Fan Bingbing sun leisurely wear slippers at home to feed the cat: sit, eat fruit

Fan Bingbing feed the cat the home the slipper the lovely cat

guangmingwangzonghe· 2016-12-12 14:07:18

today, Fan Bingbing sent a photo at micro-blog, said: "with the sitting in rows, eating fruit in the photo, Fan Bingbing is wearing a pair of white slippers, casual, casual home, Fan Bingbing also leaned over to feed a few cute kitten, a face girl heart.

范冰冰晒居家照 穿拖鞋悠闲喂猫:排排坐,吃果果


this life home photo exposure, netizens have admired Fan Bingbing so leisurely, message said: "ye eat fruit, think Fan Ye domineering hands up", "you are feeling good leisure ah", "zoo director, you good".




Fan Bingbing and cat data map

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