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juziyule· 2016-12-10 07:55:38

2017 fashion magazine open letter "VOGUE" is the biggest surprise of Faye Wong.

" is the second niche strength Huang Xuan and Wang Kai on the "fashion Cosmo", two yen value and acting on the same period even handsome magazine covers ten natural eye candy, a piece of applause.

" all these seem not enough to be excited, when in 2016 the topic and very strong limelight artistes who opt to board 2017 open letter, it is really fun is seductive, weekdays are not to be compared, this time is no exception.

first to talk about "ELLE" in 2017 1 monthly cover, Tang Yan.

"Jinxiu Weiyang" costume drama being hit, birthday announced romance, around Tang Yan is always a topic. In 2016, several good movies, several hit TV series, has become the Golden Eagle goddess, fashion is a good resource to a large explosion, but also take more and more elaborate. "ELLE" 2017 year cover people really will pick people, Tang Yan will be extremely popular in about 2017!

" Liu Shishi boarded the "bazaar" the open letter, cover style though Liu Shishi is always good at fairies, but she is not difficult to see the hidden queen temperament, dressed in a white Chanel, let the gentle Liu Shishi strong woman fan more and more foot.

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burst inside the large, but also the United States to the explosion! In the arms of Liu Shishi Chanel5 perfume of flowers, dreamy and beautiful.

" Liu Shishi rarely like other stars that take as much as possible to the scandal hype, married her more low-key, step by step all rely on their own strength, and now she pick a movie on the fire of a drama, so the popularity of so many two or three line actress is to catch up! "" startling step by step the author Donghwasa said: Liu Shishi is a white magnolia flower. In the fashion circle is more and more popular, has just been invited to Paris to participate in the Chanel2017 early autumn "metropolitan Paris" Senior Workshop Series opener. In 2017, Liu Shishi should continue his low-key style, steady!

" Yang Mi boarded the "fashion Cosmo" open letter. Yang Mi in 2016 in addition to continue to shine in the fashion circle fever, but also by a number of topics, comes with the heat of the physical search so that Yang Mi is always in the focus of attention. 2016 Yang Mi's works quite much, starring costume fantasy drama of love "III ten peach", workplace love drama "Dear translator", real CG fantasy film "grand track" acclaimed recent reality show "real man" is to let her popularity surge. 2017 Yang Mi nature is no chance to have a good rest.

" reach "fashion Cosmo" open letter and the new golden horse Ma Sichun. 2016, 28 year old Ma Sichun can be said to come to their best time. Compared with other small flowers in the first few years of his career has really not encountered any good work, but this year with their own efforts and good luck, good film one after another shot, 2017 of the momentum will be more robust.

" in the last sentence: the first battle of the 2017 actress who was playing pretty well!

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