How to protect the eyes of the baby? The baby eye small coup

Baby mother diet coup

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today, more and more common electronic devices, even the children have a mobile phone. And the use of electronic equipment is the most afraid of eye injury, want to protect the eyes of the child, the mother must start from the baby. How to protect the eyes of the baby?

", a supplementary eye nutrient

1. Alfa Alfa

linolenic acid linolenic acid is an important component of brain cells and retinal cells, it can promote fetal and neonatal brain cell development, promote the formation of retinal rhodopsin, improve intelligence and vision the fetus and newborn, reduce fetal and neonatal neural tube malformation and the incidence of birth defects in various.

in pregnancy, expectant mothers should pay attention to Alfa's intake of flax acid. In the normal diet, the daily need to add an additional 1000 mg Alfa flax acid is appropriate.

2. vitamin A

if a lack of vitamin A, there will be a night blindness. It is an important raw material for the synthesis of vitamin A and rhodopsin rhodopsin, is a kind of sensitive material, found in the retina of the eye.

expert advice: daily intake of 1200 micrograms of pregnant women. Pregnant women, in addition to increasing intake from food, the daily need to add a special supplement of 500 micrograms of.

3. taurine

taurine can improve the visual function, promote the development of the retina, taurine can also protect the retina, conducive to the development of visual receptors, improve visual function. And taurine baby in vivo synthesis ability is poor, need to rely on the supply of.

so, mothers in pregnancy after four months, the best daily supplement of 20mg.

4. vitamin B1 vitamin B

and vitamin B2 is one of the nutrition source of visual nerve. If vitamin B1 deficiency, eye fatigue. If vitamin B2 deficiency, easy to cause keratitis.

vitamin B can be supplemented by food, as long as the internal organs 50 ~ 100 grams, can meet the needs of pregnant mothers day of vitamin B2.

, two child eye

1. ironing head: let the children every day in the morning or before bed, take a sitting or standing, eyes closed, two palm fast friction to hot, and then quickly in her eyes, then the eyes will feel warm, so repeated several times through the meridians, improve blood circulation around the eyes. Purpose:

2. bath with hot water, hot towels or steam smoked the child's eyes, 1~2 times a day, every 5 minutes or so, can be combined with face, drink hot water, also can be used for chrysanthemum, bamboo and Chinese medicine decoction, hot smoked eye, when the water temperature drops and then to wash eyes heat eyesight.

3. eye exercises: let the children develop the habit of doing eye exercises, in the eye after a certain period of time, to let the child, let the eye rest for a while.

4. turn off the lights to go to bed: there are medical research that infants and young children do not turn off the lights, will increase the possibility of their suffering from myopia. No matter how much the child, be sure to turn off the lights to sleep, if you really need to have a light, you can buy a nightlight not dazzling on bed.

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