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is 1: morning sickness vomit not stop, the fetus will have problems? Dr.

said, according to the statistics, more than half of the pregnant women in the first three months of pregnancy (before 12 weeks) will have obvious symptoms of morning sickness, some people may just smell some odor, or a food immediately spit it out, however, most of the people will be in three months after getting back to normal and only a handful of people could have serious hyperemesis gravidarum, must spit into the hospital, or the entire pregnancy does not stop vomiting.

for the vast majority of pregnant women, pregnancy is one of the most common symptoms of mother and fetus has no effect on health, so that mothers can relax. In addition, the mother does not need to worry about food, spit light, will not affect the fetus's absorption of nutrients, because, in early pregnancy, fetal development and maternal eat much food have great relevance, unless the mother hardly eat, must be hospitalized, otherwise can be assured.

1. to meet the need to close the "morning sickness" troubled by the ordinary heart.

2. a small amount of multi meal.

3. away from the taste of the do not like to avoid greasy food.

4. don't sit down or lie down immediately after meals.

5. in the morning to eat a few slices of toast or biscuits.

difficult 2: how to eat during pregnancy is good?

modern people afraid of excess nutrients, rarely worry about malnutrition, therefore, maternal diet first weight balanced meals, not picky eaters, and avoid overeating. As long as the normal diet, nutrition will be enough.

to establish an increase in food

1. early pregnancy can be more intake of foods rich in folic acid, can avoid the deformity of the nerve defect. Food: green vegetables, liver, yeast, beans, citrus fruits, etc..

2. pregnant women a day the appropriate calcium intake for 1200mg (breast-feeding women for 1500mg), calcium deficiency will affect the fetal bone development and their own health, therefore, it is recommended to drink a cup of morning and evening 500c.c. The milk, or more intake of small fish, oysters and soy products.

3. have iron deficiency anemia of pregnant women, can increase iron intake in the doctor suggested that, in addition to iron supplement, can choose more intake of fresh vegetables, pork, egg, milk, beef etc..

4. eat more vegetables, fruits, reduce the incidence of constipation.

to avoid the problem of diet

1. edema, should reduce salt intake.

2. overweight or pregnant women with gestational diabetes should seek expert assistance to adjust the diet content.

3. not too partial certain foods, or overeating. Before

4. or vitamin nutritional supplement during pregnancy, should ask doctor advice, not to buy their own use, to avoid overdose.

is 3: do you want to quit the job?

if pregnant mammy had very serious discomfort during pregnancy or abortion, and the risk of preterm birth, had to quit his job at home to be produced, if the general pregnant Mommy, can be from different angles to measure whether quitting work will be better, the following are two factions over experience and views of people, as for the pregnant mother reference:

* quit his job because of pregnancy early morning sickness is very serious, with the great pressure of work, therefore, decided to quit the job.

* because of habitual abortion issues, a know the pregnancy is decided to quit the job, hoping to keep the child.

* is not suitable for pregnant, is smoke and noise, considering the health of the fetus so quit his job.

* didn't think much of a pregnant, quit their jobs because don't want to have to work quite hungry.

to continue to work to send

* early pregnancy, although the body is not comfortable, but after the mid term is much better, pregnant women can still work.

* home economy less of a person is a lot of difference, and continue to work in the future production, the company will have a subsidy and insurance.

* does not work, at home, only their own a person, it would be too boring, there is work instead of sustenance.

* uncomfortable when they leave, but will not quit the job, but also because of fears after looking for work again, and I love this job.

is difficult to 4: fetal health?

"is my child healthy? I eat these foods, do these things for him will have an impact? "Before the children were born, because across the belly let mommy in fear and do not understand the, especially high risk pregnancy or pregnancy status more mother, more nervous healthy children in the end.

want to understand the child's health or not, the most scientific way is to do regular production inspection, in the doctor's professional inspection and care, a lot of problems can be found in advance. In addition, when the mother has the following abnormal symptoms, should actively seek medical treatment to ensure the safety of mother and child.

* vaginal bleeding.

* fever.

* intense abdominal pain.

* reduction or pain in urination.

* fetal movement disappeared or reduced.

* hands and feet edema.

* abnormal discomfort, etc..

1." regular production inspection is to ensure that the basic principles of successful pregnancy.

2. through ultrasound examination, the mother can have more understanding of the fetus, but also know the development of the fetus.

3. should try to avoid the risk factors during pregnancy, such as smoking, drinking, stay up late, drugs, etc., to make the normal development of the fetus.

5: how to move the movement is difficult to normal?

in primipara can feel fetal movement is usually about 16-20 weeks, with the growth of the fetus, fetal movement also will become more and more obvious. It plays an important role in the course of pregnancy, the fetus in the womb of detectable activity, after that six months of pregnancy, fetal movement began to measure.

through the movement of a fetus can pay attention to warning, if within 12 hours three times less than the movement, or the day before was reduced by 50%, or even stop, may be related to fetal distress, should immediately seek medical treatment.

however, many times mom may just ignore the movement, does not mean fetal problems, and some time in fetal sleep, as long as the mother stopped to pay attention to a period of time, if the baby and the movement can be assured. The


1. algorithm if detectable about 10 times a day of fetal movement, usually can be. Choose

2. or choose a fixed time every day (about 3 hours) to record the movement, if one day the movement frequency was significantly abnormal, suggestions for medical examination.

3. or early in the evening with an hour to measure the fetal movement, if the average per hour is more than 3 times the normal fetal movement, even if. Class=

is difficult to 6: pregnant during a cold, how to do?

pregnant women are also likely to catch a cold, but some people because they are afraid to take a cold medication will be affected by the fetus, and even not for medical treatment, in fact, this is the wrong way.

drugs can be divided into five, the doctor said, in the pregnancy stage, the doctor will avoid the use of X, D drugs, as long as they can follow the recommendations of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, it is safe to use. If pregnant women do not insist on medical treatment, if the common cold to aggravate the condition, had to use certain drugs, but is to increase the risk of the baby.

drug grading

class a drug: pregnant women can be used.

B grade drugs: pregnant women can use.

C grade drugs: in principle, pregnant women do not use, but to measure the severity of the disease, when necessary, can be used.

D grade drugs: the role of abnormal, pregnant women should not be used.

X grade drugs: the role of abnormal, pregnant women should not be used.

1. if an unwanted pregnancy, I do not know whether the drug has an effect, the drug can be taken to the pharmacist, by the pharmacist or physician to determine which level of drug, and then consider the appropriate approach.

2. pregnant women can not be over-the-counter, you should find the obstetrician.

3. there is a chronic disease in pregnant women can not be arbitrarily stopped, should be recommended by the physician appropriate medication, otherwise the impact may be greater.

difficult 7: pregnancy vaginal recurrent infection, really upset!

normal vaginal discharge should be colorless, tasteless, no stimulation, if appear cheese, vaginal foam or purulent and the color change is milky white or yellow green, green, smell, vulva itching, there may be a vaginal infection, must be hospitalized.

during pregnancy because more secretions, coupled with poor physical mother, it may also make the infection occurred repeatedly. According to the cause of the infection, after appropriate treatment, will soon return to normal, if there is no good treatment, and Streptococcus infection, gonorrhea or chlamydia infection, will lead to cervical inflammation, may cause uterine contraction caused by premature birth.

1. more wear cotton, breathable underwear, if necessary, can be replaced several times a day. The best

2. underwear in the sun to dry to avoid mildew growth.

3. lifestyle laws to avoid staying up late, or lack of sleep and the immune system to decline.

4. does not use sanitary pads, if used must be replaced.

5. to reduce the intake of spicy, spicy food and other strong. Class=

is difficult 8: will not abortion or premature birth?

20 weeks before pregnancy is referred to as abortion, 20-36 weeks known as preterm. Many mothers are not in the right time will worry about whether they will be premature or abortion.

three months before pregnancy to prevent abortion

1. some abortion reasons, because the abnormal embryo is caused, is a natural elimination.

2. habitual abortion of pregnant women, from the pregnancy should be combined with the doctor's guidance, pay attention to each pregnancy. There is a small amount of blood, uterine contraction, abdominal pain, backache and obvious abdominal fall feeling

3. vagina, should immediately seek medical treatment.

4. should pay attention to the use of drugs.

after three months of pregnancy to prevent premature birth

1. premature birth, the fetus should be more careful attention.

2. obvious pain in the lower abdomen, uterine contraction, vaginal bleeding, broken water, etc., need immediate medical treatment.

3. if premature signs should cooperate with the doctor, the absolute bed rest, avoid dangerous behavior.

4. not to mention the weight, the normal life and rest, the body is not timely to try to rest.

is difficult to 9: to caesarean section? Or natural production? Unless there are special factors of

should not be a natural birth, or stand in the position of physician, would suggest the normal pregnancy mother, choose natural birth.

, however, in addition to the necessary factors of cesarean section, many mothers are often not in the natural production of hesitation, therefore, to provide a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the table, so that the mother can consider their own decisions.

difficult 10: postpartum body will restore it?

during pregnancy and postpartum weight gain, body recovery are closely related, doctors recommend the most suitable pregnancy weight 11-13 kg, however, most of the pregnant mother may be fat more than 15 kg, for postpartum body recovery has great influence.

as long as the efforts and perseverance, many women can restore pre pregnancy body in six months to a year, but if not deliberately attention, usually mother may increase fat than before a clothing size, even more.

1. nine months pregnant divided into three, it is recommended that the initial pregnancy weight should be increased by about 1-2 kg, the mid and late period is an average of about 0.4 kg per week is appropriate, about 2 kg per month.

2. to postpartum breastfeeding, the body can consume calories.

3. during confinement diet heavy weight.

4. can wear fit postpartum body sculpting underwear, body sculpture is quite helpful for.

5. active exercise, pay attention to diet, help build recovery.

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