The name Chinese will be in the South China Sea Islands in the deployment of new missile naval ship

Missile island South China Sea the naval port

tengxunjunshi· 2016-12-12 12:29:03

in Taiwan media cheered the PLA military around Taiwan flight "under control, the U.S. media have reported that long-range bombers China along the" nine lines "flying around the South China sea.

the United States "Fawkes news" reported on December 10th, two U.S. officials said that in the United States President elect Trump and Cai Yingwen after the call, China can carry nuclear weapons detonation -6 long-range bombers along the "nine lines" around the South China Sea flight, at the same time, the China still control the South China Sea Islands to deploy more advanced than the "red flag" the ground to air missile.

data figure: Chinese boom -6k

reported that the South China Sea cruise long-range bombers, China detonation -6 long-range bombers 8 days along the "nine lines" flight, the The Pentagon of the United States expressed alert. U.S. officials said, this is the first time in March 2015 to have Chinese bombers flying along the nine section of the line. The official said that in July this year, China has also been flying bombers over the South China Sea and the disputed islands, but when it is not as far as the fly so far.

in the bombing -6 bombers flying in the process, the Chinese fighter jets several times for its escort.

reported that this has been elected Trump, China's second sent bombers cruising the South China sea.

Trump and Cai Yingwen's call, breaking the diplomatic practice since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States more than 30 years since 1979, the United States to support the one China policy, the United States and Taiwan leaders are no longer directly linked.

Fawkes of the US News Network reported that a screenshot of the

island in the South China Sea military deployment, an advanced missile

U.S. Pacific Command commander Harry Harris (small · Harry B Harris Jr.) will have warned for years Chinese military construction in the South China Sea and "Military" activities.

reported that the U.S. think tank center for strategic and International Studies (CSIS) research satellite photos taken in August confirmed his view, they found that Chinese stepping up the construction of military facilities in the artificial reefs, at least have built 24 seat for the bombers and tankers used concrete hangar, strengthen the ability and scope of Chinese military activities the strength of the. Fawkes news network also said that recently, the U.S. intelligence satellite found China antiaircraft missile system components in a port of Southeast China shipment.

reported that this type of missile is called "China version of SA-21 (S400) missile", -9 is more advanced than the red flag.

reports suggest that this type of ground to air missile is different from the "S300" based on the development of the red flag -9, is based on the "S400" missile has a range of 400 kilometers, R & D, will not only be able to shoot down the aircraft, but also Anti Ballistic missile. Commander

" of the U.S. Pacific Command little Harry · Harris has warned for years of the South China Sea Chinese "Military"

Harry · Harris is the United States Navy ranks the highest Japanese generals. He was born in 1956 in Japan, the port of Yokosuka, the father is the United States Navy sergeant, the mother is Japanese.

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