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Apple cattle direct marketing store Sanlitun

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days before Apple promises for the 6S series part mobile phone free replacement battery, but many consumers complain that the appointment is difficult, difficult, difficult maintenance line. Beijing Morning Post reporter visited the scene found two outlets, lined up tens of meters long lines waiting for mobile phone detection and maintenance, staff said, wait 4 hours may not be able to change the battery. At the same time, online but there are cattle to help make an appointment, the price ranging from 10 yuan to 100 yuan. Apple's official customer service to remind consumers managing maintenance and replacement, such as complete documents recommended to specify maintenance repair outlets, Beijing morning news reporter random visited two outlets but are empty.

the door waiting for three hours may not be able to replace the

yesterday morning, the reporters came to the Sanlitun Apple store, although it did not open the door, but the door has been about 50 people lined up, mostly come to inspect and replace the battery of the mobile phone consumers. Amy holding mobile phone waiting to tell a reporter, he repeatedly failed in the online booking, "I heard that because the battery is out of stock, even if the queue may not be able to change, but I still wanted to try my luck". Near the shopping mall security is introduced, Apple stores "crowds" has recently "is normal, when many people have to row and turn the corner".

at 10 in the morning to open the door, people rushed into the room, a dozen staff to guide consumers booking a successful first sign. One of the staff said that at present, the daily maintenance of hundreds of mobile phones, "yesterday there are more than and 40 sets of pressure not repaired". He introduced, like Wang did not make an appointment to consumers can only be detected in the store but can not replace the battery, after testing in line with the standard recommended that he go to our authorized network maintenance, service is the same".

then the reporter went to the Wangfujing Apple store, and the store in Sanlitun is exactly the same, at the door of the shop is still a long line. "If the battery has goods, at least three or four hours to wait, we will have an appointment to replace the customer first. The staff explained that due to the recent replacement of the battery number, often out of stock, then the store will no longer accept non customers.

official site two outlets to eat cold-shoulder treatment

of Apple's official "to provide the same service and how? According to the reporter the staff are given the network list, to the new Dongan Plaza 9 floor of a maintenance point, only to eat the cold-shoulder treatment. Posted notice on the door of the shop because of internal business integration maintenance suspension, the reporter called the phone, was told when to resume business still need to wait for a notice.

then the reporter went to Chaoyang District Sanyuanqiao third home building within the designated repair point, is the "iron general door, here Business Hours only on Monday to Saturday. Two to replace the battery of consumers had to sigh back, "no reservation about stores, not on the schedule, to the store staff then ran that was finally able to repair, or baipaoyitang! "

then reporters at the customer's identity as a random dial 7 official designated maintenance outlets, only two successful. The Chaoyang District post office in Asian Sports Village two layer network maintenance staff, more than two in the afternoon there is more than and 20 people in the queue, "to repair you have come earlier," he reminded consumers to take mobile phone, packaging boxes, three packs of cards, invoices, ID card can repair, replace the general mobile phone battery in mobile phone the store for about a week.

net is now cattle selling business hot

Apple's free battery so hard to enjoy, but let cattle find opportunities in the online sale of Apple's sales appointment number. Reporters on a site search, booking genius of these two words, hundreds of "baby", some of them can indicate to buy apple day and the recent appointment number, can choose the place contains more than one city in the country, the price from 10 yuan to 100 yuan.

one of the name "appointment of experts", the shop only sold in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and other places of the reservation number, this is a "baby" monthly sales of 174 pens. Reporters to the customer's identity, the other side said that the price of all the stores in Beijing, the price is 50 yuan, every local prices are different, other cities are more expensive than Beijing! He also said that at present, the first to buy 3 days after the appointment number, the information you give me, and so I made an appointment, you take the ID card directly to the line".

reporter consulted another seller, he said that the current can get two days after the appointment number, but the time is random, random stores. The reporter asked why he is very difficult to make an appointment to others, and did not answer each other's talk.

suggested that Apple peak maintenance in this regard, the official Apple customer service said that the current apple 6S battery replacement policies not long, more customers, supply pressure is large, so many stores can not be timely for consumers to replace the battery. In addition to the stores, consumers can also hold the mobile phone, three packs of cards, invoices and multiple identity cards until the official outlets for inspection and maintenance. The reporter mentioned the encounter "cold-shoulder treatment", the best customer service advice during the day before, and advance the communication and telephone outlets.

customer service staff also remind consumers, who buy, comply with the requirements of mobile phone battery replacement models in three years, are long-term testing and maintenance, such as non urgent, advised consumers to avoid the peak of maintenance now.

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