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Shenzhen copyright network

liumeitiwang· 2016-12-10 02:29:08

by the Shenzhen Radio Film and Television Group, Shenzhen the newspaper group, the Shenzhen Municipal Copyright Association, Shenzhen News Network hosted the fifth session of the Shenzhen copyright Award" contest held on the afternoon of November 18th the expert assessment, Shenzhen city road network technology limited to video and Purchasing Homemade Video "project won the" award for the use of copyright".

it is understood. The fifth "Shenzhen copyright Award" by the Organizing Committee of the organization of expert group evaluation "copyright Award" 10, "the use of copyright Award" 5, "Copyright Protection Award" 5, "outstanding manager of copyright Award" 5, "the annual copyright registration led Award" 3, "the annual software legalization Demonstration Enterprise Award" 2, a total of six class 30 award, in recognition of the 2016 annual outstanding achievements in copyright creationapplication protection and management of the enterprise and advanced Worker。

according to road network copyright responsible person, through the network every year the expense for purchasing and shooting video copyright, copyright extended video content library through two ways: first, the original production. Road network studio and content production team, using the latest 4K cameras for video filming, the homemade video about 1500, including a number of animated series happy songs, square dance, Yoga series and other works, rich in content, the production of sophisticated; two, buy copyright. Through the copyright procurement, through the network of genuine music library has reached 15000 songs, more than and 40 cartoons, fitness, health and other works of nearly 4000 sets, more than and 500 sets of other types of works, in addition to cooperate with famous foreign copyright content providers, according to recent trends and specific customer needs, timely procurement of popular songs and animation, to satisfy the needs of users of the popular copyrighted content.

genuine content with careful planning, to ensure the integrity and legitimacy of the road network copyright, also provides resources fully in the operation and management of content copyright.

about the copyright award selection, road network manager Gao Lei said, so that customer satisfaction is an important reason for road network award. "Practice has proved that our custom 4K content is very loved by the users", Gao Lei believes that the television network hardware updates very fast, short period of 5 years from the one-way, two-way change from SD to HD, 4K era coming, and the contents of the update did not keep up. "The road network to do, from home and abroad to introduce the corresponding quality HD or 4K content, if the market has no clear sources, we will try our best to make your own, keep up with the needs of users."

now, focus on customer needs, conform to the trend of network convergence, road network in TV, PC, intelligent mobile phone platform to establish a number of games, music, education, health electronic commerce, enterprise application and benefit the public life of the product series, through the TV application development and operation process of nearly ten years, through the network business has covered more than 200 million households, or pay on demand users reached ten million, among the highest market share in the domestic broadcasting and telecommunications, Unicom IPTV value-added business segments.

for future copyright content operations, Gao Lei said that the road network will seek international level aspects of content providers cooperation, on the other hand, to strengthen self investment, is expected in the coming 3 years, in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai Changsha, Chengdu, set up 5 shooting base, to produce high-quality content, copyright to genuine, actively promote and realize the market value of the works copyright operation.

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