Symptoms and prevention of postpartum depression

Postpartum depression symptoms psychological

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postpartum depression degree can be divided into three categories:

first, postpartum depression (blue Postpartum)

women postpartum depression is very common. 50% to 80% of women in the postpartum three days will experience moody, sensitive, excitement or euphoria, insomnia, loss of appetite, the onset time of not more than two weeks, mild symptoms, emotional performance mainly is crying, tired, depressed mood, irritability, anxiety.

usually as long as the family to give more understanding, support and assistance, can automatically improve. If there is a gradual deterioration of the situation, it is necessary to ask the mother to help psychiatric outpatient.

two, prevention of postpartum depression symptoms of postpartum depression (Postpartum depression)

about 10% of the women, the typical symptoms are emotional, crying, insomnia, unresponsive, terribly fatigued and strong sense of guilt and fear can not take good care of the baby, not focus on daily affairs, and even have the idea of Dutch act.

in a few weeks after the postpartum depression, loss of appetite, insomnia, feel that they are not enough to take care of the baby, a strong sense of guilt, helplessness, and even suicidal thoughts.

addition to the psychiatric clinic and the use of antidepressants is a must. If the mother will have the possibility of harm to themselves or the baby, the need for hospitalization. To seek professional help, often to effectively curb the deterioration of the situation.

three, postpartum schizophrenia (psychosis Postpartum)

this situation is rare, the incidence rate is only 1/1000. Usually in the postpartum two weeks showed a strong sense of restlessness, hybrid, personality dissociation, insomnia, paranoia and other symptoms, the case did not receive timely treatment, the disease is likely to hurt the baby, so must medical treatment as soon as possible, in order to avoid irreparable tragedy.

postpartum depression prevention:

postpartum depression a disease. in the past, people do not think this is postpartum depression a disease, but that is caused by postpartum physical weakness. However, with the deepening of research, more and more people believe that this is a kind of disease with physiological basis.

however, for what is the cause of postpartum depression, experts have no consensus. Some people believe that the possibility of a sharp decline in the level of the hormone in the body, and insomnia related.

maternal should learn how to self adaptation, in addition to the establishment of confidence to overcome difficulties, but also to cultivate the ability to adapt. When you feel tired or upset when you give yourself some time to rest to keep calm, set aside some time each day to do the things you want to do, such as going out a walk or talk with your friends, make us relax.

in addition to slowly adapt to take care of the newborn, does not require their own to be a perfect mother. Of course, family understanding and care is indispensable, especially parents, parents and husband should give support and encouragement from the side, to help women recover soon.

if pregnant women or their families suspected of suffering from postpartum depression, should be early to help psychiatrists or psychological professionals to assist in the early detection of early treatment. Class= img_box "

postpartum depression treatment drug psychology and into

1, nutrition therapy. The vitamin and amino acid in food have great influence on people's mental health. If the lack of a single nutrients can also cause depression, so you can eat vitamin B rich foods, like whole grains, fish, etc..

2, physical exercise. proper exercise can improve people's mood, also can go out in the sun, decomposition and absorption to the antidepressant inside the special material. In particular, postpartum depression in patients with very little contact with the external. May wish to try to relax their feelings.

3, psychotherapy. cognitive therapy, self reinforcement method can be the first choice for the treatment of postpartum depression.

4, to improve awareness. is aware of pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum women is a physiological process, once the normal pregnancy, it is necessary to understand the relevant knowledge of pregnancy, prenatal examination and consultation with the corresponding.

5. pregnancy to be happy. because of pregnant women with anxiety during pregnancy, prone to post production depression. It is the responsibility of the husband to give care and help in life, reduce mental stimulation, so as to help reduce or reduce the occurrence of maternal depression.

6. harmonious family environment. allows mothers to have a harmonious and warm family environment after delivery, and to ensure adequate nutrition and sleep. To give the necessary care and compensation for the pain that the wife gave birth.

in treatment is to support and encourage women to go outing, listen, and suggestions and other recreational activities; if there is a gradual deterioration of the situation, please help to maternal psychiatric outpatients. Because the disease is often in a short and mild way, often do not need drugs, more and more good.

" postpartum depression usually takes the drug and psychological treatment both

there are many kinds of medicine currently available antidepressants, selection of drugs can be used to discuss and physician. Antidepressant medication and professional psychotherapy can successfully reduce depression symptoms. Untreated postpartum depression, depressive symptoms may last months or even years, so that mothers and babies will be exposed to the risk of injury.

in professional treatment, mom if you have any symptoms of postpartum depression should immediately seek assistance, and appropriate adjustment of self recovery way of life. Have good interpersonal and social support, whether it is family, friends, work partners, etc., can help to alleviate the symptoms of depression and even have the effect of prevention. If it is found that the

family of postpartum women showed excessive anxiety, depression, poor appetite, insomnia and so on, if we can do as soon as possible psychological counseling, can reduce the damage to the lowest natural.

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