Guy quit travel 3 years more than 6 continents back to the United States with his girlfriend

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< p class = "pictext align =" center "> Jiang Hai He and American girlfriend < p < p > original title: Xi'an guy to resign to travel the world < p < p > yesterday, Jiang Hai He Xian small birthday this year 30 years old, he recently ended a period of 3 years or more ring for the ball to travel, in addition to the scenic spots around the world enjoy, solving the his marriage, his American girlfriend back to Xi'an, which make his family happy from ear to ear.

talk about plans:

had just wanted to go

in the country at the beginning of 2013, He Jianghai is still an ordinary office worker. From Wuhan University after graduation, he worked in a bank in Guangzhou, every day from nine to five life let him feel a bit tired. In March 2013, he resigned from the stable job, intends to use 2 to 3 months to go around the country. Unexpectedly, this trip to the west, the trip lasted more than 3 years.

and He Jianghai said, he started to Yunnan, Sichuan, and ride from Chengdu to Tibet. One way to make friends eye-opening let him, decided to travel from Tibet to Nepal, this is his first trip abroad.

after the trip to Nepal, he came to India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries. In order to save travel funds, he became a couch, spend the night in the homes of local people. "I slept in the train station, the temple, anyway, how to save money how to come." Jiang Hai he said that in order to save money, he try to choose the land or sea, "unless forced to, for example, from South Africa to Brazil, before buying a ticket 'luxury' back."

on the African continent, where the river all the way south, arrived at the southern tip of Cape Town. After traveling for more than 1 years, in the summer of 2014, South America, Brazil ushered in the world cup, as a fan, He Jianghai did not miss this opportunity. "At that time, Brazil introduced the policy, as long as the World Cup tickets, you can successfully apply for a visa." He Jianghai said, he signed up for the "Yaohao" through the network, the specially selected popular team, successfully bought a ticket to Brazil.

next, he visited Peru, Chile, Argentina and other South American countries. In Argentina, he also successfully bought a "last minute" ticket, boarded a train bound for the Antarctic cruise.

in accordance with the plan, after the end of the trip to South America, He Jianghai on the trip to North America, to complete their journey of the world".

talk about experience:

travel abroad did not imagine the difficult

He Jianghai said that when traveling abroad is a spur of the moment, did not do a complete trip and spending plans. "When I was in high school, my English level was the reciprocal of the class, the university is the four level of english." He Jiang sea laugh says, after leaving the country, his side through the translation of mobile phone software; on the other hand, they picked up the book, all the way walk all the way to learn and now communicate with foreigners has no problem. < p > Jiang Hai he said. After that he travel abroad, at first the parents are very worried, but he looked at all the way from the beautiful scenery photograph, also began to support his actions.

in addition to language, spending is also a problem in travel. He Jianghai said, after he had more than 100 thousand yuan savings, although the way of "saving", but still not enough overhead. "When I was in Turkey, I met a Chinese businessman who gave me some small commodities in Yiwu, China." He Jianghai said, in Turkey, he also set up a stall, through the temporary economic difficulties. "The way, experience the different local customs and practices, so I am traveling abroad is not so difficult to imagine."

to Brazil, he burst of inspiration, began to start purchasing business, the Brazil propolis, jewelry and other products sold to the country. Until now, he is still in the online shop business was full of sound and colour.

He Jianghai's high school classmate Guo Xin through the WeChat circle of friends and micro-blog, witnessed the experience of He Jianghai travel. Guo Xin said, in order to support a good friend's plan, he also let He Jianghai purchasing coffee, World Cup souvenirs, etc.. Through the WeChat group, a lot of students to He Jianghai consulted him arrive at the local local customs and practices, have been answered. < p < p > talk about feelings: < p < p > has come to talk of marriage < p < p > Jiang Hai he said he did not expect the trip also addressed his personal problems. In America, Guatemala, he met the American girl Ciara Metzoian, like-minded they soon fell in love. And He Jianghai become lovers, after nearly 1 years of study, Ciara's Chinese level is also "by leaps and bounds", has been able to communicate in daily chinese. Ciara on Chinese newspaper reporter said to China, she toured the Beijing, Sichuan, Guangdong and other places, after tasting the local food, she still felt Xian Liang PI, Rouga Mo, the appetite.


after graduating from college to learn Spanish in Guatemala, it is her first time to go abroad. He Jianghai said that both of them are adventurous, love travel, love language and culture, they soon came together. In October 2015, they went to the United States together, and returned to China at the end of the year. In April this year, they also went to Taiwan to play. He Jianghai said that the "travel" through the 6 continents, more than and 40 countries and regions.

"friends to know that I came to China, I think it is very incredible." Ciara said that after China, she often shared experiences through the network and their parents, which makes her brother and sister have a strong interest in china.

with the feelings warming, He Jianghai and Ciara have been to the Tanhunlunjia stage. He Jianghai said that after the end of the summer, he plans and Ciara in Xi'an for marriage. < p > Jiang Hai he said the trip he didn't go to Australia, at present, Ciara has in the United States enrolled in the medical graduate, defer admission procedures for. They plan to work together to apply for a working visa in Australia, while making money, while touring the beautiful scenery of australia. China Daily reporter Sun Hao

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