Samsung Note7 users to limit the user to charge a violation of user rights?

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tengxunshuma· 2016-12-12 12:49:23


(Eskimo) digital news Tencent in order to prevent users continue to use Galaxy Note 7, Samsung finally resorted to the killer in the software upgrade this week to the United States release, Samsung will disable Note 7 charging and network function. That is, your hands on the Note 7 in the upgrade will be completely unable to use.

but the whole story quickly took place. After the announcement, at least one operator shows their negative stance, while also showing the determination to defend their networks. Verizon said that during the festival they refused to push the self destruct Samsung upgrade.

as a user, we might be cheering for Verizon's decision. But this event also sounded the alarm for us: in these giants are busy show muscle, checks and balances in the process, the ordinary users of their pockets in the phone is actually no say.

technology is who all?

in the last few years, a series of public events have changed our understanding of ownership, and this is just the latest example of a Samsung upgrade. Once upon a time, your money to buy home is entirely yours, you can dispose of it as you like. For example, you buy a book, whether you are inside, remove graffiti cover or torn pages, this is your freedom.

in accordance with the tradition, the computer also enjoy the same ownership of the spirit. You can install any software on your PC or Mac, or reject the official release of the system upgrade - as long as the machine can be used on the line. When needed, you can still get technical support.


but the advent of mobile and networking equipment has changed the situation. In 2011, Google will use Android's "self destruct (kill switch) function to detect from user devices and remote wipe malicious applications - this is the first time we feel for the ownership of the equipment is violated.

though the Google is out of the name of security, to avoid a large range of the spread of malicious software, but it can still make people feel under the pen of Orwell the telescreen under the shadow of the cold.

over the past 5 years now, this time Samsung hopes to upgrade self destruct forcing users no longer continue to use the existence of security risks of Galaxy Note 7. Although there are fire hazards equipment accounted for only 0.005% of the total sold, but this is still not willing to bear the risk of samsung. Regardless of the user himself or the people around them, a fire explosion at any time of the phone is very dangerous - this is precisely the reason the airline will be included in the list of prohibited items.

ownership dispute

but Note Galaxy 7 dispute can still be seen as a reminder of the twenty-first Century under the ownership of a record. And for networking equipment, the concept has become quite vague.

in terms of software support, electronic equipment has a life cycle, after that, your device will no longer receive any software support. But the popularity of the OTA upgrade also allows manufacturers to be free to dispose of their own short-term interests in the hands of the user equipment. Samsung do not want to take any responsibility for security, let Note 7 brick. Verizon doesn't want to at Christmas this point let users unhappy, do not say to samsung.

and for those who just want to Anne Anne livings with their own mobile phone Note 7 users, now only sit aside about your mobile phone can not get through this week.



if you buy a Pebble smart watches, after seeing this company was Fitbit news may also encounter the same doubts. But the good news is that your device can be used now.

but Revolv users are not so lucky. After the acquisition of Nest in 2014, Revolv smart home automation control center immediately under the shelf. 2 years in the past, Nest announced this year in May 15th after the device completely stopped working. And as a networking home equipment, Revolv existing products require continuous network support to work.

the whole world and our devices are becoming increasingly interconnected, which also brings incredible experience to use. But Galaxy Note 7 allows us to see the interconnection of the ugly side: in the face of the power of the platform, you as the "owners" rights is not worth mentioning.

whether it is Samsung, Google and apple or Microsoft, can put the power to display their products in an instant.

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