"Fairy treasure dream day / month", a cruel dark world

The world organization the white coat pig

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for people who like the dream of treasure, perhaps everyone can tell their own reasons. But for the love of people, regardless of his mouth admit it or not, one of the main reasons the inside is:

" for the first time clearance a treasure kenmeng, game time is only thirty or forty hours. I did not know what qualification evaluation of the game -- especially the following small articles after the bloody. But I have a strong sense of social responsibility to tell me, I need to correct some misunderstanding and deviation is, this deviation has reached 180 degrees, because: " spirit treasure can dream day / month" in 2016, I played the world view of the dark game. I have to warn the ignorant masses of the naive fantasy to start the game, want to get warm, rolling back to pass on your fire!


"in Japanese society advocate, or confused at Na Hai" for the sake of others fashion, women are more understanding is required. Therefore Japanese under the pen of the female pig but many wayward -- literary works often reflect some social demands. It is difficult to obtain the. But even so, miss Lili or out of their own wayward way.

secret of the first, is that I told you I very headstrong.

second tips, my most important, but, I'm fantastic.

secret third the most important one, absolutely not to answer any of your questions.

sister, king of name is? Well, look at Beth's sake.

". This way ten years ago is not popular here! Please pay attention to the context! Don't know which goddamn told me that this can be a woman before Raiders "img_box"

". But even more wonderful is that I actually believe this slightly over the brain knew, and a kind of biochemical crisis lies. Although Lili AI showed all the attributes of Green Tea all the way, but I still in the course of the game has been waiting for sitting on the rocking chair and talking romantic scenes. Everything looks too smooth, until I became champion, Lili AI to go and I thought, well, after each other but to declare the mind apart, is also a kind of melancholy romance, but, but!

" I know, Lili AI to close, huh, small early with me through the play, don't get excited over a little thing.

ah?! Fuck this is certainly something ah! What do you want to say? You two were together for no more than an hour and I was there, and you said, "what do you want to say?" What? Never met before? Go to your uncle, you thought I was his wife Dr. (under this you dwell on)?

and you, do you remember what you said in the cave for shelter?



get this guy not only has a strange name like a pig like, but he has a face with a smile with me a magnet. Life experience tells me that this kind of thing is not a good bird. But I know his character, each RPG has such a critical moment a foxy smile forever, with the hypocrisy of male friendship with No. two, I understand.

" when the little Bitch to diehard:

" when you go through the battle, finally came to the new island when:

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" battle of the reason is this:

you to do after he is this:

"do you want to see the truth is the hat fly up?

ever remember, there is such a person in the class. Every day to sleep in class after class play, home crazy hard, the exam said "I was just good luck." ~< /p>

final, in Huashan:

" unfortunately, the small pool eventually broken pattern Tucson, grandma ~ ~ ~ clothes!!! Want to win me? 100 years earlier.

friendship end

in the adult students are fighting in the palace in the world of adults what?

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article adult conspiracy finally we say honest Arora born man: Dr. Kukui, and this game really behind the big BOSS, Barnet.

" this guangzhebangzi directly set white guy out, my life experience tells me: metamorphosis. But the truth is far from what I had imagined. Why is

" a married man raising a girl in his attic? Lili, why not let get up the attic? Who's going to take a rock dog? We have seen his wife in cucui home? Lili AI to the hotel is to see who?

however, the Baneitezhen doesn't know what? Hum, it is not so simple. What

" they say? Why did cover for Lili? The United Front after the showdown? In the end, from the beginning who brought Lili to AI cucui? Class=

is from the beginning all cloth good bureau?

" even a fool can see at a glance what, as his wife Baneite will not see? What is the real meaning of this sentence?

cucui painstakingly created on the surface of a union, go all the way to help the protagonist, actually hide in the dark, the takings. Everything seems to be finally defeated cucui but a seamless heavenly robe, the protagonist really there is really an accident? All of these stories are in the lead and Lili met AI, but if Lili AI are completed all of this at the instigation of sb? In the last step, who work not completed arrangements?

and cucui, with his strength, let alone a school, not only the ether group, ah, is also not difficult to directly fix the four kings, but:

" however, "whether the protagonist is selected." there are other reasons? Class= img_box "

where you come from the key?

I rub Le, how do you know? Class=

I have not seen the clearance of your clean up? Excuse me, what do you do every day?

Baneite took just a Lili AI on one hand can kill two birds with one stone, while monitoring and containment cucui, critical moment can also be used as a powerful killer; on the other hand, let her guide everything, make life destroyed in cucui conspiracy the hands of his closest person, the so-called energy-saving, that is more ruthless revenge?

postscript: Conspiracy articles after it has been done is not what to say, I want to try to all true friends into the heart treasure pits may dream of saying: "img_box

" you asked me what had dozens of hours? Class= img_box "

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