Mobile gaming will become the new trend of the industry in 2017

Industry trends mobile gaming.

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in many ways to promote the capital, policy and public opinion, electronic sports industry has been gradually on the right track, transport, event, research team club operations, game and derivative content creation, content dissemination as the main line of the gaming industry chain has been mature, specialized in

- driven capital, policy and public opinion under the in the game, the electronic sports industry has been gradually on the right track, transport, event, research team club operations, game and derivative content creation, content dissemination as the main line of the gaming industry chain has become mature and professional in all aspects of the game, the increasingly fierce competition and brisk performance gaming companies began to emerge. The travel industry in the rapid development of the mobile gaming terminal at the same time, at first not to be optimistic about the industry has become a dark horse, off the lead out.

mobile gaming industry growth pattern of plastic events, or super traditional gaming

since 2014, began to have all kinds of Mobile Games game, is for the mobile gaming event. In 2015, the development comes as the traditional gaming norms, many clubs, investors, mobile gaming companies began to follow the traditional gaming transition mode, to increase the Corps League, League held, players and other aspects of the investment income, and the establishment of China Mobile gaming alliance to promote multi-party exchanges and cooperation, and jointly promote the development of mobile gaming occupation.

2015 Tencent carnival games in November 26th, started by the MOBA class Mobile Games "Tencent games development and operation of the king of glory" beta, a short time to attract a large number of users. In 2016, the king of glory League held in succession, the occupation Corps began to build, establish mobile gaming tournament preliminary pattern. In September 2016 seven, Shanghai Huang Institute hosted the KPL gaming league games from the occupation training, professional technology, team management and operation promotion and other aspects of the training system of active king of glory occupation team players and management team, improve the occupation accomplishment, in improving the single league performance and more industry sustainable development pactrometer. According to

released in the industry research institute report shows that in 2015 China Mobile gaming game users reached 196 million, the annual market size of 51 billion 460 million, but this year, the first three quarters of the market size has exceeded 50 billion, and showed a growth trend. To 2017, mobile gaming will become a hot item, its growth or super traditional gaming, and the earlier companies will begin to enjoy the industry gradually realize the cash dividend, resources.

seven will help the development of mobile gaming and

2016 on Friday December 9th, once a year the Tencent Carnival Games opened in Chengdu Century City New International Exhibition Center, seven Huang Chairman Sun Bowen attended the opening ceremony and for mutual entertainment major brand conference ribbon revealed following the king of glory occupation League series after training, seven and will game with Tencent mobile gaming further in-depth cooperation. Sun Bowen after an interview with reporters said: "seven and trained a lot of professional mobile gaming events, like the glory of the king Qi Qi, who made official commentary and so on, there are all kinds of popular anchor, host Mobile Games. Now Mobile Games variety live program "Daily" also touch it every week in Betta live tv. "

"since 2013 seven in Shanghai and was established in content production, artist management, gaming training for enterprise development direction and achievements made in the industry highly anticipated. The past two years, and seven in the occupation training, training, events derived from program production and other aspects of power in the mobile electronic sports industry development.

it is understood that in 2017 seven and will again in cooperation with the Tencent to the depth of the game, the scale of the club, professional interpretation training. In addition, in competition, experience, education and training as one of the Chengdu gaming incubator will provide better supporting resources, traditional gaming and mobile gaming filled, the two go hand in hand.

2015 is known as the first year of 2016 is electronic gaming, competitive explosive development of the year, mobile gaming is also in this emerging, demonstrated its superior performance and infinite potential. In 2017, we will see the mobile gaming has become a new trend of electronic sports industry, burst out of extraordinary energy.

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