NS conference will be held in January 2017

Conference cassette remote control Nintendo

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2016-12-13 22:52:16

according to Nintendo's official twitter message, Nintendo's new host NS conference Switch Presentation Nitendo 2017 will start in January 13, 2017 Beijing time at 12 noon.

Nintendo Switch is a removable host, that is when you put the screen with a part on the base, the screen output to the monitor. The base (Switch Dock Nintendo) and the display is connected with the HDMI, the main body is taken off from the base, the host can automatically switch to carry mode, and the picture is directly displayed on the main body.

Joy-Con cancelled new handle cross key, the use of a new direction control key, the biggest feature is removable from the remote control to operate the game. You also with other players, one half, through the NS ontology to play online games. Of course, there will be a traditional handle.

Nintendo Switch cassette as entity game medium, has confirmed that the game will be landing NS is "the legend of Zelda: Wild interest" "dance 2017" heaven "" 10 seasons "Dragon Quest" "Dragon Quest 11", and "color group" and "Mario jet car" new. In addition, Koei Tecmo also announced a series of "Nobunaga no yabou" there will be a NS version of the game, Kadokawa will launch the game on the NS platform. Class= img_box "

what are you looking for NS games?

source: Nintendo official twitter

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