The slaves have to be careful, nearing the end of an era of low interest rates

Slaves age interest rate loan

rong360· 2016-12-10 14:13:13

National Bureau of Statistics announced: in November 2016, the national consumer price index (CPI) rose 2.3%. Among them, the city rose 2.3%, the rural rose 2%; food prices rose 4%, non food prices rose 1.8%; consumer prices rose 2.1%, service prices rose 2.4%. 1-11 on average, the national consumer price level rose 2% over the same period last year. November industrial producer price index (PPI) rose 3.3%, the highest since October 2011, the largest increase. Remittance network reports, ICBC international research department director Cheng said, inflation is expected to rise from the PPP channel to further increase the RMB devaluation expectations and pressure.

small melt (fangdai123) believes that the industrial production of warmer, higher consumer prices, the Chinese economy is not good. Domestic inflation would be worth the yuan, to further increase the depreciation of the exchange rate. The slaves, more inflation is bad news.

era of low interest rates near the end, mortgage costs will go high! Macro economic research center of Suning financial director of the Research Institute issued a document that: Although the short-term central bank to increase the likelihood of the benchmark interest rate is not big, but tight liquidity and low interest rate era coming inflection point will be a high probability event. For ordinary investors and consumers, will produce at least two aspects: on the one hand, residents through mortgage loans, consumer loans and other credit loans plus leverage to obtain bank credit will be more and more difficult, and leverage to pay the cost of capital will be more and more high; on the other hand, with the rise of the risk-free interest rate, for ordinary investors in financial products yields continued downward trend will end, residents of low risk financial revenue increases the probability of large.

British "Financial Times" that the United States to increase interest rates will expose China's economic weakness. The newspaper article said that China has the highest leverage in the corporate sector, the real estate industry to fluctuate, there are many banks rely on money market loans for loan financing. The surge in China's capital outflows (nearly $70 billion in November) has intensified the challenges facing the Chinese government. As capital flows out of China, Beijing has no choice but to tighten its domestic monetary conditions, even though it will make it harder to repay debt.

China's economic weakness, is indeed a fact. The key is to solve the weakness, stimulating domestic demand, not only to digest the inflation, but also does not increase the pressure on the community's debt.

international came the bad news: Japan does not recognize the status of market economy Chinese tiaotou. Japan's economic and industrial province, 8, released the news that China's position in the World Trade Organization (WTO), has decided to continue to do not recognize China is a market economy country". Japan will maintain easy to impose high tariffs on improper dumping of anti-dumping duties mechanism. Reported that Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo at the 5 meeting of the Senate special committee of the TPP, said the Chinese state-owned enterprises, improper dumping behavior damage market order. Andouble also claimed that "China overcapacity in the steel industry, and at a fairly low price of foreign sales, which makes the world's iron and steel enterprises and related enterprises suffer".

the impact of globalization on different interest groups has a good and bad. Nowadays, trade protectionism in some countries is rising again. How to make the global economy to benefit each market players, this is a problem.

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