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early childhood education network pointed out that mothers and babies grow together in the process, often will find the baby or baby buddies at a certain age especially love. Love often went to the kindergarten teacher or parents say the other buddy "bad", why our kids will love to complain? How should we deal with the baby complain behavior?

kindergarten kindergarten children on the scene, the kids just finished math class for art class flower children and Gon Freecss sitting in a row of pictures, two little friends decided to share with Gon Freecss in watercolor pen, flower orange strokes the rainbow, at this time Gon Freecss also wants to use the orange pen, so have the dispute two little friends, flowers cried, hurried past the kindergarten teacher asked what happened, "said the teacher, little friend Gon Freecss flower stole my watercolor pen, also copied the math homework clearly! "

children complain family instance

family of two little princess, was 3 years old, my sister grew up day by day, but especially love to tell me sister's" bad words "," mother, sister ate my cake. "My mother, my sister just hit me," my sister didn't go to school on time today. "No, how should I deal with this phenomenon?

a reason why love children complain: the psychology of "normal"

love complain in childhood is quite obvious, is a normal phenomenon of psychological development and human development, with the growth of the age of this phenomenon will naturally reduce and disappear. Early childhood children complain is gradually began to interact with people, start a way of communication and expression. Is a normal phenomenon in the process of growth of children.

two reasons: to attract attention

children want to get the attention of parents and teachers. The second time, when the new baby was born, the older babies may be neglected because of the limited energy of parents. When the children were found when love complain in school, child family mothers pay particular attention to the next, if you try to focus on big enough baby?

reason three: the children of the pure world of the embodiment of the

children's world is so pure. In their values, right is right, wrong is wrong, they are not like adults to cover their true thoughts. They also complain doesn't want to hurt anyone, but want to express your true thoughts and feelings, and try to solve the problem.


get away with some family tutor is very strict, when children do wrong after the parents are to blame. Whenever a child is blamed, there is a sense of insecurity and self - esteem frustration. Children sometimes hope that through the method of one step ahead "complain" to escape the punishment of parents.

how to deal with children love to complain of the phenomenon?

, to teach the children to get along with people

parents to use words, stories, cartoons, cartoon characters, cultivate children's honest and courageous, dare dare such qualities with positive image. Teach children how to get along with other children. When a child is in conflict with other children, they instinctively know how to deal with the problem. When the child is properly handled, the parents know that there is a feeling of comfort and to encourage the recognition of the child's practice.

two, to give their children enough to accompany and care

big city fast pace, busy work, many young parents put their children to the parents of the last generation. Children often do not get parents to accompany and pay attention to. The second time, there are also parents baby emotional energy is limited, neglected situation. Mom and dad to try to coordinate the tire and the second time, coordinate the work and take care of the children's time. In addition, it is also possible to communicate as much as possible. Find the child's problems in time and give enough attention to the stock.

three, find out the status of patient with

after, when the parents complain, even in the face of the dispute to remain calm, objective analysis, comprehensive and detailed investigation of the cause of what happened. And the judgment, to avoid leaning to either side to solve the contradictions and conflicts. Not with "hello" don't bother "complain" such words perfunctory child.

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