Chinese military training by Japanese aircraft launch decoy in response to the Department of Defense

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tengxunjunshi· 2016-12-11 07:29:22

this morning, the Japanese air self defense force base Okinawa Naha ninth aviation regiment is offering aviation (open day performance) activities, suddenly has 10 F15 aircraft emergency missile hanging off, accounting for the number of the full strength of 1/4 aviation regiment. The Department of defense website at 19:44 news release said: Japanese military interference China military training normally expressed serious concern.

" Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun today (10 days) told reporters, the morning of December 10th, Chinese Air Force aircraft through the Strait of Miyako Island to the Western Pacific sea airspace routine training, the SDF dispatched 1 batches of 2 F-15 fighters to implement close interference and emission decoy aircraft to China, endanger the safety of Chinese personnel and aircraft. The Chinese pilot immediately take the necessary measures to deal with, and continue to carry out related training. The Miyako Island Strait is the channel international recognized, the air force is Chinese conducted training routine arrangements within the annual plan, not aimed at any particular country and the target, in accordance with relevant international law and international practice. Japanese military behavior is dangerous, not professional, breaking international law gives the freedom of navigation and overflight. China expressed serious concern and made solemn representations.

needs to be pointed out that in recent years, the Japanese ship machine several times can easily lead to misunderstanding misjudgment disturbance, friction and even conflict caused by air and sea. We urge the Japanese side to maintain regional stability and starting from the overall situation of Sino Japanese relations, and take effective measures to prevent air and sea safety issues. Class= img_box "content_img_p" id= "id_imagebox_1" class= =''>


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