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Wii U on 2015 as one of the most attractive topic of the game, "super Mario made" the biggest selling point is the game player can use a variety of material from the definition of checkpoints, and support between the game player to share with each other, the dissemination of their own unique design level map, which will 2D horizontal version of the form of checkpoints in creativity into full play, but also gives almost the infinite possibility for the game, the game is still a lot of regulars in video program.

is also trying to make 3DS game player to enjoy more fun, but also to the smooth completion of Wii U to NS over Nintendo, before a live broadcast will be announced popular game will be part of Wii U transplanted to the 3DS platform, and the 3DS version of "super Mario" is one of the first works. This makes a lot of curiosity on the game has long been a handheld game player to try, but from "high performance" platform to the relatively low performance of the platform in the transplant process is more or less will shrink to a certain extent, Nintendo should not only ensure the original works to maximize, also let the game player to feel "proletarian" in the game experience of compromise, but the choice of "super Mario 3DS can hardly be avoided, making" clearly on this issue do not ideal.

" textbook official preset level

although we saw before the video website of all DIY God coquettish performance, but at the beginning of the game stage game player are not the first time to be in full swing level construction, because in the initial manufacturing interface as little as basic material, to unlock most of the "building materials" must be from the beginning, that is the experience of dozens of levels of official preset.

"Mario made" chose Mario long historical evolution process more representative of the four 2D version of the cross checkpoints are FC early works: "shining memory temple in super Mario Bros. game player"; the version spanning two generations the host has multiple year version of the "super Mario Brothers 3" orthodox series; Fourth "super Mario world" and a new era of "new super Mario Bros. U". With the progress of the times, uncle Mario is not only the appearance of more and more beautiful, the foundation of the running jump action, change the way, the operation skills and content content can also be said to be different.

"Forever's first super Mario manufacturing 3DS" official preset level is a through time 2D Mario Museum, in the past to re create the material level, will experience a memory game player is a new adventure reconstruction in your familiar to familiar BGM accompaniment, encountered a pit in the level to the pit organ and the enemy, let you pick up the line of instant reaction again and life time of their skills tricky jump in the package. In addition to these levels

itself has a high degree of difficulty, they returned to the game player set up two additional conditions, the conditions can be understood as the recent generation of stars in the collection that additional difficulty in the original level, for example, the museum has stepped off cool Li Po or tortoise, not in back (don't press the left) under the condition of clearance and so on... After the mid game would not have been easy to control more difficult, for next year launch of the new host Nintendo, may also wish to use this "because I exercise TM dead impulse anger wrestling machine anger" way to make 3DS sales continued on a wave.

" each with a variety of restrictions to challenge the official

game player can put these levels so that the game player for this as a simple version of the cross pass through the Mario game, can also accept the case teaching level design in which, at the same time to unlock the material to understand recommend these elements in the game's position and may have the effect, then we can go out in the real level design.

kill one thousand and one methods Mario

3DS version of "Mario" the level editor is simple and practical, the touch screen under the screen on all of the available functions and basic material, through the selection, click, placement and pull can complete the design of your mind. The player can choose the basic age of the four games provided, to determine the "screen" after the material will be generated in accordance with the selected era of the corresponding "pixels" or "game"". The basic rules of "super Mario manufacturing" is regardless of your level kichiku or utterly devoid of conscience must guarantee that can pass, to be qualified acceptance, who never end or the end of a design will not be adopted. In the design and manufacture for game player screen on the screen will sync preview, click the test immediately after operation can jump height, placement, trap location, arrangement of enemy combat effect, help us adjust at any time.

background can be a key to switch

should say, "the greatest charm of Mario" link level design lies in "super high free to victory" and deliberately plan to kill other game player of the deep pit "sinister", this combination of creativity and let the malicious realized the possibility of a sense of unlimited play, you never know in another game player's mind and touch pen will be born under what fans of the "pit goods".

" is similar to the retarded design is certainly not

with the homemade level high degree of freedom often exist in different design achievement and experience, such as we are familiar with the "my world" and "the world of others as though the official demonstration game with a large number of excellent design, but the ability level of the game player or not, it will cause some people lack of ability in the game" manufacturing "link up. The version of WiiU on this issue, because we can download free hot points and get the perfect solution to other game player, some game player even he never moved brick by brick, but also in the custom level unlimited tour, experience and challenge the limit level slaughter people. The 3DS version has made concessions on the core content of this key, which has become the most dissatisfied with the current version of the players place.

" in the end is one of the world's no better

"super shark's fin shark's fin rice Mario made" 3DS version of the problem, although the game player can be made in the game level, but can not be uploaded to the official server, but also did not like the Wii U. To search and experience a particular level. This is played or seen people play U Wii version of the player, it is simply an excuse to not forgive the castration. Wii U version of the "Mario" has been able to create a reputation myth in the host poor sales situation, because in addition to the rich pleasures of the game itself, sharing mechanism of the system makes the game in some way to become a "Mario enthusiasts geek community". Game player who can focus on those excellent map makers, follow their latest work, each map has made clearance statistics, in order to stimulate the enthusiasm of later challenges, and in the process of game player will gradually learn skills and heart more editing level, make oneself gradually grow into a "qualified" the level designer.

, the 3DS version is not the most cool

3DS version for a variety of reasons to cancel a custom map server upload, only allows the game player to implement custom level sharing via 3DS to wipe the shoulder function for the domestic game player, what this means is self-evident. In this way, let those who are willing to begin the game player made out of hard work but not the stage show; and for those who are not good at making themselves, but for others works full of curiosity, nor any game player, update their game library. In order to make up for the regret, online "hundreds" mode have been retained, some homemade level here game player can challenge the WiiU period selected, appreciate the wisdom and malicious creators on the game can give, in my opinion is more like a rain equitably charity, virtually cut off 3DS game player to provide wisdom and creativity for the series to channel.

" on the other hand, the 3DS version of the level model, some of the Wii U version of the available material has been canceled, so that as a major selling point of the model is to be the lack of a sense of presence, in the name of "manufacturing" two words a feel hurt. Another point is that the operation, 3DS's cross key and joystick in the face of those "very difficult" time (the game is not a lack of) will be a little too much. The video game player who knows the challenges Wii U version of the high level with the classic handle, not to the end you will never guess what will happen next and ghost, and that because of the aging rocker slow tempo acid cool is not what a pleasant gaming experience. The

3DS version of many awkward

objectively, the 3DS version of "Mario" is because the relationship between the content of manufacturing castration affects the game's reputation, will be from Wii U after transplant "yarn" Yoshi has also made a new version of the old 3DS 3DS 60 frames, 30 frames of "pre show, but the actual game the contents can be reduced a few also because" Mario "made the" record "and hit the mark.

" in the name of "manufacturing" under the banner of the game most often play a

or official preset levels had a very good game, because removing the topic content and discounted, called "manufacturing" at the same time, game player in the game to play the most is the official version of the cross pass through the checkpoint, even if they have good creative designs can take out the "deceptive"; online "hundred group model" for the domestic game player and must face less friendly network environment, rub shoulders communication exchange DIY maps themselves in this way. No problem what may be in Japan, but in China I am afraid we do not enjoy too much surprise ". Class= img_box "

what the ghost! Ask you to lie not to panic? Perhaps

should be understood as Nintendo, still want to let the game player as a conventional horizontal version of Mario enter the game to experience in most of the time, "manufacturing" link is just a local exercise or tret Test Editor Wii U, game player can ignore the. 3DS game player if the word behind, there must be NS power enhanced version and the future of the "super Mario 2". Regardless of the success or failure of the 3DS version, this semi original series has no need to prove its potential and value, which is already confirmed on the U Wii version. Some start with the 3DS version of the player is also with a curiosity or for a portable attitude to buy, rather then by the original heat, with the official version of the original version of the original version for the future of the full upgrade to warm up. Conclusion:

in "elf treasure dream: after day / month" trend, Nintendo 3DS will inevitably enter the evening, this time it is hard to see the best of the first game, "super Mario" positioning 3DS version itself determines his limited performance opportunities, usually things smoothly or you have a friend to play the game player can start to consider.

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Name: Super Mario 3DS

type: cross action version of

platform: 3DS

manufacturer: Nintendo

score: 7.0/10


+ U Wii will be hot game to the 3DS platform

+ excellent design, challenging the official checkpoints and "hundreds" of

+ four era Mario provides creative material

great disadvantage:

- part picture has shrunk significantly

- game ideas to share links to upload homemade castration serious

- levels than the WiiU version, you cannot search for popular content

Author: 201

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