How to run an interesting life in a busy job?

How to operate

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how to break the daily work and other chores around the barrier,

back to a place to live, no energy to toss, nor even to the second occupation; over the weekend, also feel more filled with people, do not know how to make the weekend fun. Style= font-size: "15px line-height:; those poems and the distance, no money and no time for themselves, are empty talk.

and some people on the contrary: "

is the same rent, can decorate have to "color: RGB style= and you like to work overtime, but always have time and energy to learn new skills in reading when you at the weekend there is no love on his bed brush circle of friends, see each other is out to shoot beautiful photos.

you are not confused:"

TA is how to maintain a strong learning and toss? />

is not necessarily to do the management will have more time?

if the above is your confusion," 11 Wednesday 30 March 8 pm , we invited to the spread in Greater China and the public relations department of Xu Youjie teacher , sharing how he was busy working at the same time, life will still have flesh.

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  • third generations of Philippines Chinese

  • Procter & Gamble responsible person;

  • LED Asia Pacific four "The best years of sustainable development of regional employee relations" title; "margin: style=

  • in a number of public relations and marketing awards review work; "

  • including awards, Stevie awards;

  • won the Holmes group in 2014 issued SABRE personal honor.

class time: 11 Wednesday 30 March 8 at night

cost: full free

click "15px; color: RGB (195, 0, 4);" > " to complete the registration, enter the studio

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