"Filial piety money" was to return to the father in law to kill the infertile daughter-in-law

Daughter in law father in law relative murder

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2016 February 15th, Shenyang 72 year old a million at the calendar is "everything down, he decided to kill the daughter-in-law.

because the daughter-in-law can not bear the family life and money, the father of the heart of resentment and produce the idea of killing daughter-in-law.

2016 Spring Festival, the daughter to the father and mother of 1000 yuan of money, but the father said he was going back to 400 yuan, which made him very angry, decided to kill his daughter. "

on the eighth day," ready "hidden in the door after the father-in-law daughter-in-law, daughter-in-law to go home after he pulled out a knife … …

did not work a day was found dead at home in the

40 year old A Ying to work in a kindergarten of Hunnan District of Shenyang City, is the uncle of kindergarten dean.

2016 years in February 16th as early as 8:30 Xu, the uncle to see the Ying has not yet work, give a clever call, but no one answered the phone, the family went to the house, the door is also no one to knock on the door.

had not happened, so I think there may be danger in what ah Ying's house, and went to the lock and unlock, alarm to 110 and 119, Wang tested two no open the door, after 110 police and 119 officers and soldiers to the scene will be forced open the door. "Uncle et al after the house and saw A Ying lying face down on the south side of the bedroom on the ground, one arm under pressure in the head, the other arm bending pressure in the clothes, there is blood dove head position on the ground, some have done.

objects in the room normally placed, are not signs of turning, then 120 emergency personnel and forensic, confirm aying has died, the police blocked the scene. Your money is going back to the

part of

identified a resentment intensified, "Ying Department of lifetime suffer a sharp neck wound left internal jugular vein rupture and thoracic aortic arch caused by stab wound off half lead to acute bleeding to death".

two days after the arrest of suspects, so many people sigh. Killed a clever man was 72 years old father-in-law.

Ying's husband said he and her husband married in 1998, after marriage, the feelings are very good, his father had some money because of the family chores and a little can not have children's things expressed dissatisfaction with A Ying.

her mother also confirmed that a million of the children can not have had a child.

a million after appearing in court said, because aying cannot give birth and some money on household chores, made him resent Ah Ying, "probably had killed the idea in 2015 December, ying. The Spring Festival in 2016, Ying to our old two 1000 yuan of money but also to honor, after relatives pay New Year's call afraid not enough money on the grounds, going back to 400 yuan from my hand, it makes me very angry, then decided to kill ah ying. "

New Year's day he personally killed the daughter

" in order to kill A Ying, I'm ready. "One said, he bought a hat with a black grey two piece suit jacket, blue peaked cap, and prepare the crime with masks and gloves, also prepared a 25 cm long knife. In February 15th

2016, a million count day is "everything down, think that killing aying can be realized, and on the same day at 16:10 PM a taxi to the Hunnan district south gate, in an instant, A Ying has just gone through a million hiding south bedroom door, a million door suddenly from out, while aying unawares. From the left hand behind A Ying's right hand over his mouth, pulled out a knife … …

in the bathroom hand basin washing knife, a million mop body on both sides have stepped on the local drag drag.

to create the illusion of a million after the taxi to the Yingchengzi around the circle, trying to evade investigation and monitoring shooting of public security organs.

after a million and a taxi back to the house, put off the previous black jacket to wear blue, the peaked cap off, put on the blue hat, then leave the area to take a taxi home.

understanding of the families of victims old won the life

back home, ventilation million knife bent into the toilet, put the clothes off, carefully check found no blood, do not worry will take off clothes again, the masks, gloves, peaked cap and yellow bag to cut up, together with the garbage, trash thrown downstairs in second days. February 18th, ten thousand captured by the public security organs.

court held that the defendant Wan intentional unlawful deprivation of life, causing a person to die, its behavior has constituted the crime of intentional homicide. The defendant and the victim of a million o Ying Department of energy-saving, a million of intentional homicide, serious consequences, should be severely punished, but in view of the case, the family conflicts, the defendant age is 72 years old, did not make possible, and actively compensate the families of victims of the economic losses, get the victim's understanding is, be punished for million a lighter.

Shenyang City Intermediate People's Court of first instance verdict: the defendant guilty of intentional homicide and sentenced to life imprisonment, deprived of political rights for life.

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Liaoshen Evening News reporter Yang Fan Shenyang

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