Judge Fan Bingbing broke the black background was not winning...

Fan Bingbing the Golden Horse Award black winner

fenghuangyule· 2016-12-14 15:44:46

Ma Jiahui (data plan)

days before the Golden Horse Award judges Ma Jiahui participated in "considering the three of us are walking together" broke the news, just ended the Golden Horse Award behind the scenes fun. Ma Jiahui said, the end of the ceremony he walked into the elevator, caught carrying bodyguards Fan Bingbing. With the film passed Fan Bingbing obvious mood is not high, in the elevator black face, said to call a friend about a lost prize, "did not get, all forces are very large. "

Fan Bingbing unveiled the Golden Horse Awards Red Carpet (map)

Ma Jiahui talked about why the Golden Horse Award to employ their own when the judges, he said:" this is the Golden Horse Award 53, 53 years old, I think so. No, because I used to write a bunch of small reviews, and then some of the film's characters, he has one or two Hongkong film critics every year. "

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