China most mysterious wealthy leaf shot 2 billion pound concise listed companies

Wealthy Chinese listed companies wealth

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China "most mysterious rich" shot, concise leaves 2 billion yuan to pound A shares of the company after company

source: Zhao Yibo Yin Cong confidential

was the "fortune" magazine for the first time a substantial exposure, 39 year old leaves concise and his "Watson", shot in the A stock market. "Fortune" magazine described leaves concise is "500 strong head Chinese the most mysterious world".

12 12 evening, Xugong disclosure of non-public offering plan, the company intends to raise funds 5 billion 156 million yuan.

company confidential business information query, a company called Shanghai Huaxin International Group Industrial Equipment Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huaxin industry") company invested 2 billion yuan to subscribe, Huaxin industry is behind the leaf's China DHC concise.

from Fujian city youth to the head of the giant

company according to the Xugong plan, the company intends to target specific non-public offering of not more than 1 billion 647 million shares, the amount of funds raised not more than 5 billion 156 million yuan, the issue price of 3.13 yuan / share. The industrial Huaxin for 2 billion yuan.

Huaxin Industrial Shanghai Huaxin International Industrial Equipment Group Co. ltd.. See business information query, Huaxin industry shareholders for the Shanghai Huaxin International Group Co. Ltd, and the major shareholder of Shanghai Huaxin International Group Limited is Chinese Huaxin Energy Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as China DHC).


shares through the complex, large shareholders Chinese Watson has two natural persons: Su Weizhong and Zheng Xiongbin. China Watson's official website shows, Su Weizhong independent directors Chinese Watson, Zheng Xiongbin as executive general manager. Chinese Huaxin chairman Ye Jianming.

concise resume shows that the leaf was born in June 5, 1977, Hongkong Province, occupation as "industrialist and philanthropist". The recent Fortune magazine interview that leaves concise ancestral home in Fujian, a child growing up in Fujian.

" (left for Ye Jianming)

" (right for Ye Jianming)

"fortune" magazine described his "concise, leaf Watson is a fan before". DHC

official website, the company's main energy and finance, currently has 3 major management group, a 15 investment platform company and A shares of listed companies, shares a number of overseas listed companies, all kinds of personnel nearly 30 thousand people.

2015, China DHC operating income over 263 billion 100 million yuan, won the "fortune" the world 500 strong, was named the most influential China enterprises, China ten most competitive leading enterprises.

love, reclusive Confucius and Buddhism

39 year old Ye Jianming, has a large business empire. The fortune magazine reported, simple leaf was born in the north of Fujian City, after graduating from university did start empty-handed and trade, real estate, and then entered the oil industry.

"20 years ago, he was born in Fujian still leaves a small partner dabaobuping; now, he shook the sea, with politicians, kings and nobles have close relationship. His company is quick to control the upstream and terminal of the overseas oil industry. "Fortune reported that you've never heard of him, but his secret oil kingdom in scale has surpassed the Maersk, Goldman Sachs, Honeywell such a great company.

wealth reported that Ye Jianming normally reclusive, compared to a business dinner and Entrepreneur Club, leaves more concise love at home studying Confucius and Buddhism, or with their executives across the yard to take a walk chat.

in an interview in Czech, said he simply leaves, most of the time in Shanghai and Hongkong, "because the wife and children especially love the atmosphere in Prague, so also in Prague to purchase a house and settled down".

company confidential sort of Ye Jianming's speech found that he seems to be fond of history and philosophy. In a Chinese huasure brand and the cultural construction of the speech, Jiang Ziya talked about Confucius from the simple leaf, comes from Marx Zhu Yuanzhang, from "Das Kapital" about the "book of changes".

"to build second Sinopec

low-key Ye Jianming in Europe, under the banner of the Chinese DHC layout has been very large. Energy, especially oil, is the cornerstone of China dhc.

Chinese Watson's official website shows, relying on the European oil and gas terminal system, companies use their own strong international political resources, in Kazakhstan, Abu Dhabi, Chad, as the key to develop the interests of upstream oil and gas resources in Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa and equity.

Ye Jianming once said, should be established in Europe second Sinopec, "we must through the fund mode of asset securitization, the pattern of European M & a terminal", "if you can build second Huaxin in Europe, Sinopec, can establish linkage in the domestic market and international market.

in addition, China DHC overweight financial industry layout. According to the official website disclosure, China Watson is currently in the country with securities, futures, trust, banking, insurance, financial and other important financial asset trading platform, established the financial funds, financial leasing, Financial Services Company, and large domestic and foreign financial institutions jointly set up the world and purchase fund.

" (

in addition, Huaxin business territory) Chinese Huaxin also with China Merchants capital jointly set up the "Industrial Development Fund The Belt and Road city", in cooperation with the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, the establishment of the fund industry; Fund with the cast, cast iron, gold, Jiangxi Everbright gold control; cooperation with the Jewish fund fund in Hongkong; the establishment of energy investment fund and the Abu Dhabi equity and equity investment, upstream resources, overseas oil and gas reserves and circulation facilities acquisition. In the capital market Chinese DHC

leap. At present, 60.78% China DHC Huaxin International's Shanghai Huaxin International Group Limited holds shares of listed companies. The

Chinese Huaxin under Huaxin Industrial Growth by setting Xugong shares, but also an important step to the capital market. While Xugong is one of China's construction machinery giant three.

according to the Xugong announcement, Huaxin industry were also signed a "strategic cooperation framework agreement with the Xugong". Huaxin Industrial commitment, hope that through this subscription support Xugong's business development, in order to obtain long-term investment returns, the two sides will make full use of their resources, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

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