In the single firm? The LOL all star game third Faker face Meng force

Lol Galen star heroes Union

wangyiyouxi· 2016-12-11 02:29:03

report: 2016 Sports League all star game has been carried out on the third day, the first game is against the European division division of Korea LCK LCS.EU. In this game Faker came up with a single Galiot, and Xpeke actually chose the one hand Galen to the line. Smeb Jess on S6, but Soaz took good obvious to people, "the tentacled monster" the Russian Lloyd also brighten. Although EU is not an unexpected loss of the game, but in the early stage of the rhythm of the EU is not inferior to LCK!

" from the Ban point of view, the first division LCK banned version now strong poodle, blind and mouse, and EU is the three famous hero great respect for the Ban off Faker - roses, wandering and cinderella. In a selection, the two sides are the first to grab the hero of the hero. Finally, Counter EU, was selected in the beyond all expectations of single line Faker Galen Galiot, cheers. final lineup identified as the LCK version of the strong regular lineup, while EU is playing snake lineup.

in the early stage, EU shows a super offensive. Three minutes, Jankes with one's own way to kill spider double Madilife Titan got a blood. But then Faker sent to the next road, to kill the EU spider and Kennan. To get the advantage of LCK in wild and did not return to the city, but the essence of B - wave play in the entertainment game not to die. Faker is back in the middle of "health care" Galen directly set away, even Bengi Olaf also died in the hands of galen. , EU on the road to use their own tentacles directly kill the world's first single on a single Smeb. Then the dragons, Gailunsi blood run, to kill LCK two anti EU teammates.

but after that, LCK on the "inexplicable" to grasp the situation in their own hands. EU really want to engage in business, want to cooperate with Galen Galiot Gank spider. But Galiot did not counseling, flash strokes with Bengi taken directly to each other. Bengi in the middle of the basic is to protect the Faker, which is true love". Although after two EU LCK single small poor catch hold together, but the situation is still in the hands of LCK. Twenty-four minutes, Galen belt line is too deep, LCK bag. EU said the brothers don't be afraid we'll save you, the one by one to send, almost hit a wave group off, LCK successfully won the dragon. the last wave of war, Russian Lloyd alone was arrested, sending the EU wave to complete the group off, hit GG. The

all star game S6 game player so serious, love hero jaszo, blind can appear. This is really a surprise Galen's choice, a variety of black technology also had to make people look forward to after the! After the game will still be wonderful, 2016 hero League final feast not to be missed!

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