Apple AirPods official website for sale 1288 yuan

Apple booking listing online booking

ITzhijia· 2016-12-13 22:38:15

12 night of Sept. 13, apple AirPods after a few weeks of bouncing, now finally can be booked on the official website, the price is 1288 yuan, now under the latest delivery date for December 22nd.

apple AirPods is listed, the audio signal synchronization, Apple needs to solve AirPods on both sides of earplugs soon, the well-known Apple blogger John · Gruber (John Gruber) refuted this argument, said these problems already to solve the problem after all, AirPods or production is difficult, but at least now, it finally caught up with the Christmas shopping season, for Apple users, this is a good thing, what are you waiting for, go to a predetermined.

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