Xinyi Zhang was accused of prescription the doctor: chilling! Have do check


guangmingwangzonghe· 2016-12-13 19:58:41

遭张歆艺指责乱开药 当事医生:心寒!有做检查

yesterday (December 12th), Xinyi Zhang said he felt dizzy in the dynamic update when shooting, was rushed to the hospital, the doctor looked at without demur directly open the intramuscular injection of A. Xinyi Zhang said it was shocked: "what the problem is not clear direct injection?" But the doctor said: you are not a shot? In this regard, Xinyi Zhang expressed great dissatisfaction. At present, the doctor has come forward to respond, saying that Xinyi Zhang himself said the situation is not entirely consistent.

遭张歆艺指责乱开药 当事医生:心寒!有做检查

the doctor said: "do check, which hospital is not possible to give up without demur." Finally, Xinyi Zhang said as a public figure said that chilling. To let the matter into a dispute.

Xinyi Zhang (data plan)

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