Taiwan rarely respond to the mainland to fly around the F16 anti system

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data figure: Taiwan F-16,

fighter ready for takeoff and 4 military aircraft exploded in 10, in a clockwise direction around the circle in Taiwan, it is within 16 days of second appear similar phenomenon. This front defense ministry officials confirmed that in November 25th, a number of military aircraft had to counter clockwise around the Taiwan circle. Taiwan's Central Daily News Network reported 12 warned that the two opposite direction show obvious flight to Taiwan Liberation Army surrounded the potential, unprecedented, more unthinkable will happen in 8 years before the peaceful development of cross-strait relations, it can not think because Cai Yingwen refused to recognize the "92 consensus", leading to increased cross-strait military confrontation.

guess the future there will be refueling with

12, Taiwan's parliament foreign affairs and national defense committee meeting, the PLA military around Taiwan issues most legislators concern. Defense Minister Feng Shikuan said, "to see the political situation of the first island chain" area, do not deny that the PLA aircraft like flying training intensive will increase, as for the future whether the aircraft, refueling machine with "Liaodi leniency, do not rule out". For the DPP to ask "if the Chinese military aircraft fault landing, what do we do," said Feng Shikuan, Taiwan on the end of the month was on the island for humanitarian relief exercises, if this happens in the future, "now the two sides did not occur under the act of war, we should take the humanitarian attitude to accept, and leave as soon as possible to help to repair". If the future of any one of the aircraft strayed into Taiwan "airspace", "will send fighters close monitoring".

the same day, "the Chiefs" intelligence minister Zhang Yanting, said, according to the Taiwan liberation army training master plan, the implementation of the 4 year from this long voyage, this year's 4 respectively in September 12th, September 25th, November 25th and December 10th, Chengdu is the 6 bombardment group fleet bomber, collocation electronic reconnaissance aircraft. The first two are performed by the naval air force, respectively through the Bashi Channel and Miyako Island channel; after the two by the air force featuring, and for the first time try not to follow the original road returns, and a circle around Taiwan, but did not enter the "Air Defense Identification zone". As for the 4 year long voyage why PLA are concentrated at the end of the year, officials said, at the beginning of May, and then promote military reform coincided, typhoon season, so a delay until the end of the year. United News Network 12 speculation, with the liberation of military reform five war zone system, not necessarily by the theater commander of the army generals as, especially to Taiwan, Japan, Eastern theater, navy and air force play a central role in the air force, so the "faceless", expected next liberation army navy air will follow, and there will be air refueling and even the PLA fighter accompanying fleet would sail to the Western Pacific, and air fighter collocation drills. As for the Liaoning ship and aircraft, Taiwan media said they are still in the training stage, has not sent the "first island chain", is not expected to participate in this series of exercises. Taiwan's defense ministry analysts believe that in mainland China HNA forces to perform around Taiwan flight, is not a problem in technology; the only requirement is that the Japanese military recently and land in the East over the continuous contact, accumulated a lot of friction, "how to show the strength and maintained without splitting, avoid spark a conflict accidentally Beijing, is the only consideration".

Taiwan reacted with different

concern is that the PLA aircraft in 10, again a week around Taiwan, Taiwan's defense ministry in the people's Liberation Army military aircraft landing epoch-making in less than 10 minutes, just released news, later confirmed "defense" Feng world wide day had entered the Heng Mountain command sits. This is quite different from the previous treatment methods in Taiwan. Analysis of Taiwan "executive director" China Strategy Institute Fu Yingchuan said, as long as the past, do not enter the Taiwan Military Air Defense Identification Zone, Taiwan usually low-key, not deliberately sent fighter alert. But this is not only the Taiwan official news release, Feng Shikuan also went to the Heng Mountain headquarters, and ordered the start linkfly performance "counter," clearly cross-strait confrontation situation increased".

"United Daily News" said 12, more worrying is how to adjust the strategy of Taiwan Liberation Army Intelligence announced after the Cai Yingwen administration many ideological teammates, the dream of a new "anti Jihad" day, "there's no denying that these people still have considerable say in green system, whether interference caused by government policy, it is worth observing". For the rumors of the Taiwan military has needle "Lianxiang performance" of the people's Liberation Army, including the "Tiangong" Patriot "missiles and F - 16 fighters have joined the drills, Taiwan's Defense Ministry spokesman denied it, saying" the absolute forces are due to national security, inconvenience that fine day".

's Liberation Army moves to trigger a high degree of concern on the island. The DPP "legislator" Cai to think this is mainly in the mainland, to strengthen the "first island chain" outside the military exercises, has strategic significance, but no military significance, and the matter and "Chuan Cai talk" (U.S. President elect Trump and Cai Yingwen call) not much relevance. The DPP "legislator", Chih Cheng Lo believes that the move to Taiwan in the further political pressure on the possibility of the involvement of other countries and regions to stop.

public opinion is worried by the United States at the expense of

Fu Yingchuan warned that the mainland intensive around Taiwan training, there must be a warning to Taiwan, the future will have a gradual rise against the possible. Focus is still in the 92 consensus, if the United States to abandon a Chinese policy, Cai Yingwen refused to recognize the 92 consensus, the war is bound to come! "

former KMT legislators handsome people 12 days in" Chinese times "wrote that half a month, twice around Taiwan flight, not a single event, but it involves the issue of Taiwan Japan strategic interaction. Trump Cai Yingwen a phone call, sitting close to a stone five birds, the profit, we get what? The United States has no defense treaty, the United States and Taiwan economic interests are far less than the United States and China economic interests, in the world's big board, the United States and the United States is far greater than the United States and Taiwan, we are at the expense of just a matter of time". Next year the cross-strait trade off the high tariff barriers. Taiwan, several large enterprises outside the United States is not to make money, is moved, then, "foreign war" lit "allies" one by one "off", "the Taiwan real is the" Taiwan independence "alone, alone".

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