Female white-collar workers due to work pressure, hanged to death

White collar force pressure Changsha

zhongguoqingnianwang· 2016-12-11 22:54:36

26 year old young woman in a small way to work Changsha company, engaged in financial work, arguably the envy of many people belonging to the white-collar class, but in December 5th after work, a small way has not come home, family looking for a night, second days, Cheng unexpectedly in the building stairwell hanged to death! Also left a suicide note said: "I really have been tired, want to rest".

family members said that on Monday December 5th, a small way to the office, but did not go home after work, looking for one family, the second day morning received a small way of news. The building of

" in the scene where the company is on the top floor of building 20, a cleaning staff found a small way hanged himself in the stairwell. After the incident, the police immediately take control, found that day after work, a small way to take the elevator from the company's 17 floor downstairs, looked ready to go home.

" but to the first floor, a small way out of the elevator and not to go outside, but waited a while back into the elevator. Elevator, the small way has been watching mobile phone. Class= img_box "

this is to monitor the final shoot to the small range of the figure. After the accident, the police found a note from her carry bag, saying "I was really tired, and say goodbye to the mother.

is the only child in her family, a day prior had 26 years old birthday. She actually met what kind of pressure will make her so hard? Her family's diary and cell phone, found that her work seems to be in trouble. A few days ago

of the accident, Xiao Cheng wrote a long letter, the letter at the beginning says "Mom, when you see this letter, I might not be here, have to believe in fate".

" from the mail and chat, you can see a small range in trouble at work, always in a state of anxiety. The evening of December 3rd, a small way and own a bestie stone on the phone, said he intends to resign on Monday December 5th. Class= img_box "

after the incident, the company has no normal operation, only two or three employees on duty. The reporter contacted the company's one person in charge, the person in charge said the head of the company has been sent to deal with, is currently in cooperation with the police investigation.

(Hunan, "into focus")

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