Li Chen opened a noodle shop, a bowl of beef noodles thirty dollars

Li Chen beef noodles noodle consumption

tanzi· 2016-12-14 05:59:41

- the good days, online carnival, the line will follow crazy, Li Chen is at exactly the good days in Beijing, Chaoyang District, her own restaurant opened the ribbon.

Li Chen as an investor, is also a hands-on, although Fan Bingbing is not to add to the fun, but the atmosphere is good.

" with Li Chen's platform, customers also come to see so many people to eat noodles, Li Chen is happy with the champagne.

the scene crying over, and go to micro-blog after the call, Pan Jinlian once a month, Li Chen finally released their own advertising.

" in one hand and a hamburger, a holding Youpo surface, it seems quite an appetite, but this write too stiff.

" however, eat melon and will not care about the masses, Li Chen's appeal is still very powerful, a water man ran away to eat noodle.

Li Chen restaurant decoration style is very simple, very spacious, not a luxury, is playing the Shaanxi pasta gimmick.

" but the problem is that the price is a little expensive, have released a small noodle meal list, a bowl of beef noodles, to sell thirty dollars, and a bowl of egg noodles to twenty-five.

" as Youpo surface is such that the dishes, a large bowl, but slightly less weight, insipid, to tell the truth I have no appetite of what.

" and the hamburger is not where to go, the meat inside out, a dozen blocks to sell, and feel on the side of a small cart.

" as for the taste, mixed, some people do not feel good is not authentic, some people think that delicious soup is finished, but the star of the shop are almost like this, the price is expensive, but also not good.

Li Chen this noodle shop, the per capita consumption of more than and 40, now just opened the business is very hot, but the star aura is just a gimmick, only the taste is based on the book, make the people's money is not easy. Class= img_box "content_img_p" id= "id_imagebox_11" class= =''>


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