The Fan Bingbing Li Chen space show loving brutally to marry

Friends Fan Bingbing Li Chen show affection

fenghuangyule· 2016-12-12 06:01:04

Li Chen entertainment news December 9th, Li Chen micro Bo said: "on the way out of the ordinary, the seal was the dream, let's see the sky. "One day apart, his girlfriend, Fan Bingbing, forward this micro-blog and laugh at him."! Good! We see in the sky! Show show affection to this, who is not!

Fan Bingbing, Li Chen

saw him close friends after the close interaction between the two, have a message: "drop, Su Eun eckart. "And to show affection. Bing Bing goddess of good happiness, blessing the morning ice happiness. You don't get married two! "

users have expressed dissatisfaction with the" they ":" this can also show affection, I only take you! "Gentlemen, and forced a mouthful of food. "

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