Fujitsu confirmed the merger with Lenovo PC

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dongdiankeji· 2016-12-14 16:59:26

12" Sept. 14, Fujitsu CEO Tatsuya Tanaka said in an interview, hoping to sign PC business merger agreement with Lenovo in March 31 before the end of the fiscal year in japan.

10 months, there have been news that Lenovo is negotiating with Fujitsu, the two companies are ready to merge the PC business. In recent years, Fujitsu PC business into trouble, once Lenovo's acquisition of Fujitsu's PC business, Fujitsu brand may retain. Tanaka Tatsuya stressed that Fujitsu has an advantage in R & D and production, this point association is very clear. Tanaka

Tatsuya said that Fujitsu will find ways to avoid shutting down factories, layoffs, and to coordinate with the association to discuss, do not let the advantages of both damage. Tanaka

Tatsuya also revealed that in the future. Information security will be the core of its IT business. In the next 3 years, Fujitsu is ready to invest $869 million for IT security research and development. After the cooperation between the two sides, Lenovo will be holding the PC business of Fujitsu, while Fujitsu will focus on enterprise IT services.

and Fujitsu alliance can make Lenovo to expand market share. Previously, Lenovo in the PC market to carry out a number of transactions, including the 2005 acquisition of PC IBM business, in 2011 and NEC set up PC joint venture company, etc..

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