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Anchor make money channel China and the United States

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recently saw a domestic spy agencies to do "95 fans of the employment outlook" report on big data, surprised to find: emerging occupation list for most after 95, 54% of the respondents were eager to engage in live anchor. According to Bloomberg news reports, the number of Chinese anchor has long been more than a million, while half of the users (350 million) have watched live.

" was recognized in the "spy surprise anchor" the occupation quickly widely, but its popularity is very good understanding of the outside world: first of all, people think that this job is very easy, just need to play the game to sing out to eat to eat. At the same time, and then open the camera will do (however spy in months technology anchor experience with you: in fact, very tired very hard!) Secondly; eye-catching - see, see you live and you tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands people interact, is not very bright feeling to become a star?

but the most important reason is that the high - income seems to host a monthly income of one hundred thousand hundreds of millions of years into commonplace. For example, with "I am the league's Sao Sao pig" Huobian network anchor PDD, has been blasting the signing panda TV, Crestron generous within three years 120 million reward, not including advertising and other activities of the platform "hearthstone" income; anchor president and board Niang, also had to quit teeth three 1 hundred million years of treatment.

these data is actually a big water. The first platform false treatment and belongs to the popular open secret in the industry (a former occupation player for the first time live 1 billion 300 million people watched all the jokes out); followed by the anchor brokerage company bluntly: a monthly income of one hundred thousand most do not anchor in the platform and signed the basic salary is very low, not fame started under the condition of no endorsement, anchor in fact belong to "low income class". Today a decision from the U.S. industry live chat, introduce this line anchor how to make money income geometry, then we control again doing the analysis of domestic situation.

agents understand: live according to the content of the general classification, games, and entertainment show three. Addicted to the game agent decided to Twitch for the analysis of the case, we can regard it as the "Betta TV". When used in live completely not fire, spy on Twitch at Union Hill Hill in duplicate; now will see the game live on it.

said the first few facts about Twitch: Twitch is the game broadcast based broadcast platform, now has approximately 1 million 700 thousand visitors per month in the host game; one hundred million; Amazon Co spend $970 million acquisition of Twitch in 2014. Now go to the Twitch

agent count, 11 on Monday morning, about 800 thousand people to watch live online, real-time screenshot below: watching the highest number is "hero alliance", 150 thousand of the audience. Followed by Dota 2, the number of nearly 100 thousand. Class= img_box "

anchor and the domestic as divided into two kinds: technology and entertainment type. The former 2 players such as Dota Saahil "UNIVeRsE" Arora, 2015 Dota 2 Ti 5 champion, with a sharp Twitch technology in the harvest many fans support. And their strength is not hard enough, they have both jokes, and the audience interaction, the game process, such as a number of features to explain a number of features to attract people. Class= img_box "content_img_p" id= "id_imagebox_2" class= =''>


attract popularity is the first step, then how to turn the popularity of it?

first of all, we say that the United States platform to do and China did not do a bit, is to pay subscription. Anchor once through the Twitch certification can be launched subscribe (subscription) model, and then fans will be able to spend $5 per month subscription anchor channel. Paying customers to be able to enjoy some special benefits, such as free advertising, special chat chat channel and subscribers. This subscription revenue, according to the discussion on the Reddit, is the anchor and Twitch 55 is divided into; but as the number of subscriptions increased, anchor can get a higher proportion. So one anchor can accumulate 2000 fans, then only one month's income is quite impressive, more than the U.S. median income.

why China's broadcast platform can not start a paid subscription model? Here. Just say a little of their own ideas. Twitch was founded in 2011, has accumulated a lot of loyal users. Viewers in the process of watching live, believe that a host can continue to produce the level of output content, they are willing to pay support. After all, pay TV channels in the United States is also the norm, so we have to live on the basis of the comparison of the channel.

in Chinese, live nearly two years as a new product, content production is uneven, the live effect is not stable, have not cultivate the habit of user fees emboldened. In addition, Twitch paid subscription offer chat priority benefits, domestic broadcast platform can be obtained by fans, to anchor a reward, such as tiger fans have always gifts for the "vest, wearing a vest can have more right to speak.

popularity of the realization of the second sources, is a fan of the play and gifts, this is very common at home and abroad. I still remember the small in the world of Warcraft, union a druid high play in Twitch live, anger to the union buddies show a live one night -- their present income is $500. We have praise li.

in twitch, called "Donate", you can set the amount of your own play and give anchor messages, as well as the effect of the screen to play a reward. Twitch set a $4.2 amount, more than this number will be sent to the broadcast on the screen to send a notice to ensure that the anchor will not miss this hit reward information.

can be sure: more than $1000 reward is a huge sum of money. YouTube on a about 4000000 play video, recorded under the anchor who saw a huge hit the wrong response. A $7000 reward to see love, laugh and cry for five minutes, and then in the room to jump stop; then

a male anchor game saw a $10 thousand reward dumbfounded, in addition to ask "why? Why? Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah. There is a girl received $1000 incoherent, direct tears collapse.

anchor received a great difference in the amount of reward. But it is surprising: in a media survey, all the interviews anchor said: play a reward is the bulk of their income sources. This is not the same as the domestic situation. For example, the "hero alliance" anchor 55 open (former royal family single) gave fans saw him two months the total income is 320 thousand yuan gift fish, although the amount is very high, but with tens of millions of platform contract fees is not compared to what. - such a contrast, see foreign fans are more willing to spend money, whether it is a gift to pay or pay subscription.

third revenue channels from the Twitch advertising commission. Anchor people can choose: live in their own break space, so that the use of Twitch broadcast between the use of advertising, and then get part of the advertising revenue. Because Twitch kept strictly confidential to the distribution of income, a variety of inquiries, can only determine the point: this part of the income is very limited.

large number of fans also means that the high value of advertising. Anchor live platform can choose to make and sell their own brand products, but also can cooperate with other advertisers. Twitch is very encouraged to anchor sales activities, such as selling t-shirts and the like on the Teespring. Teespring is a partner of Twitch, anchor who only need to design their own T-shirt style pattern, and then put the T-shirt hanging in the broadcast between the advertising, the rest of the work can be handed over to Teespring.

Twitch has 1 million 500 thousand fans of the game anchor Lirik (recently playing the "watch pioneer"), has been designed to sell a $23 T-shirt and sold 7000. And Teespring said: anchor selling a T-shirt can earn $18 to $12. So, we take a median of 15, to do a math problem: 7000*15=? The

anchor have already inspired by Taobao, and backed by a good shade, some people sigh four or five Taobao stores, men's women's peripheral generation playing what are selling snacks, and revenues. Undercover agents to see this year double eleven, the famous "grassroots" anchor Dong Xiaosa posted on micro-blog, bluntly sold 1 million 400 thousand drag...

... If the anchor to make it a little easier, and on the choice of advertisers, as long as the brand advertising hanging in the studio, with the mouth to get advertising advertising. The spy found: American gaming anchors most love promotion headset, game keyboard and handle their own use of the game peripherals, these valuable products are manufacturers provide free, some extra promotion expenses; and they love the most anchor beauty beauty products - anyway, and their related live content a high degree of commodity. There is also a "cash back" advertising, is hanging on the big web site in the studio, including Amazon and commercial website, as long as the user from the point in, consumption in a certain period of time, more than 4% can be obtained from the host.

and domestic, big brands may also hold a wait-and-see attitude of doubt and broadcast advertising value, so all kinds of things tend to anchor their endorsement, promotion of various Mobile Games is not the thing, the spy also met a lot of selling fake fake fake Apple shoes table....

... Overall, as long as it has more than 10 thousand the fans on Twitch, or 1000 subscribers can subscribe by user fees, fans gift, advertising into, sell things and endorsements five channels to obtain high income? This is not the case. Who can seemingly anchor broadcast platform, but to this occupation even earn high income, the threshold is very high, which reflects the high requirements in the anchor of own energy, platform and fans of the three aspects, the three complement each other.

, for example, if you want to become a partner of the Twitch open subscription channel, must meet two conditions: live at least three times a week (usually not less than 4 hours), while watching the number of not less than 500 people, it is not easy to reach the goal. According to a sample survey in 2015: Twitch on more than 900 "Heroes union" anchor, only 34 people can get more than 500+ watch, which is only half of the audience can have more than 1000 online. Only to achieve a thousand figures, the anchor can really get a higher income from the advertising endorsements and other projects. And those big anchor, you can get hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual income, but the total number of eyes is really very small.

the domestic situation is similar. In the millions of anchor, the real one pointed Pyramid people attracted media reported swarming, hundreds of thousands of years one hundred thousand monthly income, but the income of the water not to mention, the number to anchor this degree is less than 100, divided by the base probability ratio through the college entrance examination admitted to Tsinghua University and many small (the total number of the national college entrance examination in 2016 9 million 400 thousand, North Qing combined enrollment of more than 4000).

no matter Chinese or the United States, want to be a live anchor, gain popularity, fame and rich income, has been a tough competition bridge like thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers. This article from the

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