4 year old boy fell into a large area of soup bucket hip burns

Burns hip teacher kindergarten Miao Miao

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Align= >4岁男童掉进汤水桶 臀部大面积烫伤


4岁男童掉进汤水桶 臀部大面积烫伤

Guangxi Nanning city public Deng is the same, because the job is busy, he put children at the age of 4 when sent to a child called to take care of the kindergarten. However, in some time ago, an accident happened, obviously in the kindergarten unfortunately burned. The nursery into barrels, 4 year old boy waist buttock large area scald "center" >4岁男童掉进汤水桶 臀部大面积烫伤


although it is the weekend, Mr Tang's 4 year old son, I did not like the other kids, enjoy the weekend leisure time, but only lying on the bed with the lower half light, a lie all day. All of this happens, have an accident in November 23rd when Fudelu Edison kindergarten occurred in speaking.

when father Deng electric school said: "the teacher eleven dozen sent me a WeChat, I may not return, may hit my wife phone, my wife told me to hurry back, said my son was burned."

4岁男童掉进汤水桶 臀部大面积烫伤

according to the diagnostic report issued by the second people's Hospital of Nanning City, it is two degree burns, burns in the hips and thighs, there are blisters, bubble skin avulsion of the wound area, the area of the body 10%. After Mr. Deng also learned that the son is because he fell into a bucket of hot soup lunch Sheng was scalded.

Deng electric school said: "the doctor said at the time that there will be a scar, worry about it will leave a scar, then a large place, so this time we can not sleep well."

, the director said that they would have negative responsibility, but the specific amount of compensation is no direct answer, she said under the coordination of the press, as soon as possible, will communicate with family members.

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4 year old boy fell into a large area of soup bucket hip burns

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