Baoqiang Wang to meet the requirements of the fans: to call the father of the fans

Baoqiang Wang Dad fans hours

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Baoqiang Wang and fans self timer.

general star road shows, in the hotel or movie theater and the audience, fans see the face is almost the same. And Baoqiang Wang set a record.

last night, he was at the Hangzhou Dianzi University gymnasium, Baoqiang Wang held a "big trouble" Tianzhu campus meeting ", the naughty … … signature poster sent a warm hand, baby sent, sent to the fans fans embrace, Dad's telephone, fans also sang a birthday song, … … oh, lack of baby in his hometown of Hebei roadshow, a fork production performance!

to send a hug, sing the birthday song for the fans, dad called

roadshow for an hour, to meet the requirements of various fans

Baoqiang Wang, was really formal

activity is 7:40 last night. Two hours earlier, the stadium infield and the grandstand was filled with thousands of students and fans. The front of the stage had stopped up the "iron horse" (iron railings), to prevent the crazy fans.

was not the night Baoqiang Wang directorial debut "havoc" Tianzhu can see, but see this year the focus of Baoqiang Wang entertainment, let everyone excited. A lot of fans shouted, I saw a live baby! "

Baoqiang Wang, a yellow T-shirt and grey trousers, a pair of white shoes, a group of workers in the crowd, plainly on the stage. Do not look carefully, Baoqiang Wang really and the streets of the migrant workers have no two.

however, they are Baoqiang Wang, or "treasure guide".

face so many college students, Baoqiang Wang said a little nervous, and humbly said he did not go to college, I hope to be able to have a few days in school in Hangzhou next time. The theme of this activity is "

" havoc "Tianzhu accompany you to celebrate the new year".

Baoqiang Wang said that "North drift" for three years in a row without home, very worried about his family, the family is also very concerned about their own, this is the "havoc" Tianzhu finally cause stalls in 2017 lunar new year.

see Baoqiang Wang on the stage, the fans most want to do is hold the baby """.

before meeting the requirements of the people, Baoqiang Wang still want to do the movie propaganda task to complete -

I myself three or four years ago, when he wanted to be a director, was not so bold. But think of a dozen years as an actor, still want to try. Shoot in the process, slowly with confidence. When an actor, as long as you do your work, but when the director is like a piece of paper, to the characters, stories, context … … painting up, but also to communicate with the actor. "

" when I was an actor, a director told me, is to make the most real thing out, so that will impress the audience. I was the director, but also want to find out the actor's flash point. "

put on the big screen when shooting in India Baoqiang Wang footage, which makes the baby filled with a thousand regrets.

"I'm exhausted body strength, with conscience in the film, almost in half life. Shooting is very hard, but I am a person who is not afraid of difficulties. There is a plate of 8 nails on the leg, or the same beat play. "

Baoqiang Wang's sincere moved the presence of all people.

baby show baby hug! "

fans" face ", Baoqiang Wang claims to hold herself," generous "and said very warm.

is one of the fans to get "hug" deliberately fall, Baoqiang Wang should step down, give him a "baby hug", triggered a riot, scared the security immediately stepped forward to separate the crowd. Another

selected female fans excited incoherently, screaming "I see live Baoqiang Wang! "

came to power, after that the female fans of his father is his fans, Baoqiang Wang returned to his father played a blessing.

after the phone is switched on, the fans of his father came to Baoqiang Wang, you are very strong! You must be able to get through it! "

and the fans said," havoc "Tianzhu showing that it was his birthday. So Baoqiang Wang said, "let's sing a birthday song for him."! "

stadium in the sound of everyone singing together with Baoqiang Wang" I wish you a happy birthday".

face the enthusiasm of the fans in Hangzhou, Baoqiang Wang has apparently been moved.

"XuSanDuo's role has told me, do not abandon, do not give up, to live. "

fans yelled" old driver took me … … "

Baoqiang Wang said," you have come, let baby hug, hug the baby … …

has been going for a whole hour from 19:40, finally to Baoqiang Wang and fans to a photo, the end the whole activity. (reporter Lu Fang / Wen Yin Bingyan / photo)

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