC5.0 8GB high speed flash memory, support 10bit 4K@60 H.265 frame coding format. Price 399 yuan.

11 on Sept. 16, millet officially released the artificial intelligent TV box products - millet box 3S and millet box 3C.

3S millet box equipped with PatchWall puzzle wall artificial intelligence system, using Cortex-A53, quad core, 64 2.0GH, with Mali-450 3+2 nuclear GPU, HDMI 2.0a. With Dolby and DTS hardware level dual decoding capability, support for HD2GB DDR3 4K, storage capacity to reach eMMC5.0 8GB high speed flash memory. Price 299 yuan.

millet box 3C frequency 2GHz 64 quad core processor S905 (Cortex-A53), 1GB DDR3 dual channel memory and flash memory, support true 4K decode the output by PatchWall puzzle the wall of artificial intelligence system, the price of 199 yuan.


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8 4, millet millet officially announced through the official micro-blog VR glasses toys can be matched with a 4.7-5.7 inch version, mobile phone, use cotton Lycra material zipper insert design. In terms of content platform, millet App VR has been on the shelves. Millet VR App using open content platform, at present, Iqiyi, Youku hit VR and other video playback platform has been settled.

millet VR has a variety of styles to choose from, in addition to the black version of the classic, and leopard style, the northeast sky, cowboy style, cotton padded jacket, users can also customize the way through graffiti. Price 49 yuan.

millet VR official version of the

10 25, millet VR official release, support Note 2/ 5s/ 5S millet millet millet millet Plus/ 5. The built-in independent standard 9 axis motion sensor, somatosensory handle, support touch operation; the delay is less than 20mm. Using VR MIUI system, the current VR MIUI platform panoramic video of a total of more than and 500, more than and 30 VR applications. Maximum support 600 degrees 200 degrees of myopia, hyperopia. Price 199 yuan.

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