Fan Bingbing sun home photos and wear slippers to feed the cat

Fan Bingbing Zhao Liying slippers business

19louyule· 2016-12-12 20:11:26

12" on Sept. 12, Fan Bingbing drying out a photo at micro-blog, said: "with the row sit, eat fruit". Photos, Fan Bingbing wearing casual, a pair of white slippers leisure home, surrounded by four lovely cat, Fan Bingbing also leaned over to feed the cat, a happy face.

Fan Bingbing

micro-blog screenshot netizens have expressed envy, the cat's message said: "want to become a Fan Ye around the cat", "you are feeling good leisure ah", "zoo director, hello".

" do not know if you have felt that Fan Bingbing no makeup are so beautiful ~

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