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today to chat online recovery problem, there is not a lot of people seem to focus on online recovery means (to eat, drink and no ball) the correct posture of the ball to eat drink, then the following complex about maximum storm water way and the efficiency of the ball to eat. The first to pull

today to chat online recovery problem, there is not a lot of people seem to focus on online recovery means (eat drink, and ball) to eat drink ball without the correct posture, then the following the complex maximum storm water eat ball mentality and the efficiency of .

must first pull recovery problem of DOTA, because the DOTA map is quite large, and there is no mount system, the field store does not sell restoration of medicine, the main means is to restore and buy some recovery equipment. DOTA is a land where the online experience and coins are not leaking, basically need to stay wire to wire money. So it is very important to guarantee the good condition of oneself. Walk the hero will be a magic bottle to control the character, but there is a considerable instability, if the control does not have the water to drink. The late hero out of some life recovery equipment to ensure long-term money, while the DOTA hero magic amount is generally low, so the fill knife skills is relatively small, at the same time to leave the magic to fight.

then said the storm recovery system, is also back in the hall, due to the cancellation of the equipment, so there is no recovery equipment can let the hero long line Lai is replaced by a line of soldiers, soldiers would drop a mage to restore the ball, there is a healing spring fortress, can let the hero recover when the poor state of the. While the storm magic volume is relatively high, low consumption of magic skills, often can play several sets of skills and not worry about the empty blue, restore the fountain of considerable convenience, when the poor state of the fortress there'll back water recovery, ensuring a sustained combat capability.

data analysis of


ball in 5 seconds maximum recovery value of life 12%

in 5 seconds to restore the maximum mana 8%

time: 6 seconds

for spring

recovery maximum life 40%

maximum mana over 20 seconds 30% in 20 seconds.

CD120 seconds.

can be clearly seen, recovery recovery ball is not very low, and there are quite a lot of places will fall back the ball, the mage will drop a line, the playing field will drop a drop of a certain mechanism. Where the green ball is a private ball, the enemy team is not to eat, the purple ball is the public sphere, the two sides can eat. Then the five ball is the total recovery of 5x12=60,5x8=40, can be restored to more than half of the blood and nearly half of the amount of magic. Plus treatment of the recovery of the spring, it can be said to completely solve the problem of recovery. After the recovery of the spring will be used to enter the CD, can not be used in a short period of time, the treatment of the spring will have CD show that the status bar on the side of the hero avatar also has CD display.

online recovery to ensure the long-term significance of

1. Lai line, providing combat capability, eat, walk back to the open group

2. arrests support recovery to avoid waste of time, often lose the rhythm of

3. second chance in a minority of cases, can quickly recover into battle

though fast, small map, a horse after being consumed war, many people often do not pay attention to keep the state. Clear line throw on a variety of skills, put yourself to line mang wave residue. Without a state immediately after the water to go back, this is the wrong idea. First online state of good, to ensure that the fight at any time and any time, the other walk is also a greater chance of survival, when the team is also able to have a capital support. The residual blood state, is quite easy to kill and be killed by the line, and once the walk on the mission, there is no fight of the capital. To go to the line and recovery at least twenty seconds, while the time difference can cause teeth pulled out or walk to support the teammate was, which lost the battle and active rhythm. The mechanism of open group, if the spring to early treatment of consumption to enter the CD, the pull is crippled, not in the back case auxiliary milk, only to a choice not to fight back to the residual blood is sent, less people and beat. Therefore, it is of great significance to correctly master the recovery of the line.

use of

1. skills on the lines of his opponent out of the line of soldiers, so that the opponent can not eat the ball.

2. on the line of the opponent to play the residual, forcing the opponent to use the recovery of the spring. The mage soldiers position

3. attention to the line, which can eat the ball, if pressed badly, can put the line into the front ball safe to eat.

4. precise control mechanism in time mechanism before refresh is crippled, to recover through the city, retaining spring treatment.

5. uses a recovery spring, CD, using the skills and ensure their own consumption of not less than 50% of the amount of blood magic in two minutes, and then water recovery.

6. by eating the ball to ensure life, is to use the skills and fight blood guarantee line.

may not be very clear on the above. First is the issue of their own recovery. The first small recovery to rely on the ball to solve the line of blood rejection skills can basically rely on the ball to supplement, because the ball is infinite and without CD, is a long-term recovery. At the same time the recovery effect of the ball even in the state of full blood can also be obtained, after eating the ball can be thrown a little skill consumption, but also can absorb a little bit of damage. And the ball can be shared, the range is quite large, eat in the ball must also pay attention to the team to share, the so-called Liu Qiu et al., before the ball did not disappear can wait or signal his teammates, teammates near. Second treatment of the use of the spring, the recovery of the ball is smaller, and is not stable enough, in the residual blood is recovered through drinking water, and the recovery of the spring water is quite large, has been close to 50 of the recovery. In the line on the need to pay attention to ensure that their state is not less than 50%, in particular, some rely on the ability to eat a hero, the line if crazy to consume the amount of light, then the group war is a senior infantry. While some do not only need to pay attention to the hero of a blue blood on it. The treatment of spring is not to say that the state can drink the residue, because this is an online recovery means, is to grab the battle group to ensure the most fundamental mechanism recently, at the early stage of grab mechanism before try not to use the treatment of spring, the first on the ball, second by third, go back. If there is residual blood, so would rather not to consume the fountain for future treatment, grab mechanism. The treatment of spring CD is 120 seconds, master CD, which in the wartime spring is CD good, after this is consumed to drink again. The use of skills and on the same line, in the use of the water within two minutes of CD to maintain their own state of not less than 50, or that in CD time not kill and cripple the good condition, then you can achieve seamless life by spring.

against the other side of the recovery, the first is the line consumption of the opponent, the opponent to play, while forcing the other party can not eat. The second is to force the opponent to drink, let the other early consumed Healing Stream of CD, this one in the back of the battle group is more than the other means of recovery and fighting ability. Third unplug the incisors, threatening in the fortress of priority, the other side of the spring to the treatment, so that the other party will lose the recovery means a range of water can only walk to the team more time difference. Similarly, to protect their own water, especially outside the fort springs, is an important means of early recovery, for some large map, on a point in the spring did not, in the vicinity of grab mechanism and play group is quite passive, can not afford to consume, the residual blood supply can not be empty blue return to the city, only let off mechanism, otherwise it will feed feeding mechanism to send rhythm.

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