South Korea's presidential candidate to continue wrestling out of a dark horse"


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Beijing, December 14, since South Korean President Park Geun hye's impeachment by parliament, the prime minister took power after South Korea, "political cronies raise a Babel of criticism of the door" temporarily come to an end, South Korea entered the political stage to repair. However, as people compete for the president to be impeached after South Korea's political will, how to run the next presidential candidate, continuing South Korean opposition is still in wrestling.

local time December 9th, South Korea, Seoul, South Korea's parliament by impeachment, Pu Jinhui and South Korean Prime Minister Huang Ann appeared together, met with state councilor talk. The same day, South Korea's parliament voted through park impeachment, she will be immediately suspended, and the prime minister took the responsibility of the president.

[his authority, Prime Minister Huang Anli stability]

9, the South Korean Congress voted for the impeachment motion Park, South Korea in accordance with the provisions of the constitution, the Prime Minister Huang Ann immediately took the presidential power. In the national speech, Hwang said heavy responsibility, will fully protect the national political stability. In 12, the relevant departments executive meeting, he once again stressed that the stability of the country's political operation system is the primary task.

12 day, Huang Ann decided to let the Deputy Prime Minister and economic planning minister of Finance Officer Liu Yihao to stay, to ensure the continuity of economic policy. After being nominated as the new Deputy Prime Minister of economic Ren Zhonglong will remain chairman of the Committee on finance. This move is expected to help stabilize the market, to appease the people. However,

analysis, took the president of the Yellow Sect will face a series of problems. On the one hand, as one of the core characters of Park Geun hye regime, South Korean opposition party and people think he and park Geun hye government too close; on the other hand, including the new U.S. administration, the Fed may raise interest rates caused by uncertain factors, the South Korean government to economic, diplomatic and other aspects of pulse".

the United States, "times" said, "South Korea is now entering a dangerous political state of suspension". South Korea, "Central Daily" for South Korean opposition and an acting system of Shamanism circle can not fall into hostile relations, the opposition parties should play the role of the state power to fill the blank, and Huang Ann together to build cooperation system in peacetime.

local time on December 10th, the South Korean people held a "trusted intervention" after the events of the seventh round of large-scale rally. Although the day before the South Korean parliament by impeachment, President Pu Jinhui has been suspended, but protesters still shouting slogans, asked to step down immediately park. On the same day there are Pro Park to send public groups held demonstrations against the impeachment case, said the impeachment is invalid". China News Agency reporter Wu Xu photo

[wrestling continue, government and CPPCC meeting body is not optimistic about the prospects? South Korean President

] impeachment was passed by Congress, government action to restore political stability. 12, the government and the Three Party Congress reached an agreement on the establishment of the ruling and opposition political agreement, to let the Korean Congress grasp state affairs center. But because of the differences in the form of the agreement and the participation of the object, the three party decided to conduct a further discussion in the future.

however, in the new National Party Congress, Zheng Zhenshuo Park Geun hye impeachment resigned after the political cooperation is not optimistic about the prospects.

at the same time, the new national party "Pro Park" and "non Park" members of the contradiction increasingly upgraded. 12, more than the "non Park Group" members are requested to leave the new national party, including the incumbent leader Li Zhenxuan, 8 "Pro Pak group" members, they said to Pu Jinhui, President of Shunshi Cui cronies around people involved in the scandal sit idly by, so to blame.

and the opposition on the fate of Park Geun hye also have different opinions. "Central Daily" said, appeared based on "candlelight people" asked the president to step down immediately "tough theory", and that should be patient and wait for the judgment of the constitutional court, and consider the issue of people's livelihood "stability theory", shows that there are barriers internal opposition.

Korean media said, park Geun hye impeachment left a power vacuum, does give the opposition opportunity. According to Korean law, the Constitutional Court of impeachment during the most up to 6 months during the trial. Some analysts believe that this gap period will aggravate Korea chaos, has become an important point in time and political struggle.

Gallup Korea poll published 9 show, Ban Ki-moon and Wen zaiyin support rate of 20%, tied for first. The picture is Ban Ki-moon

[four candidates, who is expected to become the next president?

] at present, the South Korean government and the focus has shifted to the next presidential election. Polls show that currently the highest voice candidates include outgoing UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, South Korea's largest opposition party to former Democratic Party leader Wen zaiyin, the opposition National Party of former United Party Shouan Chul soo, and "dark horse" South City Mayor Li Zaiming. South Korea

polling agency Realmeter12 released data show that the potential presidential candidate's high voice, Wen zaiyin's support rate to 23.1% ranked first, Ban Ki-moon 18.8%, Li Zaiming ranked the top three, and A new force suddenly rises. "is an Zhexiu last week fell 1.8 percentage points, ranking fourth. South Korea

Gallup published on the 9 poll results showed Ban Ki-moon and Wen zaiyin support rate of 20%, tied for first. Li Zaiming's support rate surged 10 percentage points, more than 18% of the vote to an zhexiu.

reported that Li Zaiming is the South Korean politics requires the resignation of Park Geun hye "first person", his tough attitude to the impeachment "in talent shows itself, because the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore" to be outspoken is welcomed by the people. However, some people think that he is a bit extreme".

at present, South Korea's constitutional court has received a congressional impeachment of the impeachment resolution, and entered the impeachment trial preparation procedure. The longest trial will last 180 days, if the decision was established, will be held within 60 days of the election. During this period, South Korea's political situation will appear what kind of change, how will the public opinion support progress, still is unknown. (end)

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