The influence of UAV on the mechanism of the game in "watchdog 2"

UAV Ubisoft simple mechanism.

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2014 years, "watch dog" on sale. Hackers, monitoring, revenge - a few key words will be simple series from its novel and full of unique style of the world view. Whether or not the end of the finished product is consistent with the expectations of the players, such a topic of the subject is destined to occupy a place in the hearts of the players. 2016, watch dog 2 on sale. I am pleased that "2" is not a continuation of a generation of heavy overcast atmosphere, but turned to a more relaxed and lively contemporary youth culture style.

" game lighthearted style can be seen from the game and play the

mechanism in terms of color, "2" generation is also compared with the obvious progress and innovation, such as a smooth driving feel, such as more remote control a machine, such as more interesting quests and collecting elements. These details enhance really let us see the Ubisoft's sincerity, will let the dog "2" has become a better work. But this article is not the protagonist of them, but in the dog 2 in the stunning debut of the new elements - the small unmanned car, "the jumper" and the four axis aircraft. In my opinion, these two new props as a tonic, not only brought fresh vitality for the "watchdog" series, also really make it different from other games into the sandbox.

family portrait as a famous innovative game manufacturer, Ubisoft has been willing to add some gadgets in their own game. Throughout the recent sale of the Ubisoft game, from the "Assassin's Creed: Lawrence" in the claw to cry: "barbaric era" in owl, emphasis is not a game early propaganda. Hook allows the game player to quickly move to a point, to reduce unnecessary game time to occupy a favorable terrain at the same time; the owl help map the enemy fast game player (and killed several), in order to develop a line of attack. In general, the addition of these new elements does bring a fresh blood to the game - but if you think about it, are they really that important? In any case, the hook or the eagle is just a tool, the purpose of their existence is just to make the game more interesting, more convenient to carry on. In the "two remote control device" in 2 dogs, they seem to jump out of the "tools just icing on the cake" idea, really brought a new play for the game. In the "task 2" in most dogs, only use these two tools to achieve the goal, which should be attributed to the unmanned vehicle guards function - black out circuit terminal, Download storage data, get the wallet and upgrade point... It can be said that the protagonist can do things, most of the car can be completed. Class= img_box "

this will provide a new idea for the game; remote non contact to complete the task. That is to say, the leading role does not need to enter the mission area at all. He just needs to comfortably sit out of unmanned vehicle, and then let it help you shuttle in the dangerous area. In recent years the sandbox into the category of games, no one to provide such a game player play experience. So in the middle of the game, the two remote devices to provide me with a sense of freshness, to mobilize the desire to continue to play. At this point, I must admit that Ubisoft's innovative spirit finally used by the department.

"watchdog 2" the story happened in San Francisco. As everyone knows, the San Francisco region is a typical hilly terrain, steep terrain, this allows the group to make some effort in the selection task took place on. If we consider the high-rise buildings, then this will become a problem.

" game in this kind of stair is common

in the complex geographical environment, if the game player also like the same generation using a camera slowly to get information, so as to enhance the game time, game player who will feel more and more impatient. In this case, the four axis UAV appears to provide a very good solution to this problem. In the "dog", the UAV can rise to a higher altitude. At this altitude, the world seems to have a panoramic view. With its own scanning and certain access function, we can easily obtain considerable information, so as to formulate a suitable route to sneak into the. Then we can put the UAV back, then "jump", with mission complete. I have reason to believe that in the Ubisoft two unmanned device set is under a certain amount of effort, because with the increase of the progress of the play, game player will increasingly find it both with a seamless heavenly robe is so. Responsible for the planning of UAV aerial route, "jump into" and in accordance with the plan to complete the task, this will constitute the core gameplay of the game. This core gameplay ideas are clear, clear logic, complete enough to be satisfactory. This is one of the driving force that drives me to write down this article.

if the above performance is in the game mechanism design advantages, then I have to say the following may be a little subjective factors. To know, "watch dog 2" is the performance of a group of hackers fall in love with the story. The production team in order to make the game more in line with this theme, in the game to join a large number of hackers and network culture elements. For example, included in the game interface in the runaway face, such as graffiti everywhere.

" game can be seen in the graffiti

in this environment, "jump" and the UAV is simply a punchline added. If you walk in the street suddenly lost at this time, ordinary people are certainly out of mobile phone start navigation, you have a look of dislike from the backpack and pulled out the uav... This kind of feeling is really too great. Coupled with the "dog 2" in the operation of UAV feel great, "far cry" than the owls do not know where to go higher. This let me have a feeling of poisoning wherever, first took the UAV Pathfinder gabrielle. And as the "dog 2" deputy director in the interview that: the use of unmanned aerial view of the feeling is really great! This feeling only to experience the experience to know, the kind of view of the small mountain is really very cool feeling.

said so much "jump" and the UAV highlights, then also the talk I found in the course of the game has some shortcomings. As mentioned above, two unmanned device functions, most of the tasks can take charge as chief of this is indeed provided, largely innovation for the game. But in turn, this new idea is not really a disadvantage of the game it? To tell the truth, in the late game, I found some problems.

the use of unmanned devices, most of the tasks in the game I can "remote no contact" to complete the task. At the same time, I felt like I was missing something important in the game experience. I have been wondering what is missing until after a certain task has been completed. In this task, the enemy stronghold was heavily guarded in all directions, like an impenetrable fortress like. Class= img_box "

probably... Is this kind of feeling

in another into the game, according to my hand residual urine, this off to spend at least one hour to sneak into the customs clearance (after all, I was able to put all into the game play to "escape" people). But after using the no one, I took the task in a flash. Until this moment, I finally found that this kind of core play in the end what is missing - that is, a sense of tension and a sense of accomplishment. For most of the players who play this game, the ultimate joy of diving is the tension in the process and the accomplishment of the task. Have to say, in the "watchdog 2" in the late I do not know any of the two. The tension into the game to game player is, if the game player is found in into the process, he will face a certain degree of punishment may be forced to face: there may be thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, more direct task failure. Get in the game in the sense of accomplishment comes from the game player: after careful and precise planning operation, with a higher request (not being found) to complete the task, this sense of achievement is another game has not.

" embarrassment, "dog" in 2, making the group using two props is easily destroyed this game experience. Players can control the main characters do not enter the task area to complete the task (most of the tasks), which sounds very handsome. But from another point of view, if the player is operating mistakes, he will not face any punishment, if it is to be considered, the only punishment is probably only an unmanned device will enter the CD. So in the course of the game, most of the time I do not feel nervous, let alone to complete the task of a sense of accomplishment. Actually think carefully, making the original group to join the unmanned devices must also contain a sense of hope to improve the game player on the inside, but with the increase of game time, when they found the game player game flow due to the addition of these two devices become too easy, this feeling gradually fall apart, it is still a bit awkward.

from the other point of view, I have to admit that the addition of these two unmanned devices for the watchdog 2 brought a little bit of imbalance. As mentioned above, taking into account the use of two simple remote control device of remote pass, the protagonist personally sneaked into was not popular. Plus this generation of the enemy's firepower to a certain extent, this is to increase the potential to increase the risk of a disguised form, which also makes the game into the value of a large reduction. I certainly hope that the production team will be able to pass through more ways and the route clearance of the beginning of the heart, but to know that most players will certainly hope that through a more simple, more convenient way to pass. If I put more effort and cost, but get the same results, then why I do not have to pass the low cost way? In fact, this issue has just been on sale of the "shame 2" has been a good solution. In the "2" shame, game player each level, the system will be in a two-dimensional table according to the number of game player was found and kills to game player with clear feedback, which will give the game player enough power to try to pass a different approach. Class= img_box "

taking into account the "watchdog 2" in many of the number of branches, this approach may not be suitable for it. But can the production team encourage players to use more ways to cross the border in another way? For example, according to the time of the use of unmanned devices and the number of times to be found, after clearance to give not the same money and experience of reward and so on. If you believe that this is the case, there will be more players to start trying to use different means of clearance, the game will become more fun experience fun.

in general, by adding "2" watchdog in unmanned device, we can really surprised to find that Ubisoft is working hard to improve the previous two years because of excessive publicity or game quality disappointing due to the poor reputation. I have to admit that although there are some unavoidable drawbacks to the addition of unmanned devices, I do feel the sincerity and the surprise. Compared to the generation trend is similar to the "Assassin's Creed" as a warning for the future, compared to a superficial reform so that I am deeply disappointed "far cry", compared to the kingdom of heaven "Splinter Cell", "watchdog" series of works does appear a lot of highlights, it really makes me feel very happy. It also makes me looking forward to the upcoming release of several Ubisoft games, hope that in the next several works, Ubisoft can bring valuable spirit of innovation in practice, bring more and more good for us!

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