Japan's defense ministry fuzzy response to the Japanese fighter launched a decoy"

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tengxunjunshi· 2016-12-11 14:09:00

data figure: China air force in the Western Pacific Ocean routine training

spokesman Yang Yujun said the Defense Department Chinese the morning of December 10th, Chinese Air Force aircraft through the Strait of Miyako Island to the Western Pacific sea airspace routine training, the SDF dispatched 1 batch of 2 aircraft F the 15 fighter to implement close interference and launch jamming aircraft to China, endanger the safety of Chinese personnel and aircraft.

, according to Japan's "Daily News" reported on December 11th, the Japanese Ministry of defense of the Japanese fighter fired flares responded that 6 military aircraft including two SU30 fighter jets, through the Strait of Miyako Island. Japan Air Force fighter from the emergency call, but did not Chinese military aircraft violated Japanese airspace.

's "Daily News" said about whether Japan use light interference bomb, the defense ministry did not give a clear response, but the defense ministry said "do not obstruct military aircraft flight in Chinese".

is recognized as the Miyako Island Strait International Waterway, the sea is Chinese air force training routine arrangements within the annual plan, not aimed at any particular country and the target, in accordance with relevant international law and international practice. Japanese military behavior is dangerous, not professional, breaking international law gives the freedom of navigation and overflight. At the same time, urged the Japanese side from the perspective of maintaining regional stability and the overall situation of Sino Japanese relations, and take effective measures to prevent air and sea safety issues.

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