Parents should have the courage to teach their children to be humble.

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early childhood education network pointed out that most parents know how to cultivate children's frank, easy-going and other virtues. But the mention of humility, a lot of people do not know where to start, do not know how to start, do not know why to do so. Many parents don't even know what modesty. They think humility is: you know you are very clever, but just want to prove that they are stupid. That is not humility, it is insanity, it is out of the reality. If this is done, even if the original intention is good, it can only explain the spirit is not normal.

no, humility is simple. A humble person is not only interested in his own things, but also shows interest in others. Humility means that when you meet a new friend, you don't have to talk about the project you have to work on, but it's going to take a lot of time to get to know each other. It means, when others speak, you will really listen, really understand each other, rather than blindly give yourself a plan to fight. Humility means allowing others to express their views, rather than blindly instill their own point of view to others. And, to put these practices slowly into a habit. Class= img_box "

humility is the constant expansion of self consciousness. If a child is used "genius" "excellent" vocabulary, so parents need not worry about his lack of self-confidence, but to worry about, his sense of self as the expansion continues, in the age of 20~25 and what are the consequences.

a lot of parents can't tell pride and courage, just like many parents mistakenly think that modesty is one thing. Having the courage means that you are fully aware of the risks and limitations of your existence, but you are still determined to move on. But the self - conscious expansion of people, simply do not realize their own shortcomings, it is impossible to have an excellent performance in the interview. And those who really know how to listen to young people, it is more likely to get the favor of the interviewer.

if a person knows how to be grateful, then his life will be more satisfied, more satisfied, more happy. Because humility, so people will be grateful, appreciate and meet, and to meet is the key to happiness.

in the "tall, right", to teach children to learn humility, really need courage, but you may not get a lot of support. So, what should I do? In this era, the other parents are desperately trying to make their children's self-confidence expansion, how do you educate their children to move forward with humility?

first of all to let the children do housework. Let the children make the bed, wash the dishes, feed the pet, set the table, and clean the room.

Bess · Fayyad children at the age of 4, even in less than 4 years old when he began to help. "When they're still out, they're going to help us. They can, for example, be dusting. I will say to them, 'see what I do. Then it will be your task. " So, by the age of 4, they really can help. No mystery. "

children have a duty to do housework, you must ask their children to do some housework. If you do not let the children do housework, parents are in fact issued such a signal: your time is too valuable, should not be wasted on housework. This signal is easy to be distorted as: you are too important, should not reduce the identity to do housework. Although this is not the original intention of the parents, but such a signal will make the child's self awareness rapid expansion.

second, to limit the time the child uses social media.

even if the children are able to use social media properly, there is no internet violence, there is no sex information, social media itself is relative to the culture of humility. Social media users are mainly children and adolescents, the main purpose is to self promotion. Look, I'm at the party. I'm having a high. Look, I'm dressing up for the prom. Look, I'm picking my nose with my fingers. "Look at me! "Come to watch! "It's all about yourself and your own.

social media can indeed be used to cause social concern for the poor and the homeless and other vulnerable groups. However, many children use social media is not in order to pay attention to vulnerable groups. Many parents will be in strict accordance with the book to do, the children still don't respect them, and they still did not close, or arrogant, or continue to provoke parental authority.

turn off all kinds of equipment, take the children to the woods for a walk, go hiking, go hiking, go camping! When night falls, pull the child's hand, let her look up at the sky. Tell her how vast the universe is, how small the earth is! That is the reality, it is the perspective of the.

teach children to learn humility, which is the primary responsibility of family education.

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