Trump challenge one in the United States to worry about Beijing revenge

Beijing Trump bottom line list

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Trump challenge "bottom line beauty" that Beijing column list to revenge the Global Times reported [

] US President elect Trump in "a" challenge the bottom line China, causing more and more concerns in the world. According to the Reuters reported on 13, "who has benefited from the Sino US relationship stable American enterprise", such as GM, apple, WAL-MART and Boeing, has been "uncomfortable" worry "if Trump really take action, the government may lead to China revenge". "New York Times" is worried that China might "suddenly dump its holdings of U.S. Treasury bonds" or "prop up North Korea and Iran against the United States."".

"Trump's trade strong position, beauty and worry about China provoke retaliation", according to the Reuters reported on 13, "4 close attention to China policy industry sources said," give up any "a China" policy that makes them feel uneasy. They said that the industry and commerce industry for decades have benefited from the "one China" policy. "From the Detroit automakers to Silicon Valley technology giant, is not only the key sources of revenue and profit Chinese, is the world's important part of the supply chain. "China is deeply concerned about the

, we now from Beijing reliable sources, suggesting that China government is working can retaliate U.S. interests list, especially commercial interests, obviously, just look at the United States for the first China export goods, you can quickly see who will be out of luck," a business with us has China trade policy experts interact closely to the Reuters said. He pointed out that the United States exports to China more than more than and 30 U.S. dollars, 1 billion U.S. companies in China's commercial cooperation scale of more than 500 billion u.s.. If China launches retaliation, it will face the danger.

, another source said, American business circles had quietly contact Trump's advisers, but the enterprise "do not want to openly discuss their concerns for the China policy of the United States, afraid to become the president-elect like Boeing as the target.

reported that in the past, once the dispute, China's use of retaliation tariffs against American goods, and now, this game is more chips. General Motors in 2015 sold to the world's 9 million 960 thousand cars, more than 1/3 are sold to the Chinese users. The US retail giant WAL-MART has 432 stores in Chinese, 2500 stores coffee chain Starbucks, Boeing expects Chinese will need 6800 $one trillion jet airliner over the next 20 years.

China has sufficient means to revenge Trump, the New York Times, said 13 days, China may be five ways to make trouble to the Trump administration. First of all, trade and investment. Chinese may use the "anti-monopoly law" to increase the discrimination against U.S. companies; Chinese may suddenly sell a large part of its holdings of U.S. Treasury bonds, raising interest rates in the United States; Chinese may also weaken their currencies; can be ordered in the state-owned enterprises and private enterprises to slow down investment in the United states. Second can support North Korea, or hold joint military exercises with North Korea, to the United States Tim blocking. Third is to turn against the global climate change agreement, to know that Obama has a big time. Fourth is to punish Taiwan. Fifth is to increase investment in Iran, isolation of the United states.

, the British "Financial Times" says 13 days, in the late American military novelist Tom · right-wing fantasies of Clancy's works, called the president of the United States, Chinese Rennes regardless of opposition, and Taiwan established diplomatic relations". Thanks to Trump, the United States multinational companies can taste the consequences of this episode in the real world". The article also said that the risk is that the United States multinational companies face, if the popular nationalism sentiment, the Chinese Communist Party leadership is bound to take appropriate action. The United States was the Ministry of Finance in China Commissioner Loevinger told Bloomberg that "China leadership will show that they can face any foreign forces".

Reuters 13, another article lists "Chinese can revenge ten ways" of the United States, in addition to the previously mentioned, there are: Washington and off; military exercises in the South China Sea near Taiwan; strengthen action; punish arms sales to Taiwan U.S. enterprises; looking for the import of agricultural products, substitutes, etc..

[Global Times correspondent in the United States Global Times reporter Zhang Penghui Xing Xiaojing Liu Yupeng] is

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