Chen Tianqiao to the United States donated 100 million knife Chinese scientific community fried

USD bridge the scientific community China

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said that Chen as Chinese, when China research funding is tight, but does not give money to the poor money Americans have lost significance.

"Chinese Chen Shin money the mechanism on private donors need to improve, scientists and entrepreneurs willing to work together to discuss solutions, make the world level, with the international scientific research system of private donations. "7 days of

12, Shanda founder Chen Tianqiao announced the establishment of a $1 billion fund to support brain science research. The first to donate $100 million to the California Institute of Technology, the basic biological research of the brain. This program, said, will help scientists and researchers to study the brain, explore the operation mechanism of the basic level of the brain, as well as diseases and aging caused by the failure of the brain operation principle. Chen Tianqiao said that the study of the human brain is the basis for the development of artificial intelligence in the future.

in Chen Tianqiao's words: "I'm not saying that I'm so noble, I'm going to do what makes sense to humans, which makes me happy and excited. "The news was announced, immediately aroused great repercussions in society. It is said that Chen Tianqiao's contribution to the development of human science private property, this practice is worthy of recognition. Some people say, as Chen Chinese, when China research funding is tight, but does not give money to the poor money Americans have lost significance.

where to donate money?

in the morning, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of neuroscience researcher on the first financial reporter Qiu Liu said: "the first is a surprise, for entrepreneurs interested in brain science and basic research, the second is regret. "

Carter, first financial reporter in WeChat circle of friends to see the Peking University physics department director Rao Yi is a crazy turn comments, he said:" in the study of biology and neuroscience have a long history of California Institute of Technology brain research Chen Tianqiao couple, rather than the rise of the China, is a typical error. "

support and opposition to Rao Yi's people immediately began to stand side. Wang Liming, Professor of Life Sciences Research Institute of Zhejiang University graduated from California Institute of Technology, retorted: "that China donor science, entrepreneurs begin to pay close attention to more long-term meaningful work, this is a good thing. Especially his choice, the most cutting-edge areas - neuroscience, California Institute of Technology, Professor DavidAnderson, these are good choices. Of course, as a Chinese scientist, I would like to see our entrepreneurs contribute to the domestic neuroscience. "Donation Professor Hu Ji

of Shanghai University of science and technology also strongly support chen. He told the first financial reporter: Chen Tianqiao brewing this project has been for several years, talked about a lot of institutions, as far as I know, he inspected the domestic and foreign research institutes have been at least 3 years. Basic scientific research on the scientific research workers themselves have competition, but there is no competition for all mankind. For example, the Chinese people have been in the field of cancer treatment by the benefits of scientific research in the United states. Rich attention to research is a good thing, there are more than the majority of China's rich scientific research vision and pursuit, which is pure charity, it is worth encouraging. "

and in Chou Zilong it seems, in the Chinese scientific research strength can reach the international top level under the premise of the donation to China may be a better choice.

he believes that China's late start of neuroscience, the overall strength of less developed countries, but more than 10 years, has made great progress and achievements, but also to establish and develop a large number of outstanding research institutions. For example, Shanghai Institute of neuroscience research led by the American Academy of Sciences, Chinese foreign academician of the Academy of science of Mr. Pu Muming, Mcgovern of the brain research center of Qinghua University, Zhejiang University Medical Department of neuroscience, Fudan University Brain Research Institute and other research institutions have a strength of the world scientific research group. It is particularly worth mentioning is that our country now gathered a large number of outstanding young scientists, most of them in the top of the international institutions through strict scientific training, can completely reach the international level, but their research has just started, the more need for funding. So if Chen Tianqiao donated the money to China, from the perspective of promoting the development of human science, it will certainly make the same effect.

Chen Tianqiao is a private donation behavior, we should not comment on the truth, but we hope it can become a primer for China sound domestic funding system, improve the management transparency and provides an opportunity. Chou Zilong on the first financial reporter, said, "to know that 100 million U.S. dollars for the United States may not be what the Chinese research community is already an astronomical figure. Our Chinese Academy of Sciences, each of the group's annual research costs will not be more than 2 million yuan, 500 thousand ~100 million of funding for us has been quite good. "

Institute of organic chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Institute of biological and chemical research center, said Chen Yelin agree with the views of the enemy's hatred of the enemy:" I am a point of Chen Tianqiao's contributions to neuroscience! That's a great thing. But the plate is too large, the 100 million U.S. dollars to bring the change is actually very limited, only a temporary news effect. While China is in the early stage of rapid development, belonging to the potential of the shares, the funds invested in this stage is clearly more likely to bring long-term changes. I believe that, in time, China will be able to catch up with the level of the United states. Looking to the future, to the United States than betting on our own scientists. And we were just coming back from the United States. "

Qiu long predicted that today's 70 scientific research personnel, to return home after 10 years can stay abroad more than peers, but the government and domestic universities and research institutes is to increase investment, attracting a large number of outstanding scientific research personnel to 80. "There are basic talent, capital is willing to vote. He said to the first financial reporter.

also has a neutral scientist in the discussion. Professor Xue Tian China, College of life science on the first financial reporter said: "for donations to the rich, not additional moral constraints, especially the donation is in order to promote the whole of human science, California Institute of Technology to itself is a good thing. Chen Tianqiao's money if they invest in China may be able to do more, at the same time uncertainty will be more. We should be more introspective, there is a lack of domestic system and what mechanisms hinder such scientific donation. "The

endowment system needs to break barriers

although most scientists agree with the potential to catch up with the United States is brain based on current Chinese, but they almost unanimously that Chen Tianqiao made the brain science research money is used to support the United States, but not in China, one of the main reasons is that the United States has a good donor tradition, perfect donation system, provide opportunities for private donors into the field of scientific research.

, deputy director of the Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai neurological researcher Wang Zuoren first financial reporter said: "according to Rao Yi once the data provided by the U.S. National neuroscience research investment funds each year is $5 billion, China is $200 million, only 4% of the United states. This is not the United States private funds to invest in research money, if the gap is greater. This allows China to attract private donations more urgent. Chinese scientists have begun to reflect on their own. "

Chongqing Brain Science Center Chen Xiaowei collaborative also added:" basic research Chinese all rely on government funding. For example, Chongqing recently started brain plan, the municipal finance lejinkuyaodai, to invest 10 million yuan, which for the current rapid development of the team scale, it is an utterly inadequate measure. Entrepreneurs should work with the government to actively participate in the great cause of promoting the scientific development of China's leading edge. "

was at the University of Calif San Francisco (UCSF) research fellow at the Institute of biophysics of stem cell research center of the Wang Xiaoqun on the first financial reporter said:" the domestic situation is mostly research funding from the government, private money is little way to enter the field of scientific research, should encourage more domestic donations, and establish a sound mechanism. "The U.S.

private donation research tradition, first financial reporter also specially consulted the famous American Institute for brain science at Cold Spring Harbor (ColdSpringHarborLab, CSHL) chairman of Neurology AnthonyZador. Zador on the first financial reporter, said: why is the American and not the Chinese people get this donation, it is clear that the history of American universities to accept private charitable donations is more long. Even the science is very well developed in Europe, it is difficult to get such a large donation. Of course, except for the past 20 years, the UK has established a very good channel and tradition of private donations. "

," he added, "I have to say that Americans need private donations more than Chinese people. Although it seems ironic, but to know that China's investment in scientific research is huge, but the U.S. government (especially the Republican Party) will not invest money in scientific research. Over the past 10 years, China's spending on research funding has increased significantly, while the United States has almost stopped. He also said that the donation appears to be donated to Professor DavidAnderson, in fact, the fundamental purpose is to support the brain transplant expert RichardAndersen.

thus, Qiu long throws a question: "my idea is can set up a related fund in China, or anchored in a body, used to absorb private funding, and by domestic and foreign outstanding scientists review committee. Reference to foreign models, research projects can take these funding in neuroscience research, especially by young people, but every few years must undergo regular audit of the Committee of experts, if you can not give satisfactory results, automatically eliminated. "

Qiu long-i said foreign experience, especially the study of Hughes Howard medical - (TheHowardHughesMedicalInstitute, HHMI). The Institute, a nonprofit medical institute in the United States, was founded in 1953 and is one of the largest private funding organizations in the United States to fund biological and medical research. Established so far, can enter the Chinese researcher does not exceed 10.

Wang Liming told the first financial reporter said: "the Salk Institute for biological studies in the United States (SalkInstituteforBiologicalStudies) and the Alan Institute for brain research (AllenInstituteforBrainScience) is a good foreign case, we can learn from. "

Xiaowei Professor Chen told the first financial reporter said:" in addition to the United States, in other countries, such as Germany and Israel have a large number of private foundations to neuroscience. China's current system is difficult to set up an independent foundation, alumni will basically replace the role of the foundation, becoming the main way to receive Corporate or private donations. "Professor Chen Xiaowei graduated from the Technical University of Munich in Germany, the doctoral work is completed by the Friedrich-SchiedelStiftung Foundation donated most of.

Qiu long told reporters that he had contacted the Shanghai City welfare fund under the public funds and other funding agencies for his autistic children, he believes that private channels did not fully closed, the establishment of the relevant fund is not impossible, but it is not China model reference.

Qiu long called for the establishment of private donations China channels as soon as possible. He told reporters: "the first financial neuroscientists today China is the brain full of youthful spirit generation, have the ability to put private money to good use, put the money to good use of scientific research team is mature performance. In addition to the national level tax problem, scientists have their own efforts, to complement the domestic local lack of scientific research system, responsible for their own, and the third party supervision is open and transparent, can make a private donation fund. "

China scientist" going out "to attract

scientists agree not to Chinese research institutions for some reason: private donations including national no tax incentives, the university has not enough sincerity, the financial system is not transparent. But they also reflect on their own: "do we have to make the best study? Is there any scientific communication as well as the public responsibility for the exchange of science? "

for this problem, scientists generally believe that the Chinese scientific community's attention to science is not enough.

Wang Xiaoqun to the first financial reporter, said: we still need to properly look at Chen Tianqiao's contributions, reflecting the Chinese research community's own systems and systems, to establish a smooth communication channels and ways. Compared to the United States, scientists, domestic scientists and the public's ability to communicate is weak, science is not as good as foreign. In foreign countries, the medical school will have a set of professional public relations training courses, are in order to systematically train how to go and the ability to communicate with the public.

Hu Ji said: "if Chinese young scientists will not get funding, research done worse than americans. But it's hard for us to get the average person to know what he's doing. In foreign countries took the NSF (National Natural Foundation) of the money, it is bound to go to the popular science. "

", in particular, takes into account the fact that we are doing research on taxpayers' money. If we can expand the interest of the Chinese people in science, in the long run, the pool of funds will be more. The people of the small donations, also some foreign private Many a little make a mickle., fund is from the people for fund-raising, then work to support scientists. "Hu Ji added.

scientists not only to strengthen communication with the public, but also to learn how to communicate with entrepreneurs, and to understand what entrepreneurs think. Qiu Ju cited an example, in a private gathering of informal occasions, a fellow entrepreneur asked: "you are so rich, why not vote for us to do research? Entrepreneurs said: "we want to gain, so we have not considered investment research. Academician said: you give us long-term gains, the progress of mankind has contributed to. Entrepreneurs said: "the long term is not called revenue, is a charity, also can call back society.

Chou said at the time he felt particularly deep feelings. Scientists want to understand what entrepreneurs think, they may be part of the donation is investment, the other part of the money is to return the community, is a charity, but also to have the goal of charity. Chou Zilong told the first financial reporter, said the ability to communicate with Chinese scientists must learn well, need to advance with the times, more good at communication with different areas of leadership. "

Chen Yelin agreed:" the former period of time to chat with entrepreneurs, they are particularly interested in the life sciences. Just usually have no way to understand. We do science can not simply to meet the curiosity, is to go to exchange and popular science. Professor Wang Liming often do science, he has become a "net red", is our role model. "

for the future, scientists have expressed their views.

Chen Xiaowei said: "when it comes to charity, past donations to build schools, build the teaching building is a very good case, we can learn from, such as Shaw house. The donation is not only to build the teaching building in the future we hope, can also be donated to the frontier research center for neuroscience, so that the bridge, Ma, brain and so full of the motherland. The emergence of the "

" Chen Tianqiao, for many scientists, is to let them see the capital market for research attention, is positive. "Wang Liming on the first financial reporter said:" in recent years, the rapid development of domestic basic research, many young scientists grew, and because people like Chen Tianqiao began to appear, whether scientific exchanges or research funding, we are in one of the best periods. "

Xiaowei Chen said, such as real estate developers should take a long term view, if the establishment of a world-class research institutions, it is bound to drive around the services and prices. "Florida, for example, in order to boost prices, and the world's leading scientific institutions, the German Institute of Ma Pu Institute of the establishment of the Institute of neuroscience. Of course, this is not to say that the scientific research into the means of market speculation. "He said.

Wang Xiaoqun said: the United States public universities how to accept private donations, have a very mature model, it is worth learning from. For example, UCSF stem cell and regenerative medicine research institute will hold a fundraising dinner every year, and through a variety of social networks, to attract the rich to participate in the financing. This is the advantage of foreign. In China, the form of propaganda is very complex, and has not established a suitable system and organizational form. For example, how to attract the rich to communicate with scientists, this is a problem.

Qiu long-i finally concluded: "China current mechanisms for private donations need to improve, scientists and entrepreneurs willing to work together to discuss solutions, make the world level, with the international scientific research system of private donations. "

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