Apple Samsung led the concept of inventory

Apple Samsung inventory concept

ITzhijia· 2016-12-12 20:14:00

concept machine was originally a little chance of appearing in the public eye, most of the product of the brain hole. Since the emergence of millet MIX, this wind has a violent blow. There are apple, Samsung, moto, now has more glory, SONY laicourenao. But the so-called concept most recently seen are some talented designers imagined. Despite the concept of product all mobile phone manufacturers will not suddenly appear, or just to get to the "things", as a qualified audience quietly enjoy eating melon is good, beauty does not matter, does not affect the rice on the line. Here to review the recent wave of the concept of being blown up in the sky.

iPhone8 Edge curved screen concept machine

rumors that Apple next year will launch three models iPhone, will use OLED display technology. It is said that one of the high-end products will be 5.8 inches OLED screen, with the Samsung S7 Edge Galaxy similar to the OLED curved screen. As will be the curved surface screen iPhone 8 Edge, everything is still unknown. But there are designers to meet our curiosity, designed a variety of iPhone 8 series concept, which has iPhone 8 Edge.

" in the concept of mobile phone and did not see the classic Home bond, designers will be hidden in the screen panel, the front looks very simple.

" comment: the words of this design style, with a deep sense of smell feel samsung.

SONY Edge Xperia full screen concept machine

in recent years, SONY in the country to show the frequency of less and less, low-key people think it has disappeared in the earth. After all, SONY mobile phone once in Chinese market acceptance is still high, can affect the number of every act and every move the cable powder heart. Recently, a group of friends exposure SONY Xperia Edge concept mobile phone pictures, the design concept of the machine is similar to millet MIX, is also the main full screen, saying SONY's industrial design is impeccable. Have to say, this visual effect is very impact. See for a while will be spent.

double screen stereo sense is very strong, the shell gleaming glass mirror, it is also in line with the SONY style. But a lot of design elements are more advanced, it is difficult to achieve on the phone now. What is interesting is that this pair of photo this piece is like a Ctrl+C paste up, can not help but give a bad review. Class= img_box "content_img_p" id= "id_imagebox_4" class= =''>


Moto DROID Turbo3 rendering

Motorola and Verizon, is currently in the United States launched the DROID Turbo 2 intelligent mobile phone, believe the third generation is also in the design, not long ago, the third generation DROID Turbo renderings exposure to come out, at first glance very amazing. But the real machine will also be like the rendering of the same color?

Moto DROID Turbo 3 body is very slim, positive concise, mirror and texture design two different styles on the back. The most striking is the back of the top part of the camera is prominent, and with a 16 million pixel Hasselblad camera, the camera should have a good performance.

" comment: this rendering or Moto looked pleasing to the eye, it is amazing, will be to the country?

Samsung Galaxy S8 edge Samsung Galaxy S7

concept machine due to the popular edge, believe that Samsung should soon be launched the sequel. Recently, there are users exposed a group of Samsung S8 edge Galaxy concept map. Figure Galaxy S8 edge Samsung can imagine the future look ahead: there is no physical Home key, hidden fingerprint recognition, power button, volume keys into touch design. Class= img_box "

Samsung S8 edge Galaxy plus the Haman dual speaker design. The main camera is 16 million pixels, front 8 million pixel camera, and 835/Exynos 8895 Xiaolong two processor version, equipped with 6GB Universiade, built-in 32GB/64GB/128GB storage space, but also can be extended to 256GB through the MicroSD card, the concept of product configuration appears to be unable to pick.

" comment: Fortunately, this group of conceptual design of non official issued, or Samsung became the year's "black".

look at these concepts, you still have to live? In fact, most of the designers are imaginary, not to be taken seriously. Of course, many manufacturers are secretly brewing their own / this is true, after all, want to force the outbreak of blockbuster, to attract consumers. From the current development trend, perhaps there will be more concepts next year to meet with you. Which of the above concept product is in line with your taste?

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