The people's Liberation Army students to learn the American barrier


zhongguojunwang· 2016-12-12 22:54:05

12" in the morning of 10 August, the army -2016 military skills competition field extends to the land from the water. Four meters high walls and obstacles, combined armed raid … … one of the difficulties in front of the players, "quasi officers across the block on the track to a stumbling block? How do they break through the limits of physical and psychological challenges? What kind of rules allow players to "startling step by step"? Chinese army network invite you to closely follow the footsteps of the "quasi officers", to see how they successfully through the collective force, intelligence and teamwork ability to be a comprehensive test. (for more details, please pay attention to the public, "WeChat Tencent military academy") (from: Chinese military network)

"-2016 army military skills competition" series of reports, the "running God" fun with your American barrier (from: Chinese army net

"warning in place to climb the walls! One or two, on! "On the subject, A17 class players braved the cold wind, is rapidly climbing four meters high. Better not to fly on physical fitness in charge when the pile "in the game, players quickly through security walls, I saw his teeth firmly against the wall, with the players on the walls of the command ordered on his shoulder to climb. When the players went through, he used a rope to tie the ammunition box tightly, so that his comrades to transport up, he is tight pull the static rope, with the help of his comrades in arms to climb the wall. After completion of the project, not to fly is already exhausted. (from: Chinese military network)

" over the high chair. However, this is just the beginning, then they will face as well as plum, ladder bar, Bush, or cable nearly twenty obstacle courses. Physical consumption is more and more big, subjects are becoming more and more difficult, more and more emergencies, players not only need to be combined with the characteristics of physical and mental play, according to team strength, height, coordination, physical quality, reasonable design through process and sequence of random variable should be all the situation, ensure the successful completion of the competition subject. (from: Chinese military network)

players over the obstacle. According to the referee committee Yi Wenan introduced to combat class assault obstacle race courses obstacle as the background, according to foreign military training courses are set up, from the height, angle, the number reflects the competition subjects difficult characteristics, highlighting the practical standard for evaluation, almost harsh. The team has just completed the combination of obstacles could breathe, will immediately go to the field trail of armed raid to point the next lesson. In the face of dye appear randomly along the way the "poison" zone, residual "enemy" harassment, participating players calmly, in accordance with the tactical requirements quickly disposed of, showing a strong military qualities. (from: Chinese military network) class= img_box "

alert personnel to warn. It is understood that this contest to combat class to carry out special operations task as the basic scenario, in order to combat the comprehensive ability, organizing and commanding ability, team spirit as the focus of competition, the class will be in accordance with the scheduled time, the default route to complete a series of military operations. High strength of continuous fighting, great temperature difference between day and night, Limited supplies conditions, continued sentry vigilance task, a full range of training courses set up combat and combat war environment for "quasi military officers who receive military physical skills, the ability to dispose of and command and control capabilities. Class=

"perview_img_p content_img_p", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "". (from: Chinese military network)

" to help each other over the obstacles. Class= id= "img_box"

"perview_img_p content_img_p" transport the wounded. Class=

"perview_img_p content_img_p" to transport the wounded through the barrier. (from: Chinese military network)

" crossing the road barrier. (from: Chinese military network) class= img_box "

through the balance beam. Class=

"perview_img_p content_img_p", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", has been. (from: Chinese military network)

" by the "shuttle" (from: Chinese military network)

by reverse inclined ladder. (from: Chinese military network)

" by the log level. Class=

carrying weapons across the barrier. (from: Chinese military network)

" along the rope climbing. (from: Chinese military network)

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