Dare to commission more than and 40 people trapped 6 hours the US company in what position?

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Xu Xinyu said: the attack started is not too smooth, we more than and 40 people trapped by Medtronic for more than 6 hours in it Chinese headquarters, 9:30 go to fight is always 4 o'clock in the afternoon, is not very cooperative.

in the new longitude client on 9 December, (Wang Peiwen) the two day, the Medtronic Inc stalls event, not only by the national development and Reform Commission fined 118 million 500 thousand yuan, also exposed during the investigation of law enforcement officers will be trapped in the company for more than 6 hours. To see this, eat melon people can not help but ask, what the Medtronic Inc, dare to challenge the national development and Reform Commission?

the spirit of inquisitive, meet people's curiosity to eat melon spirit, to sort out the whole event focus, look at this Medtronic fined 118 million 500 thousand yuan Yuanbu yuan, the company also has many arrogant".

1.185 billion ticket! Medtronic Yuanbu yuan?

, the national development and Reform Commission found in the survey, Medtronic (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in management of cardiovascular diseases, rehabilitation therapy and diabetes business in the field of medical devices, through direct fixed dealer resale price, dealers fixed gross margin of indirect control of the resale price and the lowest bid price, the qualified dealer dealer resale to the hospital of the lowest limit the price of four ways of vertical price monopoly.

price monopoly on medical products, medical equipment enterprises have gained more profit, but in the long run, for the use of these medical devices for patients, the treatment cost is extremely expensive.

to import stents, for example, according to the Beijing Business Daily reporter survey found that the ex factory price of only 1000 yuan, to the patient's use of link prices soared to about 30 thousand yuan. Put aside the traditional agent layers increases the business model, the medical equipment manufacturing enterprises and the dealer collusion contributed to price monopoly, is behind the biggest black.

a letter from Medtronic internal mail display, "one of the existing patients with type I diabetes, hospitalized in children's Hospital, the director wanted to buy a 712 insulin pump, is around the inquiry, hope colleagues price protection". It is reported that the general content of the message to ask all the dealers are not allowed to cut prices.

according to the national development and Reform Commission, deputy director of the price supervision and inspection and Anti Monopoly Bureau Wu Dongmei said, so the number of internal mail has more than 30 thousand. Therefore, the national development and Reform Commission opened a $118 million 500 thousand ticket for Medtronic, it can be said is not a cause, but $118 million 500 thousand is not open, Medtronic is the domestic market in 2015 Chinese involved 4% of product sales. Receive

from "confrontation" to "face", Medtronic

do not know is not guilty, in the national development and Reform Commission of Medtronic (Shanghai) management limited when raids, Medtronic is not too complex, law enforcement personnel was in the Medtronic headquarters Chinese trapped more than 6 hours!

, the national development and Reform Commission antitrust bureau director Xu Xinyu said during an interview with CCTV: "first raid was not too smooth, we more than and 40 people trapped by Medtronic for more than 6 hours in it Chinese headquarters, 9:30 go to fight is always 4 o'clock in the afternoon, is not very cooperative. Then we went to the relevant premises and business premises, according to the law to investigate, his person in charge is hiding in the office to drink coffee. "

law enforcement officers and the management of the Medtronic Inc and the headquarters of the United States more than a dozen times to communicate, and ultimately the company to cooperate with the investigation. But this matter once the media reports, Medtronic's attitude to a 180 degree turn, attitude immediately on the "soft" down.

according to foreign media reported in December 9th, the United States Medtronic headquarters in response to BBC Chinese network interview, said the decision to accept the China Development and Reform Commission, and promised to fully comply with China's legal and regulatory requirements.

"challenge" development and Reform Commission, Medtronic what position?

is the global medical device industry leader, Medtronic this name, for patients with diabetes, it means that the market share of the insulin pump rate is high; the heart surgeon, it means stents, artificial heart valves and other important medical devices.

it is understood that Medtronic was founded in 1949, covering the arrhythmia, heart failure, cerebrovascular diseases, heart valve replacement, extracorporeal cardiac support, minimally invasive cardiac surgery, malignant and non malignant pain, movement disorders, diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, urinary system diseases, spinal diseases, nervous system diseases and facial surgery treatment etc..

2015, by virtue of the Ke Hui medical company's $49 billion 900 million acquisition of Medtronic, Johnson, GE and off side by side, PHILPS, SIEMENS and other companies, sit on the top spot in the global medical devices, 2015 revenues of $28 billion 833 million. According to the new

client (WeChat latitude public number: jwview) query the State Food and Drug Administration of the relevant announcement shows that since the beginning of this year, due to product quality problems, Medtronic has issued a recall notice in four, China voluntarily recalled micro oscillating saw, implantable ECG event monitor, implantable neural stimulator, deep brain stimulation extension wire suits and other medical products.

is not special! The medical field of anti monopoly has long been a precedent for

Medtronic accept punishment, things are settled, but some people have doubts, why punish is Medtronic, rather than other companies do? The national development and Reform Commission antitrust bureau director Xu Xinyu said: we are in the field of medical devices (antitrust investigation) from the start of 2013, we are not for any foreign enterprise, not for Medtronic.

in early August 2013, Johnson medical products suspicion of monopoly prices, the Shanghai Higher People's court convicted compensation for economic losses to the dealer Beijing Rui Bang Chung and Electronics Co., Ltd. 530 thousand yuan. In this case, the company signed an agreement with the sharp state, the latter must not be less than Johnson's lowest price for the sale of products, such as Johnson.

medical field antitrust, foreign how to do?

we look abroad, in the face of the medical field of monopoly, there is no corresponding punishment measures? How to prevent the monopoly, protect the rights and interests of patients?

, according to the central broadcasting network reported that in Germany, both prescription and over-the-counter drugs, are only available at the pharmacy to buy, which means that the hospital has no right to drug pricing. In addition, Germany has a special drug price reference act, but this act is only for the protection of patent drugs are not protected by the patent.

in the UK, the British government every 5 years to develop a "drug price control plan", and consultation with the pharmaceutical industry price management, corporate profit margins are strictly controlled.

in the United States, Medtronic headquarters in the United States, the government does not intervene in a unified pricing, pricing, allowing the real, the market, but the resulting high medical costs are prohibitive.

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