In a public place, how do parents discipline their children?

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early childhood education network pointed out that some of the children at home to act, but a child will appear in public, "Crazy", jumping up like a uneducated wild child, the parents of gas inside. Arguably, usually a child's performance is good, how frumpy? To the public, and how to discipline their children parents? We take a look at it!

early prevention is the key to

parents to take their children out of public places, can advance with the children speak well is where to go, have to do what was there, don't run jumping, nor temper, if not these requirements we will not go. For example, go to a friend's house guest, to be polite, not someone to crazy, etc.. The children are reasonable, just to a strange environment, children are very excited to show active and not the same as usual, it is necessary to make a vaccine for parents.

" to spread the child's attention

kids go shopping, children clamoring to buy this and that, if the parents can not meet the requirements of the child, they are in the crowded shopping malls crying. The People are hurrying to and fro. nature is not good. Mummy's big temper is not, if no matter they will make more powerful children. Think a move to distract a child! Right away from the bag and pulled out a mobile phone, there are children's love of the game, the bag with children is usually the most love story, gave the child or children's love of small toys. In short, do not loudly blame the child, but also do not let the children crying, scattered children's attention, the child will soon be no trouble.

immediately leave the scene

if the child in the mall station and other public places a large number of public occasions, parents should first do is to calm down, with the child quickly left the scene. Not let all people see adults and children in the confrontation, so that it will not solve the problem, let the children think they have more chips and wayward. After leaving, the parents of discipline, if children unreasonable, cold treatment way is also something that is not a good way.

patiently and reason with the child in

children in public tantrums, parents should first find the cause of tantrums, if it is because they did not meet the requirements on the right, for example, he wanted to buy a book that you love books, parents not to buy it, parents should think. If he is the child's own reasons, parents and children can speak the truth, while the children get fewer people place, crouch down, and the children have a good communication, if the children want to buy is more expensive items, parents can speak now of the home, parents income etc. don't leave the child as what also don't understand children, they still speak the truth many times.

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